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September 29, 1998
The PT36-300 Pipe Inspection System
30 m working length
Exceptional cost performance
PT36-300's distal tip PT36-300
PT36-300's distal tip PT36-300
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the new PT36-300 pipe inspection system. Even with a very economical price, it features an extended working length of 30 m. The 36 mm external diameter of the distal tip is suited to inspection of pipes with an internal diameter in the 50 - 80mm range.

The PT36-300 industrial endoscope is Olympus' latest answer to the growing need for inspections of pipe interiors that cannot be ob-served directly. Convenient and easy to use, the system features a compact, lightweight cable drum integrated with the control unit. After the initial setup,operation is as easy as pressing the power switch.

Illumination comes from the 12-lamp white LED on the distal tip. Not only is the waterproof camera head shock-resistant, but its de-sign contributes to the PT36-300's low price. Reflecting the importance placed on versatile outdoor use, it can be powered by the included AC adapter or a DC 12 V battery.

The latest release marks another stage in the development of the Olympus lineup of industrial equipment. Borescope inspection tools include industrial fiberscopes, videoscopes, rigidscopes and mini-borescopes. Remote video systems are opening new paths in remote visual inspection(RVI),and Olympus is pursuing advances in digital and network technologies. The industrial products group also ex-tends to high-precision measuring systems.

Main Features
30m Working Length
The PT36-300's extended working length of 30m leads the specifications for the Olympus industrial endoscope lineup.

Easy Insertion
The PT36-300 is designed for inspection of pipes with an internal diameter in the 50-80 mm range. To meet this need, the distal tip has an external diameter of 36 mm -without compromising the system's high resolution. This balance reflects the outstanding performance of the ultracompact 1/4-inch CCD camera and white LED.
The camera head's flexible neck and the camera cable's fiber-reinforced-plastic (FRP) covering also play a part in easy insertion and the elasticity needed for curved pipes.

White LED Illumination
With the power of the 12-lamp LED on the distal tip, the color image has al-most uniform illumination. The LED's durable design also increases the PT36-300's service life and contributes to its affordable price.

Shock-Resistant Camera Head
The camera and illumination system are protected by a transparent covering made of molded resin. Combined with the non-filament LED, this safeguard ensures superior shock resistance.

Compact and Lightweight Cable Drum
In a comprehensive effort to cut size and weight, the cable drum has been integrated with the control unit - a key to the easy portability of a compact design weighing about 11 kg.

Simple Operation
Operation is as simple as connecting the power and monitor cables, then pressing the power switch. The electronic shutter controls the brightness auto-matically, while the white LED optimizes the color balance according to the illumination.

DC 12V Compatibility
The PT36-300 works with a DC 10 -15V power source as well as the included AC adapter. This versatility makes it easy to use with a DC 12V battery.

Specifications of PT36-300
Camera Optical System CCD 1/4-inch color CCD
Field of view 60°(diagonally across screen)
Direction of view Forward viewing
Depth of field 20 mm-infinity
Illumination system White LED illumination (12 lamps)
Brightness adjustment Automatic adjustment by means of system electric shutter
Insertion Tube Outer diameter Distal end:36 mm (in dia.)
Working length 30m
Minimum bending radius R 120mm
Exterior Special resin tube coating
Operating temperature 0-40degrees in air
5-35degrees in water
Operating pressure 1,013 hPa (1 atm.) in air
1,013-1,114 hPa (1-1.1 atm.)in water
Waterproof properties Up to 1m in depth
Cable Drum
(integrated with control unit)
Drum Size:430 mm (in dia.)
Material: Molded resin
Frame 480 (W)x480 (H)x350 (D) mm
Video signal NTSC PAL (PIN), 2 lines
Power supply DC 12 V
(Operable voltage range: DC10-15 V)
Max.power consumption Approx. 9 W (camera & LED)
Output power supply 1 line, DC 12 V/ 1.75 A (max.)
Weight Approx. 11 kg (including camera cable)
AC Adapter Power supply AC 100-240 V (50/60 Hz)
Max. power consumption 30-34 VA (Approx. 18 W)
Rated output DC 12 V/1.5 A
Other Provided accessories AC adapter, fuse, video cable (PIN-PIN/2m) and
accessory storage case
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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