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February 16, 1999
Update:February 20, 2001
The CAMEDIA C-2000ZOOM Compact Digital Camera
Super-fine CCD with 2.1 million pixels
High-performance 3x optical zoom lens with a bright F2.0 aperture
Compact lines and sophisticated styling
Advanced shooting functions and full creative control
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-2000ZOOM compact digital camera. The new release features a 1/2-inch CCD with 2.1 million pixels and a 3x optical zoom lens. The bright, large-diameter lens also has a maximum aperture of F2.0.
The C-2000ZOOM brings zooming and photo-quality imaging to a digital camera with more than 2 megapixels. Taking performance to greater heights, it opens new paths in digital photography for consumers.
These advantages are combined with a design that is compact and lightweight. The quality also shows in the sophisticated metallic finish and a range of shooting functions offering both convenience and creative control.
Leading the Trends
Over the last year, the digital camera market has recorded brisk expansion worldwide, and the momentum is continuing to accelerate. This growth has been driven by the introduction of megapixel models with more than 1 million pixels.
The CAMEDIA C-900ZOOM from Olympus has been at the forefront of this trend. Since its launch, the best-selling compact digital camera has earned strong sales and high marks among consumers. Not only does it offer friendly operation, but it features the outstanding image quality of 1.3 million pixels and an array of original Olympus technologies.
Drawing on longstanding technological expertise, the C-2000ZOOM's super-fine CCD pushes this performance to the next level. In addition to the easy-to-use functions of a 35 mm camera, there are digital capabilities that open a new dimension. It also features the design quality that instills pride of ownership.
2.1 Million Pixels and 3x Zooming
With its superior resolution and photo-quality imaging, the C-2000ZOOM sets the pace for digital cameras with more than 2 million pixels.
One key to this achievement is a 1/2-inch CCD that has increased the number of pixels to 2.1 million. To make the most of this potential, the new model is equipped with a bright, large-diameter 3x zoom lens. The design also incorporates a number of improvements of the Multivariator 3x zoom lens developed for the earlier C-900ZOOM. Even in backlighting or other difficult exposure conditions, Olympus's exclusive Digital ESP Metering and Spot Metering ensure that the results are natural and clear.
Clearly More Sophisticated
The top-of-the-line C-2000ZOOM excels in design and handling along with image quality and performance.
With its compact dimensions and low weight, the C-2000ZOOM is easy to take along. Handling is also improved by the comfort of the grip's ergonomic contours.
The quality of the camera's performance is reflected in its looks as well. Based on an aluminum alloy, the metallic finish imparts a sense of quality and classic design.
Precise control draws on photographic technologies developed for Olympus 35 mm cameras. To capture the image in the mind's eye, the AE system can be set for the Aperture-Priority or Shutter-Priority Mode. There are also settings for equivalent ISO sensitivity. To make operation easier and friendlier, the Menu Selection Panel and other controls have been improved as well.
Images are recorded on 3.3 V SmartMedia cards. In the SQ Mode, the included 8 MB card can hold 122 or more shots, and the C-2000ZOOM is compatible with the large-capacity 32 MB card.
The optional MAFP-1N/2 floppy disk adapter and optional MA-2 PC card adapter simplify data transfer to a PC. A card can also be inserted directly in the CAMEDIA P-330 digital color printer's SmartMedia slot for photorealistic output without a cable or PC.
Main Features
Outstanding Image Quality
Large 1/2-inch CCD with 2.1 million pixels
  The C-2000ZOOM features a major advance in its CCD-a key to any digital camera's image quality. Raising performance to another level, the latest CAMEDIA model has a 1/2-inch CCD with a total of 2.1 million pixels (2.0 million effective pixels).
3x Zoom Lens with a Bright, Large-Diameter F2.0 Aperture
  The increase in the CCD's pixels and resolution requires comparable advances in lens design. The answer lies in an improved Multivariator 3x zoom lens that has a brighter and larger diameter of F2.0-2.8. Along with maximizing the CCD's performance, the exclusive Olympus design minimizes aberration and fall-off light in the corners of the frame. The result is photo-quality imaging.
It also brings zooming to a consumer digital camera with more than 2 million pixels. With zooming of 6.5-19.5 mm, its coverage is equivalent to the versatile 35-105 mm range of a 35 mm camera. To handle the range of photographic opportunities, optical 3x zooming can be combined with the 1.6x, 2x or 2.5x Digital Tele Mode (SQ Mode; XGA or VGA). With this capability, a maximum zoom effect of 7.5x is possible in the 2.5x mode.
Compact, Lightweight and Stylish
Reflecting the importance of easy portability, the compact and lightweight body measures only 107.5 (W) x 73.8 (H) x 66.4 (D) mm and weighs just 305g. Based on an aluminum alloy, the metallic finish exudes the feel of quality.
The body is ergonomically designed to simplify operation. The grip contours fit comfortably in the hand, for example, while the Direct Mode Select Dial makes it easy to choose shooting functions.
