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June 19, 1997
The CAMEDIA C-820L and C-420L Digital Cameras
At the Head of Their Class
Outstanding image quality
Smallest and lightest digital cameras in the XGA class
Storage on next-generation 3.3V SmartMedia cards
Unprecedented pre-programmed SmartMedia cards for extra image processing capabilities
C-820L C-420L
Not only do they offer a compact design and outstanding image quality, but they feature unlimited recording on next-generation 3.3V SmartMedia cards. They are also the first models that can use pre-programmed SmartMedia cards for extra image processing capabilities.
Even with its affordable pricing, the C-820L is the smallest and lightest model with a high-resolution 810,000-pixel CCD (XGA standard with 768 x 1,024 pixels). And the C-420L offers unmatched image quality with its progressive 350,000-pixel CCD (VGA standard with 640 x 480 pixels). Handling is simplified by their video output jack, Continuous shooting mode and 2-inch color LCD monitor.
The introduction is rounded out by the P-300 Digital Color Printer offering the quality of a dye-sublimation system and 306 dpi resolution as well as direct output. Eliminating the need for a PC, the new model gives consumers all they need to enjoy processes from shooting to printing.
Exceptional quality, extraordinary convenience
The releases are keyed to a rapidly expanding market as interest in digital cameras has spread from computer enthusiasts to amateur photographers. With this trend, priorities are going beyond image quality to easy portability, friendly operation and unique digital capabilities.
Meeting all these needs, the C-820L has a 1/3-inch, 810,000-pixel CCD, and this ultra-high resolution is matched by a high-performance lens designed with the most advanced Olympus optical technologies. Even with this achievement, the easy-to-carry C-820L is the smallest and lightest digital camera in the XGA class.
Both cameras' recording capacity is unlimited since images are saved on removable 3.3V SmartMedia cards that are lightweight, thin and affordable- advantages that have defined them as the next generation in recording media. The C-820 and C-420 are also the world's first digital cameras that can use pre-programmed SmartMedia cards. Along with the included 2 MB and optional 4MB Panorama card, the Calendar card and Template card are available.
With its sharpness and size, the high-resolution 2-inch color LCD monitor simplifies previewing a shot or deleting images. It can also be used as a viewfinder. Since there is a video output jack, images can be displayed on a large screen by connecting the camera to a television monitor.
Simple but sophisticated
Functions and operation are as familiar and convenient as a 35mm compact camera. The sophisticated features include the Continuous shooting mode and multiple flash modes suited to a broad range of lighting conditions. The lens barrier serves as the power switch, while the real-image optical viewfinder makes composition easy and natural.
Kai's PhotoSoap image processing software is bundled with the optional PC Connection Kit. Along with downloading data to a home computer, the software can modify images.
Photorealistic output
With its dye-sublimation system and 306 dpi, the P-300 Digital Color Printer delivers output comparable to the quality of photos made from silver-halide film. There is no need to use a home computer since the printer can be linked directly to the camera. And the wide range of output possibilities includes A6-size prints, printing on 1-cut/16-cut sticker sheets and 30-frame index prints.
The C-820L will be available at the end of July. The C-420L will go on sale at the beginning of September.
Details about the introduction of the P-300 Digital Color Printer will be announced later.
Super-high image quality
The C-820L offers the highest image quality available in a digital camera for the home market. This achievement begins with an Olympus aspherical lens incorporating five glass lens elements. Designed with the most advanced optical technologies, it has more than 160 scanning lines/mm at the center-- higher resolution than even SLR lenses offer. And this optical precision is enhanced synergistically by the ultra-high resolution of a CCD with 810,000 pixels.
To ensure that the subject is captured accurately, both the C-820L and the C-420L have Autofocus. There is also an Exposure Compensation function for complicated lighting. And demanding photographers who want still greater precision can improve their results by switching to the High Quality Mode 2 with a PC.

Ultracompact, extremely lightweight and very stylish
Even with their many features and super-high image quality, the new models are easier than ever to keep at hand. The C-820L measures 128 (W)x 65(H)x 45(D)mm,and it weighs only 265g-- figures that make it the smallest and lightest digital camera in the XGA class. With this achievement and their eye-catching lines, both cameras reflect the long-standing Olympus concept of small and stylish design.

Recording on next-generation 3.3V SmartMedia cards
The new Olympus digital cameras record images on 3.3V SmartMedia cards that are lightweight, thin and affordable. Since they are removable, they are an ideal storage medium for a digital camera, and new ones with higher capacity will be released soon. When they are used with the adapter for a PC card slot or a flash path*, they also make it easy to transfer data to a PC.
* Available autumn 1997.

SmartMedia function cards
The Olympus SmartMedia cards are the world's first for extra image processing capabilities as well as storage. When they are used with CAMEDIA cameras, imaging becomes even more interesting and creative.
Included with the cameras, the standard 2MB Panorama card can be used with a PC to synthesize up to 20 images into a single dramatic Panorama image.
Optional function cards are available for both CAMEDIA models. The 4MB Calendar card makes it easy to create a unique calendar, while the 4MB Template card produces original greeting cards by turning images and illustrations into a collage.

A wide array of features
The many features of the new CAMEDIA models reflect design goals calling for the versatility and easy operation of a 35 mm compact camera.
# In the Continuous shooting mode, the camera can capture nine images per second, creating a sequence that gives a sense of movement.
# Displaying images on a large screen is as simple as connecting the camera to a television monitor by plugging a cable into the video output jack.
# The sliding lens barrier doubles as the power switch.
# The four flash modes include Red-Eye Reduction.
# Other features include an optical viewfinder, self-timer and Macro capability.

High-resolution 2-inch color LCD monitor
The 2-inch color TFT LCD monitor (made from low-temperature polysilicone) features a larger display and a sharp image for previewing shots or deleting images. Handling is simplified by the Auto Replay function and Multi-Image Display of nine images. The LCD monitor can also be used as a viewfinder.

Versatile image processing software
The optional PC Connection Kit includes Kai's PhotoSoap* software byMetaTools as well as accessories for connecting the camera to a home computer. The fast image processing application has features such as Auto Red-Eye Adjustment, image filing management and functions for creating greeting cards. As they explore the many features of Kai's PhotoSoap, consumers will discover new ways to enjoy the world of digital imaging.
* To be released soon in Japan.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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