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June  1, 1999
7-15x 25 ZOOM PC and 10-30x 25 ZOOM PC
Porro-Prism Binoculars
Versatile zooming range for outdoor pursuits
High-performance optical system
Stylish design and comfortable handling
7-15x25 ZOOM PC 10-30x25 ZOOM PC
7-15x25 ZOOM PC 10-30x25 ZOOM PC
* These products are not available in Japan.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the 7-15x 25 ZOOM PC and 10-30x 25 ZOOM PC porro-prism binoculars. Offering superior cost performance, the new ZOOM PC Series models combine advanced functions with a compact, lightweight design. The 7-15x 25 has a zooming range of 7-15x, while the 10-30x 25 has a 10-30x zoom lens for a wide range of needs.
To minimize chromatic aberration-a common problem at increased magnifications-the high-performance optical system has a lens element made of Extraordinary Dispersion (ED) glass. The eyepiece optical system features an anti-UV lens element to cut harmful ultraviolet rays and minimize fatigue during extended use.

Both models are ideal for sightseeing and outdoor pursuits such as camping and spectator sports. The grip has a special rubber coating that prevents slipping and makes handling more comfortable. The metallic-silver finish also contributes to the binoculars' combination of contemporary good looks and classic style.
Main Features
High-Performance Zoom Lens
Both new ZOOM PC Series models have a high-performance optical system with a lens element made of Extraordinary Dispersion (ED) glass to minimize the chromatic aberration that often occurs at increased magnifications. The ZOOM PC 7-15x 25 has a zooming range of 7-15x, while the 10-30x 25 features broader coverage of 10-30x. With this versatility, it takes only a touch of the Zooming Lever to take in an entire scene at a low magnification and then move in for a close-up at a higher setting.
UV Protection
The eyepiece has a specially formulated lens element with anti-UV protection that cuts harmful ultraviolet rays. Designed to minimize eye strain during extended use, the PC Series is ideal for sightseeing, camping and other outdoor pursuits.
Sophisticated Design
The grip has a special non-slip rubber coating that makes handling firm and simple. Suited to all tastes, the design also features sleek lines and a metallic-silver finish.
Specifications of
7-15x 25 ZOOM PC and 10-30x 25 ZOOM PC
  7-15x 25 ZOOM PC 10-30x 25 ZOOM PC
Type Porro prism type binoculars
Magnification 7-15x 10-30x
Effective Diameter of
Objective Lens
25 mm (in dia.)
Diameter of Exit Pupil 3.6-1.7 mm (in dia.)
2.5-0.8 mm (in dia.)
Actual Field of View 5.2°-3.5°
Field at 1000 m 90-61 m
5-33 m
Brightness 12.9-2.6
Eye Relief 13 mm 11 mm
Diopter Adjustment Range Over ±1 m-1
Eye Interval Adjustment Range 60-70 mm
Near Focus Distance 5 m 10 m
Weight 370 g
Width 113 mm
Height 119 mm
Depth 60 mm
Lens Composition 6 elements in 4 groups 8 elements in 6 groups
Coating Multicoated
Features UV Protection
ED lens
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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