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May 10, 1999
The IC Recorder Voice-Trek DS-150*
Outstanding sound quality
Recording up to 160 min.
Ultralight, ultrathin design only 14.5 mm thick
Easy PC connection for data management, storage and playback
Voice-Trek DS-150
Voice-Trek DS-150
* Digital Voice Recorder DS-150 outside Japan.
Voice-Trek is a registered trademark of Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. in Japan.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the Voice-Trek DS-150 IC recorder. Ultrathin and ultralight, it is designed for extended recording anywhere and anytime. Not only does it offer outstanding sound quality, but easy PC connectivity simplifies management of audio files.
The innovative IC recorder employs the DSS (Digital Speech Standard)*1 format. With DSS's high compression and advanced sound quality, the DS-150 delivers crystal-clear recording lasting as long as 160 min. Exceptionally small and lightweight, it is only 14.5 mm thick and weighs 74 g including batteries.
With this combination of performance and convenience, it brings sophisticated IC recording to a range of consumer and business applications.
Easy Operation and Digital Versatility
The stylish DS-150 has a wide array of functions including Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) and Fast Playback as well as a microphone jack. Sound is recorded with extraordinary clarity, and a high-compression system maintains this quality by storing the digital data as a DSS file in the built-in flash memory.
Suited to varied needs, recording lasts for approximately 75 min. in the Standard Playback (SP) Mode or about 160 min. in the Long Playback (LP) Mode. Along with the convenient pushbutton controls, the digital system makes audio file retrieval and editing-including overwriting, insertion and deletion-easy and instantaneous.
Optional AS41 PC Connection Kit
The optional AS41 PC Connection Kit*2 extends the DS-150's capabilities for PC management of audio files. It simplifies downloads for data storage and playback with a PC that has a Windows(R)-compatible sound card. With this versatility, an audio file can be sent as an e-mail attachment or saved in the Windows(R) WAVE format. The outstanding sound quality of DS-150 recording also opens the way to speech-to-text conversion with IBM Japan's ViaVoiceTM '98 or Justsystem's Voice Ichitaro 9.
The Voice-Trek DS-150 will be released in Japan on June 10, 1999, with a suggested retail price of ¥25,000. The AS41 PC Connection Kit will be available from July 10 for ¥7,000.
*1 To establish an industry standard for digital voice recording, DSS was developed by the International Voice Association (IVA). The members of the IVA include Philips Electronics N.V. of the Netherlands and Grundig A.G. of Germany as well as Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. DSS ensures full compatibility with its specifications for data compression, file format and storage medium.
*2 The AS41 PC Connection Kit includes a dedicated data transfer cable and DSS Player 3 audio playback software.
Main Features
Extended Recording
The DS-150's built-in flash memory holds approximately 75 min. of recording in the Standard Playback (SP) Mode or about 160 min. in the Long Playback (LP) Mode. The powerful digital editing capabilities include overwriting, insertion and deletion. Access is both easy and instantaneous, while pushbutton controls make operation convenient and friendly.
Outstanding Sound Quality
The DS-150's DSS-compliant data storage combines superior sound quality with the high compression essential to extended recording. In the SP Mode, the system covers a broad frequency range of 300-5,000 Hz, capturing input with outstanding fidelity even though the files are smaller than ones in other formats offering a similar level of quality. Compared to uncompressed WAVE files, for example, the size of DSS files is only 1/12 or so in the SP Mode and about 1/20 in the LP Mode.
PC Storage, Playback and Conversion
The optional AS41 PC Connection Kit makes it easy to download DS-150 audio files for data storage and playback with a PC that has a sound card. To enhance the system's capabilities, DSS Player-Lite audio playback software is scheduled for free distribution. Anyone will be able to use it for playback of DSS audio files received by e-mail or any other way. Since DSS Player 3 easily converts DSS files to the WAVE format-a Windows(R) standard for audio files-playback of recordings is feasible with a PC even when DSS Player or DSS Player-Lite is not installed.
Speech-to-Text Transcription
The quality of DSS files is so advanced that they can be used with voice recognition software to turn speech into text. PC conversion of SP Mode recordings is fast and accurate with IBM Japan's ViaVoiceTM '98 or Justsystem's Voice Ichitaro 9. This added capability makes the DS-150 ideal as a portable input device for transcription needs.
Ultrathin and Ultralight
Easy to carry and operate, the DS-150 is so small that it fits neatly in a shirt pocket. The ultrathin, ultralight design measures 116 x 43 x 14.5 mm and weighs only 74 g including batteries.With styling suited to business and every other occasion, the DS-150 exudes an unmistakable sense of quality. It comes in a sophisticated silver color highlighted by a black finish.
Cue Mark Function
Making it easy to locate important information, the Cue Mark function can incorporate up to 16 index marks in an audio file. To enhance data management, an ID Number and Time/Date Stamp can be added to indicate who made the recording and when it was done.
Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA)
When sound reaches a preset level, the built-in Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) starts recording automatically and stops 2 sec. after the level falls. Particularly helpful in extended recording, VCVA not only conserves memory, but makes playback more efficient and convenient. Since the system is digital, it responds immediately to record a passage from the beginning. The start/stop level is simple to set with the Up/Down knob on the Menu switch.
Fast Playback
When the Playback button is held for longer than 1 sec., playback is speeded up to approximately 1.5x the normal rate. This feature is especially useful when a key passage has to be located right away.
Convenient Dual-Folder Storage
Up to 99 audio files can be stored in both the A and B folders. With this convenient data management, recordings can be classified according to purpose, person or other categories.
Battery and AC Power
Up to 10 hours can be recorded with two AAA alkaline batteries. The optional A324 adapter is also available for worry-free, continuous input or prolonged playback.
The Voice-Trek Brand
Voice-Trek is the brand name for the Olympus lineup of digital recorders including products generally known as IC recorders or digital recording systems.
Specifications of
Voice-Trek DS-150
Recording Format Digital recording in accordance with ADP CM
Recording Medium Built-in 8 MB flash memory
Folders 2 (99 messages per folder)
Specified Input Level -70 dBv
Overall Frequency Response SP Mode: 300-5,000 Hz; LP Mode: 300-3,000 Hz
Recording Time SP Mode: Approx. 75 min.; LP Mode: Approx. 160 min.
(1 message continuous recording)
Speaker Built-in 28 mm diameter dynamic speaker
Microphone Jack 3.5 mm diameter mini-jack, impedance 2 kilo ohm
Earphone Jack 3.5 mm diameter mini-jack, impedance 8 ohm
Practical Output Max. 100 mW or more (8 ohm speaker)
Continuous Battery Duration
Approx. 10 hours (according to Olympus tests using alkaline dry cell batteries)
Power Source Rated voltage: 3V DC
Batteries: Two AAA batteries (LR03 or R03)
External power supply: AC adapter (A324)
Dimensions 116 (H) x 43 (W) x 14.5 (D) mm (without protrusions)
Weight 74 g (including battery)
Accessories Handstrap and and two AAA batteries
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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