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March 17, 1998
The CAMEDIA C-840L Digital Camera
The Compact Megapixel Digital Camera That Is a Born Leader
Superior image quality from a 1.3 Million square pixel CCD and high-resolution optics
Stylish, compact design as a 35mm Film-based camera
New sequence mode allows you to take up to 10 frames in 5 seconds
Easy operation and sophisticated features
Outstanding cost performance
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-840L Digital Camera. Featuring a 1.3 million square pixel CCD and a high-performance lenses, it delivers unmatched image quality from a compact model. The new release also has the style and creativity of a lightweight design, enhanced functions and SmartMedia cards.
The Name That Means Quality
The CAMEDIA C-820L has been a worldwide bestseller since its release in July 1997, and it was joined by the award-winning C-1400 digital SLR in October. Offering unrivaled image quality in every class, Olympus is once again at the forefront of market trends with the C-840L.
The first compact megapixel model from Olympus has been designed for superior image quality and friendly operation. Although the CCD has 1.31 million square pixels, its compact design is kept in shape for easy handling; just like the 35mm film based cameras.
There is also a wide array of functions suited to everyone from beginners to advanced photographers. The C-840L comes with an 8MB 3.3V SmartMedia card including a Panorama function that can be used to create a dramatic composite image on Personal Computers. Even with its sophisticated image quality, design and features, the latest addition to the CAMEDIA Series is priced very competitively.
Main Features
Outstanding Image Quality
The C-840L has a CCD with 1.3 million square pixels, and its high-performance optics deliver to reproduce the best images in its class.

1/2.7-inch CCD with 1.3 Million Square Pixels
In a major advance over the 810,000-pixel C-820L, the number of pixels in the C-840L's CCD has been boosted to 1.31 million. To ensure the image is as sharp as possible, and at the same time, PC compatibility has been improved by the use of "square pixels" which is used in computer monitors.

High-Resolution Lens
Incorporating the latest optical technologies, the new high-resolution lens was developed specially to make the most of the CCD's exceptional performance. The original Olympus design incorporates one aspherical and five glass lens elements, and it offers the high resolution of 160lines/mm at the center.

New Color Managements
Reflecting the voice-of-users of C-820L, C840L has made the improvement in the color management system to best match CCD and Optics to bring high quality in its image.

Ultralight and Compact
Easy to take along, the C-840L is one of the lightest megapixel models available. It weighs only 245 g, and it measures 128 (W) x 65 (H) x 45 (D) mm.

Natural Handling, Stylish Design
The Olympus heritage of ergonomic design is immediately apparent in the C-840L's sure and natural handling. The sliding lens barrier, for example, simplifies shooting preparations and protecting the lens afterwards. The C -840L also features a high-grade finish in a gold color that is stylish and contemporary.

High-Resolution 2-Inch Color LCD Monitor
Made from low-temperature polysilicon, the sharp 2-inch TFT LCD monitor simplifies checking a shot immediately. Handling is also improved by Auto Replay and Multi-Image Display of nine images simultaneously. With its smooth response to any movement, the LCD monitor can be used as a viewfinder as well.

Sophisticated Functions
The C-840L has many of the automatic functions found in 35 mm cameras. They not only add to its versatility and convenience, but open up creative opportunities.

Macro Shooting from Only 10 cm distance
  Continuous Shooting at 2 Frames/Sec., up to 10 Frames in total
  Autofocus Convenience and Precision
  Three Resolution Modes
  Super-High Quality/High Quality: 1,280 x 960 pixels
  Standard Quality: 640 x 480 pixels
  Exposure Compensation
  Four Flash Modes Including Red-Eye Reduction
  Reverse Galilean Optical Viewfinder
  Digital 2 x Tele/Wide selection mode

Video Output
The C-840L can be connected to a TV monitor to display digital images. Along with enlivening gatherings with friends and family, this capability can strengthen the impact of business presentations. It is also capable to show viewfinder image on the TV monitor through Video Output.

7 Sec. Recording
The C-840L minimizes the wait between shots. Even with their exceptionally high resolution, images are stored in less than 7 sec. in the SHQ Mode - a major improvement over the 13 sec. recording of the C-820L.

8 MB SmartMedia Card for Storage and Enhanced Functions

Largest Capacity Available
The included 3.3V 8 MB SmartMedia card is removable, so there is always room for additional shots. Not only are the cards affordable, but they are thin and lightweight - perfect for taking an extra one along. With the largest capacity available, the included 8 MB Panorama Card holds 122 images in the Standard Quality Mode, 36 in the High Quality Mode and 18 in the Super-High Quality Mode.

Programmed Functions
Along with storing images, SmartMedia cards from Olympus have image processing capabilities - functions that offer the extra fun and creativity of digital image processing. When it is used with a PC, the included 8MB Panorama Card is programmed to create a composite Panoramic image from a group of frames. Three other function cards are available.
Calendar Card makes it easy to create a unique calendar.
  Template Card has templates to combine images into original greeting cards.
  Handwriting Title Card lays handwritten notes or drawings on a digital image.

Optional Floppy Disk and PC Card Adapters
To simplify data handling, the optional adapters for the C-840L eliminates the need for complicated cables. The MAFP-1 Floppy Disk adapter for DOS/V operating system uses the floppy disk drive for downloading images to a PC, while the MA-1 PC card adapter slips into a notebook computer's PC card slot. Using both of them is as simple as inserting a SmartMedia card.

Optional P-300 Dye-Sublimation Digital Color Printer
Consumers can use the optional P-300 full-color printer to create their own digital photo lab at home. It can be connected to the C-840L for direct output without bothering to transfer images via a PC. It also offers the quality of 306 dpi resolution and the versatility of varied output formats - A6 (100 x 140 mm) prints, 16-cut sticker sheets and 30-frame index prints.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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