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September 10, 1998
The CAMEDIA C-1400XL Digital SLR
and P-330 Digital Color Printer
Friendlier handling
Enhanced creative control
1.4 million-pixel CCD and 3x optical zoom lens
Improved cost performance
Photorealistic direct output
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the new CAMEDIA C-1400XL digital SLR. Building on the features of the acclaimed C-1400L, the new super-high-resolution model offers the easier operation and enhanced creative control that make digital imaging more fun. Its many advantages include new shooting functions, Manual White Balance and a Flash Synchronization socket for an external flash unit.
The C-1400XL is accompanied by the launch of the CAMEDIA P-330 digital color printer. The earlier P-300 earned high marks for its photorealistic output, and the new model adds the convenience of a SmartMedia card slot that simplifies direct printing. It also features the versatility of video I/O, optional Passport Paper Printing and many other features.

First in Its Class
When the CAMEDIA C-1400L was introduced in October 1997, it met an enthusiastic welcome from a range of consumers. The digital SLR featured a super-high-resolution 2/3-inch progressive CCD with 1.4 million pixels as well as a 3x 9.2-28 mm* lens with high-performance glass lens elements. Setting the pace in this class, its SXGA image offered the highest resolution and most accurate color reproduction of any affordable digital camera.
The new C-1400XL offers all these advantages and more. Operation is simplified by a number of features that ensure no opportunity is missed. In the Sequence Mode, up to five frames can be recorded in 3.3 sec. A new shooting function minimizes the interval between shots, while the Battery Saving Mode minimizes power consumption. There is also the convenience of selecting up to 30 frames for direct printing.
The C-1400XL expands creative possibilities as well. The Manual White Balance function offers complete manual control of tonal effects, and Exposure Compensation can be used for flash photography. The Flash Synchronization socket is ready for an external flash - a key to more varied and expressive images in low light.
*Equivalent to the 36-110 mm range of a 35mm camera.

CAMEDIA P-330 Digital Color Printer
With its dye-sublimation processing and 306 dpi resolution, the P-330 achieves photorealistic quality comparable to the results with silver-halide photography. Eliminating the need to transfer data to a PC, the SmartMedia card slot makes direct output easy and fast. The new printer also features video I/O and optional Passport Paper Printing. Making the most of the C-1400XL's potential, these and many other features open up additional ways to enjoy digital imaging.
Main Features
CAMEDIA C-1400XL Digital Camera
New C-1400XL Features
Sequence Mode
Particularly useful in action photography, the Sequence Mode captures up to five frames in 3.3 sec.
Minimal Waiting
With a new shooting function to minimize the interval between shots, the C-1400XL is ready for the next frame much sooner than earlier models. Along with eliminating interruptions, this advantage keeps the photographer ready for every opportunity.
Manual White Balance Function
In difficult lighting, any of six settings can be selected manually for the optimal color balance.
Flash Exposure Compensation
With its fine adjustments of exposure settings, this feature offers more precise control in flash photography.
Flash Synchronization Socket
The new Flash Synchronization socket is ready for an external flash unit. Adding power and range, it extends the capabilities of the built-in flash.
Quick Focus
From 0.4 m to infinity, the Quick Focus function can be used to create sharp images even in difficult landscape and nighttime photography.
Other New Features
The Battery Saving Mode minimizes power consumption.
Up to 30 prints can be selected for direct printing.
Included Accessories
Four rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries.
AC charger.
8 MB SmartMedia card.
SHQ At least 8 images
HQ At least 24 images
SQ At least 99 images
* JPEG format
Other CAMEDIA Series Features
Nearly Silver-Halide Image Quality
The C-1400XL delivers image quality comparable to the results with silver-halide photography. It has a 2/3-inch super-high-resolution progressive CCD with 1.4 million pixels, and the bright 35 optical zoom lens has both a large aperture and glass lens elements. To maximize this performance, an original Olympus algorithm optimizes resolution and color reproduction.
TTL Optical Viewfinder
The C-1400XL has the precision of the same kind of TTL viewfinder used in 35 mm SLRs. With the 95% field of view, it prevents parallax distortion and shows the image exactly as it is captured. The solution overcomes the difficulties inherent in real-image viewfinders and LCD monitors, including a tendency to omit part of the frame or leave the subject off-center. Dioptric correction is built in to compensate for any eyesight problems. The viewfinder's compact prism is an original Olympus innovation that eliminates the need for a quick-return SLR mirror.
Very Affordable
The C-1400XL is available at the same affordable price as the earlier C-1400L, even though it adds new user-friendly features. Offering an exceptional balance of performance and cost, it has everything from a super-high-resolution CCD and 3x optical zoom lens to an SLR design and easier operation.
Superior Handling and Easy Operation
Like the Olympus L Series SLRs, the C-1400XL has an optimal L-shape that not only protects the high-performance zoom lens, but ensures stable handling. A range of other features also bring more fun to digital photography. The six versatile flash modes include two new ones. There is a self-timer as well as a Macro capability, and the shooting and playback buttons are easy to control.
3.3 V SmartMedia Cards
Images are recorded on 3.3 V SmartMedia cards with a capacity of up to 16 MB. Thin, lightweight and affordable, they are an ideal storage medium for a digital camera. And since they are removable, the recording capacity is unlimited. Output with the P-330 digital color printer is as simple as inserting the SmartMedia card in the printer's slot. The cards can also be used with a PC card adapter or a FlashPath floppy drive adapter to transfer data to a PC simply and quickly.
1.8-Inch Color LCD Monitor
The 1.8-inch color LCD monitor makes it easy to review images immediately and delete any that are unneeded. Along with Auto Replay, there is Multi-Image Display for reviewing nine images at once.
CAMEDIA P-330 Digital Color Printer
New Features
Direct SmartMedia Card Output
Eliminating the need to transfer data to a PC, the P-330 has a SmartMedia card slot for direct high-quality output.
Video I/O
The new video I/O system offers new ways to enjoy digital images. The input function can be used to print images from a VCR, while the output terminal is ready for displaying images on a TV or PC monitor.
Multi-Image Sticker Output
The P-330 makes it easy to create original stickers by selecting one or more images for output on a 4-, 9- or 16-cut sticker sheet.
Image Editing
The P-330 has adjustment controls for trimming or sharpening an image.
Optional Passport Paper Printing
The optional Passport Paper Printing system can be used to create IDs and other laminated prints.
Other CAMEDIA Series Features
Superior Reproduction
Making the most of the C-1400XL's image quality, the P-330 delivers photorealistic output with its dye-sublimation processing and 306 dpi resolution.
Varied Output and Auto Feed
Output formats include A6-size (100x140 mm) prints, 16-cut sticker sheets, 30-frame index prints and mirror prints - a range so varied that consumers can create their own photo lab at home. The Auto Feeder has a capacity of 30 sheets for uninterrupted printing of particular images or all of them.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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