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September 17, 1997
The CAMEDIA C-1400L , C-1000L
and P-300 Digital Color Printer
Outstanding image quality with super-high-resolution
1.4-million-pixel CCD and 3X optical zoom lens
Compact, lightweight and affordably priced
Photorealistic direct output with high-performance 306 dpi printer
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the new CAMEDIA C-1400L and C-1000L Digital Cameras. Even with their affordable pricing, the new models deliver image quality on a level with silver-halide photography. The keys to this achievement are a super-high-resolution progressive CCD and a high-performance 3X optical zoom lens. The C-1400L has 1.4 million pixels while the C-1000L has 850,000 pixels.
Both models also feature the advanced functions of an SLR camera, including a TTL optical viewfinder, Spot Metering and Exposure Compensation. Images are recorded on a removable 3.3V SmartMedia card, so storage is unlimited and the interface is versatile. Their much applauded 1.8-inch TFT color LCD monitor simplifies checking a shot immediately.
CAMEDIA C-1400 and C-1000L Digital Cameras
Super-High-Resolution Progressive CCD
The C-1400L has a 2/3-inch super-high-resolution progressive CCD with 1.4 million pixels. Offering a new degree of precision, it features unparalleled SXGA image quality - the highest achieved in an affordable digital camera. With its 1/2-inch progressive CCD and 850,000 pixels, the C-1000L delivers the best image quality available in the XGA class. To maximize this performance, an original Olympus algorithm optimizes resolution and color reproduction.

High-Performance 3X Optical Zoom Lens
To raise image quality to the level of silver-halide photography, a digital lens must make the most of a mega-pixel CCD's sensitivity. Drawing on its long experience in developing and manufacturing 35 mm cameras, Olympus has achieved this feat with the new C-1400L and C-1000L.
Both models have a bright F2.8-3.9 optical 3X zoom lens with a range of 9.2- 28 mm*. Designed with the most advanced optical technologies, they have more than 100 lines/mm at the center - higher resolution than even SLR lenses generally offer. The seven high-performance glass lens elements, including one aspherical element, ensure sharp images to the edge of the CCD. And even with its sophisticated capabilities, the lens is just as compact as the one on earlier models since both zooming and focusing are handled by an internal system.
* C-1400L: Equivalent to the 36-110 mm range of a 35 mm camera.
  C-1000L: Equivalent to the 50-150 mm range of a 35 mm camera.

Compact, Lightweight Design
The new cameras weigh only 470 grams, and they measure 115 (W) X 83 (H) X 130 (D) mm. The trim lines and low weight make it easy to take them along.

TTL Optical Viewfinder
With its 95% field of view, the TTL optical viewfinder prevents parallax distortion and shows the image exactly as it is captured. The solution overcomes the difficulties inherent in real-image viewfinders and LCD monitors, including a tendency to omit part of the frame or leave the subject off-center. Dioptric correction is built in to compensate for any eyesight problems.
The viewfinder also has a compact prism that is an original Olympus innovation. By eliminating the need for a quick-return SLR mirror, it makes a key contribution to a design that is lighter and smaller than 35 mm SLRs.

Easy Operation and Superior Handling
The C-1400L and C-1000L have an L-shape that protects the lens and prevents shaking during a shot. Eliminating a common problem with zoom models, the solution highlights Olympus' experience in designing its popular 35 mm SLRs. The shooting and playback buttons can all be controlled with the thumb of the right hand.

Very Affordable
Even with their impressive array of advantages, the C-1400L has a suggested retail price of only ¥128,000 and the C-1000L is priced at ¥99,800.
Offering a better balance of performance and cost, they promise to overturn assumptions about the expense of high-end digital cameras.

Versatile Quality Modes
The C-1400L and the C-1000L have three image quality modes. The Standard Quality (SQ) Mode meets most needs, while the High Quality (HQ) Mode delivers outstanding image quality. The new Super-High Quality (SHQ) Mode ensures the best results by minimizing the compression ratio and maintaining the integrity of the image.
Image Quality Mode C-1400L* C-1000L*
SHQ 4 images 6 images
HQ 12 20
SQ 49 49
* With the included 4 MB SmartMedia card.

Recording on 3.3V SmartMedia Cards
The new models record images on 3.3V SmartMedia cards that are thin, lightweight and affordable. Since they are removable, the recording capacity is unlimited, making them an ideal storage medium for a digital camera. There is also the prospect of still higher capacity in the next generation of SmartMedia cards that will be available soon. When they are used with the adapter for a PC card slot or a flash path* they also make it fast and easy to transfer data to a PC.
* A SmartMedia adapter for 3.5-inch floppy disk drives will be available at the end of 1997.

Sophisticated SLR Functions
The new models' functions include Autofocus, Spot Metering and Exposure Compensation - an array suited to the needs and creative preferences of both digital and 35 mm photographers. To ensure they are ready for a wide range of situations, there is also the versatility of four flash modes, a self-timer and a Macro capability.

1.8-inch Color LCD Monitor
The C-1400L and C-1000L are the first digital SLRs to include a 1.8-inch color TFT LCD monitor. It is especially convenient for checking images immediately and deleting any that are unneeded. Along with Auto Replay, there is Multi-Image Display playback of nine images.
P-300 Dye-Sublimation Digital Color Printer
Superior Reproduction
To achieve digital quality comparable to silver-halide results, experts agree that the printing system must have resolution higher than 300 dpi. The answer is the dedicated P-300 Digital Color Printer.
Making the most of the image quality of the C-1400L and C-1000L, it delivers photorealistic output with its dye-sublimation processing, 306 dpi resolution and sharp reproduction of 16.7 million colors. This performance is optimized when it is connected directly to the C-1400L or C-1000L with the included cable. Taking advantage of the camera's mega-pixel array, the setup raises the quality to the level of silver-halide photography.
Direct output also has the convenience and simplicity of printing without the additional step of transferring data to a PC.

Varied Output and Auto Feed
Specific images or a group can be selected for printing. The output formats include A6-size (100 X 140 mm) prints, 16-cut sticker sheets, 30-frame index prints and mirror prints - a range so varied that consumers can create their own photo lab at home. The Auto Sheet Feeder has a capacity of 30 sheets. Those who want to take full advantage of image processing features can also use the P-300 for printing from a PC.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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