Creative Control and Friendly Automation
A broad range of shooting functions ensure that photographers have the creative freedom to capture the image in the mind's eye.
Aperture-Priority Mode
  With precise 1/3-step adjustment, any aperture from F2.0 to F11 can be selected at a wide-angle focal length or from F2.8 to F11 at a telephoto setting. This mode is especially useful for blurring the background or shooting a pan-focus image that includes all the details.
Shutter-Priority Mode
  In this mode, any shutter speed from 1/2 to 1/800 sec. can be selected with the precision of 1/3 steps. It is the right choice for action photography or capturing the nuances of a flowing stream, for example.
Two Metering Modes for the Right Exposure
  The exclusive Digital ESP Metering System delivers outstanding results in varied lighting. An original measurement program is used to determine the appropriate exposure. Even in difficult backlighting or high-contrast lighting, natural results are ensured by taking readings in and around the center of the frame. Spot Metering can also be selected for an accurate exposure based on a particular part of the image.
Slow-Synchro Setting
  This setting adds more possibilities to the Auto, Red-Eye Reducing, Off and Fill-in flash modes. It lets the photographer synchronize the flash with the first or second shutter curtain. In night-time photography or in low light, it captures the flowing traces of moving lights or an intriguing after-image, for example.
External Flash Synchronization Socket
  Adding more creative possibilities, an external flash unit can be connected to the External Flash Synchronization socket.
Equivalent ISO Sensitivity
  The CCD's equivalent ISO sensitivity of 1x, 2x or 4x (approx. ISO 100, 200 or 400) can be chosen according to the subject and desired effect. This versatility is particularly handy for capturing a natural ambience indoors or when flash photography is prohibited. It can also be used to prevent camera shake in telephoto shots.
Manual White Balance
  Along with Auto White Balance, four color temperatures-sunlight, overcast skies, tungsten light or fluorescent light-an be selected for an optimal color balance.
Quick Focus
  Along with its autofocus system, the C-2000ZOOM has a Quick Focus function that automatically sets the focal distance to infinity or 2.5 m. This feature is especially handy when the autofocus system might have difficulties because of a moving subject or low-contrast lighting.
Manual Exposure Compensation
  Image quality can be enhanced further with the Manual Exposure Compensation's fine-adjustment of ±2 steps.
Three Digital Tele Modes
  The Digital Tele Modes have 1.6x, 2x and 2.5x settings to create a zoom effect. Combined with the 3x optical zooming, they offer maximum coverage of 7.5x for moving in closer to a subject.
Quick Shooting and Sequence Mode
  With the C-2000ZOOM's shorter interval between frames, photographers will not miss a shot. After the shutter is triggered, the camera is ready in only 1-2 sec. in the normal shooting mode. In the Sequence Mode, it can capture more than 45 shots at about 2 frames/sec. in the SQ Mode;VGA.
SmartMedia Card Storage and Friendly Data Handling
128 MB SmartMedia Card Compatibility
Images are stored on 3.3 V SmartMedia cards. An 8 MB card with a Panorama Composite function is included, and the C-2000ZOOM is compatible with the large-capacity 128 MB card*.
* Option.
Easy Data Transfer
  The MAFP-1N/2 floppy disk adapter makes data transfer to a PC is as easy as inserting a 3.3V SmartMedia card as if it were a 3.5-inch floppy disk. The MA-2 PC card adapter is also available for transferring data to a notebook computer without the bother of a cable.
Processing Capabilities
  To make digital imaging more fun, Olympus SmartMedia cards incorporate image processing functions as well as storage capabilities. The included 8 MB card has a Panorama Composite function, and three optional cards are available. With the 4 MB Calendar Card, an original calendar can be created from an image, while the 4 MB Template Card holds illustrations that can be combined with digital images. With the Title Card, handwritten notes or drawings can be superimposed on an image to create original greeting cards.
All-Around Compatibility
  Compatibility with other manufacturers' products is improved by image recording in the JPEG format as well as uncompressed TIFF. The JPEG format follows the Design Rules for Camera File Systems established by the Japan Electronic Industry Development Association. It is also compatible with the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) for sending instructions to print machines and printers.
Other Versatile Features
Photorealistic Output
  Making the most of the C-2000ZOOM's exceptional image quality, the P-330 digital color printer offers the-photorealistic quality of dye-sublimation processing. It also features a SmartMedia card slot for direct output without a cable. Trimming and sharpness adjustments do not require a PC, and the P-330 can print on 4-, 9- and 16-cut sheets as well as A6 (105 x 148 mm) sheets.
Included RM-1 Remote Control
  The shutter can be triggered from a distance with the included RM-1 remote control.
Optional Conversion Lenses and Lens Adapter
  The optional CLA-1 conversion lens adapter* can be used for three dedicated conversion lenses that bring a new dimension and more fun to photography. Telephoto, Wide-Angle and Macro conversion lenses are available as options.
* Option, scheduled to be sold from April, 1999.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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