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November 16, 1998
640 MO TURBO LE Magneto-Optical Drive
Versatile model for large-capacity 3.5-inch, 640 MB MO disks
High-speed read/write performance
Compact and lightweight design
Excellent cost performance
Designed for large-capacity 3.5-inch, 640 MB disks, the 640 MO TURBO LE magneto-optical drive combines high speed and reliability with superior cost performance.
Olympus MO drives have already won wide acclaim for their world-class performance. The new 640 MO TURBO LE broadens consumer choice by combining affordable pricing with the convenience and reliability of the high-end Power MO 640. It features disk rotation of 3,600 rpm, an average seek time of 27 ms and continuous data transfer speed as fast as 3.1 MB/sec.
The ultracompact Super Fine Positioning (SFP) optical pickup* system delivers impressive results, while the acclaimed Super-Intelligent Cache* makes the most of this performance. The result is the highest effective speed among MO drives in the 3,600 rpm class. Suited to everyone from beginners to professionals, the MO TURBO LE also features easy setup and friendly operation.

* Please see the Technology Close-up below for a full explanation of the advances.

Main Features
High-Speed Access and Excellent Cost Performance
The 640 MO TURBO LE delivers the high performance of 3,600 rpm disk rotation, an average seek time of 27 ms and continuous data transfer up to 3.1 MB/sec. The acclaimed Super-Intelligent Cache makes the most of the hardware by raising the effective speed to the fastest in the 3,600 rpm class of MO drives.

Reliable, Maintenance-free Design
The original Olympus design combines dustproofing with a heat-dispersion system. The ingenious solution has won widespread recognition for its exceptional reliability and resistance to dust penetration.

Quiet and Efficient
The 640 MO TURBO LE runs so quietly that there are no worries about bothering others. The key to its low noise is the reduced power consumption that has eliminated the need for a fan.

Compact and Stylish
The trim dimensions take up minimal space, and the design can stand either vertically or horizontally, letting users choose the position best suited to their work environment. The 640 MO TURBO LE also features striking and stylish lines.

Friendly and Easy-to-Use
Setup is a simple matter of attaching the cable and adjusting the SCSI ID and Termination switches. With the LED lamp on the back of the case, the termination status can be checked at a glance.

Internal Active Termination
All high-speed Olympus MO drives come with a built-in active terminator, eliminating the expense and bother of adding an external plug. With continuous indication of the termination status, the LED lamp makes it easier to daisy chain the 640 MO TURBO LE with one or more other SCSI devices.

Direct Overwriting
The 640 MO TURBO LE follows ISO/IEC 15041 international standards for 540 MB and 640 MB* direct overwrite (OW) disks. When a direct OW disk is used, the writing speed is approximately 50% faster than writing to a conventional disk.

* Since 230 MB direct OW disks do not comply with the ISO standard, they are not supported by the 640 MO TURBO LE.

Full Compatibility
For full backwards compatibility, the 640 MO TURBO LE can be used for reading and writing with 128 MB and 230 MB MO disks.

Technology Close-up
SFP Pickup System
To achieve ultrafast rotation and seek time, an MO drive's optical pickup system must be exceptionally precise. The reason is that the device has to locate the exact position of the data even with the fast rpm of the disk.
The key to this accuracy and speed is a smaller and lighter optical pickup system. Olympus' answer is the ultracompact, high-precision Super-Fine Positioning (SFP) optical pickup system. This breakthrough technology has led to the first commercialized single-loop servo system-an innovation that eliminates the need for lens-actuated tracking control. With the advantages of streamlined control circuitry and fewer components, the two advances have contributed to a smaller optical pickup system as well as a faster average seek time and reduced power consumption.

Super-Intelligent Cache
The effective speed of an MO drive is not only a matter of its basic hardware specifications. Since the efficiency of the cache memory is also vital, Olympus has refined the algorithm generally used in storage units for large-scale computer systems. Optimized specifically for an MO drive, the intelligent cache algorithm uses access frequency for address management of stored data.

*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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