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March  3, 1999
OLYMPUS DPS R Series Binoculars
The DPS R Series Porro-Prism Binoculars
Four models for a range of needs and preferences
Full array of basic functions
Outstanding cost performance
7x35 DPS R 8x40 DPS R
7x35 DPS R 8x40 DPS R*
10x50 DPS R 7-15x35 DPS R
10x50 DPS R 7-15x35 DPS R
* 8x40 DPS R is not available in Japan.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the introduction of the DPS R Series binoculars. The standard porro-prism models combine a full array of essential functions with outstanding cost performance. The lineup includes the 7x35DPS R, 8x40DPS R, 10x50DPS R and 7-15x35 Zoom DPS R models.
For Today's Lifestyles
The DPS R Series' standard porro-prism design balances convenience and portability with superior cost performance. This combination makes the lineup ideal for a range of pursuits - sightseeing, spectator sports, bird-watching and more.

An anti-UV lens element protects the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Comfortable and precise, the binoculars minimize eye strain, even during extended use outdoors. They are especially well suited to hiking, camping and other recreational activities.
Except for the 7-15x35 Zoom DPS R model, the lineup has a wide-angle apparent 65° field of view. Incorporating an aspherical lens made of optical resin, the eyepiece cuts distortion dramatically and delivers a large and sharp image.

The black finish exudes the look of quality. The design also features the comfortable handling of a special rubber coating and the easy operation of a large focusing dial.
Main Features
UV Protection
The DPS R Series' eyepiece has a specially formulated lens element with anti-UV protection that cuts harmful ultraviolet rays. Designed to minimize eye strain during extended use, the lineup is ideal for sightseeing, camping and other outdoor pursuits.
Easy Operation And The Feel Of Quality
The black finish has the look of quality, while a special rubber coating makes handling more comfortable. A large focusing dial also simplifies operation.
Aspherical Lens (except 7-15x35 Zoom DPS R)
By cutting distortion to a minimum, the aspherical lens in the eyepiece ensures that the image is sharp and clear.
Wide-Angle Field Of View (except 7-15x35 Zoom DPS R)
The wide-angle apparent 65°field of view creates a large and clear image.
High-Performance Zooming (7-15x35 Zoom DPS R only)
The 7-15x35 Zoom DPS R model offers a 7-15x zooming capability for versatile and dynamic viewing. Its one-touch operation is as simple as moving the zooming lever.
Tripod Adapter
An adapter slot makes it easy to use the DPS R Series binoculars with almost any tripod available today. This versatility is especially welcome in stargazing and bird-watching.
Specifications of
DPS R Series Binoculars
  7x35 DPS R 8x40 DPS R 10x50 DPS R 7-15x35 Zoom
Type Porro prism type binoculars
Magnification 7x 8x 10x 7x-15x
Effective Diameter of
Objective Lens
35 mm (in dia.) 40 mm (in dia.) 50 mm (in dia.) 35 mm (in dia.)
Diameter of Exit Pupil 5 mm (in dia.) 5-2.3 mm (in dia.)
Actual Field of View 9.3° 8.2° 6.5° 5.7°- 3.6°
Field at 1000 m 162 m 143 m 114 m 100-61 m
Brightness 25 25-5.3
Eye Relief 12 mm
Diopter Adjustment Range Over ±2D Over ±1D
Eye Interval Adjustment
60-70 mm
Near Focus Distance 3 m 4 m 6 m 10 m
Weight 650 g 680 g 810 g 700 g
(at maximum eye interval)
170 mm 173 mm 182 mm 170 mm
Length 116 mm 137 mm 170 mm 135 mm
(at maximum eye interval)
64 mm 66 mm 70 mm 64 mm
Lens Composition 5 elements in 3 groups 6 elements in
4 groups
Coating Monolayer coating
Features UV Protection
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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