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November 25, 1998
The MX50L Series
300mm Wafer/FPD Inspection Microscopes
Outstanding ergonomic design
World-class optical performance
Fast and easy inspection of 300mm wafers
Reflected/transmitted light illumination for inspecting semiconductor masks and 17" FPDs
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the MX50L-T 300 mm wafer/FPD*1 inspection microscope. Featuring simultaneous reflected/transmitted light illumination, it brings added capabilities to the MX50L lineup. The series' design optimizes ease of operation, while the exclusive Olympus UIS system*2 offers world-class optical performance. It also features superior rigidity and durability as well as outstanding ergonomics.

The New MX-50L Series
The two MX50L models extend the performance of the MX50 lineup-the standard for 200 mm wafer inspection since its launch in 1996.
Suited to 300 mm wafer inspection, the MX50L Series began with the MX50L-R, a reflected light illumination model launched in May 1998.
Now the lineup has been filled out with the reflected/transmitted light illumination system of the MX50L-T.

Answering New Demands
The size of semiconductor devices has increased in recent years as integration and production efficiency have been raised. This trend has led to growing calls for inspection microscopes that make operation easy and fatigue-free, even after prolonged use.
The MX50L Series is Olympus' answer. Optimized for easy operation, the design reduces fatigue and improves productivity. All the controls are conveniently located on the front panel, and the layout has eliminated the rail guide that protrudes from the stage in conventional models. The series is also equipped with a tilting observation tube, so the operator can choose any posture, either sitting or standing.
The optical system -which is the basic to any microscope's performance- employs the exclusive Olympus UIS system with infinity-corrected optics.The system has already won acclaim throughout the semiconductor industry for the high resolution and contrast of its images. Opening up applications following the 0.18μm design rule, the MX50L Series is also the world's first to offer a confocal unit*3 for a 300 mm wafer inspection microscope.
This progress has taken the next step with the launch of the MX50L-T.
With its new transmitted light illumination condenser, it delivers clear images of 9 mm-thick photo masks*4 -the key to a wide range of applications including inspection of semiconductor masks and FPDs.
Main Features
300 mm Wafer/FPD Inspection Microscopes
The MX50L models have inherited the advanced features of the MX50 Series,which has become the standard for inspection of 200 mm wafers on semiconductor production lines. The MX50L Series also offers inspection of 300 mm wafers - which are defining the mainstream of next-generation semiconductors - and flat panel displays (FPDs).

Optimal Ergonomics
The front panel holds the focusing knobs, light intensity switch, revolver switch and stage controls. The design also has the flexibility of a tilting observation tube. With this convenience, the operator can choose any posture - either sitting or standing - during inspection and adjustment.

World-Class Optical Performance
The exclusive Olympus UIS system uses infinity-corrected optics to create clear images with high resolution and contrast. When an optional confocal unit is added, applications are extended to include inspections following the 0.18µm design rule.

Improved Transmitted Light Illumination (MX50L-T)
Delivering sharp, glare-free images, the MX50L-T's new transmitted light illumination condenser creates clear images of 9 mm-thick photo masks. With the simultaneous reflected/transmitted light illumination system, it is the ideal choice for FPD inspection.

Rigid, Vibration-Resistant Design
Even during high-magnification observation, images are sharp and free of blur. Large and stable, the MX50L Series' 14" X 12" stage features high rigidity and vibration resistance.

Wide-Ranging Accessories
The MX50L Series works with most of the full range of accessories developed for the MX50 lineup. This expandability includes the MX50L-R's compatibility with the autofocus unit.
*1 FPD
This acronym for flat panel display refers to any unit with a flat surface,including liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and plasma display panels (PDPs).

*2 UIS Optical System
UIS stands for Olympus' exclusive Universal Infinity System. In this design, the light passes through the objective lens and travels to the telan lens as parallel beams. With this advantage,there is no need to add additional optics since the observation tube can be positioned between the objective and telan lenses. Chromatic aberration is corrected independently by the objective lens, imaging lens and eyepieces.

*3 Confocal Unit
This system for confocal observation uses a disk perforated with a spiral of numerous pinholes. The disk is rotated at high speed on the same plane where the primary image forms. Then the subject is scanned as it is illuminated by a light shining through the pinholes. An image is reflected off the subject and checked through the pinholes.

*4 Photo Mask
In this type of mask, the master pattern image is created by a mask brand on a substrate such as quartz glass. Photo masks are used for light exposure during processing of IC wafers and liquid crystal patterns.
Specifications of
Item MX50L-R MX50L-T
Microscope Stand Frame 12" arm-integrated frame
Built-in power supply (12V 100W) for reflected light illumination,built-in power supply for motorized revolving nosepiece

Built-in transmitted light illumination
(Cold light illumination via 12 (in dia.)mm outer diameter fiber guide)
Focus Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls
Vertical travel: 32 mm (2 mm up, 30 mm down from focal position)
Fine focus stroke per rotation: 0.1 mm, minimum fine focus adjustment graduation: 1µm. Sensitivity: 1µm or less
Revolving Nosepiece High-speed motorized quintuple revolving nosepiece for brightfield and darkfield observations (adapter required for brightfield objectives)
Magnification changeable via front switch or directly selectable by hand switch (U-HS)
Reflected Light Illumination Darkfield/brightfield change by slider (for Noamarski DIC and simple polarized light observation)
12V 100W halogen lamp,built-in aperture diaphragm, field stop with adjustment for centering and pinhole slider
Transmitted Light Optics
Ultra long working distance condenser (stroke: 11 mm, N.A. 0.6)
Aperture diaphragm, field stop (with centering adjustment)
An external light source (LG-PS2, 12V 100W halogen lamp) and a single fiber guide are required
Stage 14" X 12" Stroke: 355.6 X 304.8 mm
Roller guide slide mechanism, belt drive system (no rack), grip
clutch function (Transmitted illumination area: 355.6 X 228.6 mm)
Wafer Holder 12"(300 mm), 8"(200 mm) rotable wafer holder
Mask Holder 6"
Glass Plate 423.8 X 284.8 mm, t : 6
Observation Tube Super widefield erect image tilting trinocular observatie on tube(F.N. 26.5)
Objectives UIS objectives
Eyepiece UIS eyepiece
Photo Eyepiece UIS photo eyepiece
Power Consumption 200VA
Weight Approx. 50kg (MX-SIC 1412, MX-WHPR 128 AND U-SWETTR combination)
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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