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June 28, 1999
Update:February 20, 2001
The CAMEDIA C-21 Compact Digital Camera
2.1-megapixel CCD
Smallest and lightest*1 digital camera with more than 2 million pixels
Sophisticated styling
Enhanced creative control
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-21 compact digital camera. Featuring a 2.1-megapixel CCD, it is the smallest and lightest digital camera with more than 2 million pixels. The C-21 also has the sophisticated styling suited to its outstanding image quality and creative control.
At the Forefront
The digital camera market has already been spurred by the image quality of megapixel models, and the wave of releases with more than 2 million pixels is expected to drive demand even higher during 1999. With applications ranging from business to personal imaging, applications promise to expand as well.
The C-21 is at the forefront of this trend. Delivering the highest level of image quality in its class, it has a CCD with 2.1 million pixels and a bright F2.4 lens. Finished in a high-grade, durable aluminum alloy, it combines sharp good looks with easy portability. Weighing only 190 g, it is the smallest and lightest with more than 2 million pixels.
Easy Creativity
Inside the C-21'a compact lines are a range of advanced features. Along with Olympus' exclusive Digital ESP Metering includes Spot Metering, and there is the added creative control of equivalent ISO sensitivity settings, Sharpness Adjustment and Manual White Balance.
Even with this thoroughgoing control, operation is easy at every step. The Arrow Key on the back of the camera simplifies menu selection, while the vertical sliding lens barrier dramatically reduces setup time by turning on the power automatically when it is opened. High-speed recording takes only 1-2 sec., and an image can be checked immediately with the Quick View function.
The C-21 is also the first digital camera equipped with a new lithium battery pack. Compact and powerful, it lasts for approximately 200*2 shots.
For business or leisure, the C-21 offers a new degree of quality and convenience. Combining outstanding results with a lightweight and stylish design, it is the digital partner that is always in good form.
*1 As of July 1999.
*2 Results based on Olympus tests.
Main Features
Compact, Lightweight and Sophisticated
The C-21 weighs only 190 g and measures 106.5 (W) x 62.3 (H) x 35.5 (D) mm-figures that make it the smallest and lightest digital camera with more than 2 million pixels. Not only is it easy to take along, but the metallic finish is made of an aluminum alloy that creates a sense of quality. With its style and superior imaging performance, it is designed for the most discriminating consumers, offering them the satisfaction of quality through and through.
Superior Image Quality
1/2-inch CCD with 2.1 Million Pixels
The 1/2-inch CCD has 2.1 million pixels (effectively 2.0 million), and noise has been cut to an unprecedented low level. With these advances, the C-21 has raised image quality even further.
Bright F2.4 Lens
The bright F2.4 7 mm* lens builds on the CCD's advanced capabilities. With its high-performance glass lens elements, the design makes the most of the C-21's increased pixels and resolution, delivering high-quality images that are clear and accurate.
* Equivalent to the 38 mm lens of a 35 mm camera.
Full Creative Control
A broad range of shooting functions offer the creative freedom to capture the image in the mind's eye.
Two Metering Modes for the Right Exposure
The exclusive Digital ESP Metering System takes separate readings of the light in the center and around the edges of the frame. A new calculation program uses this information to determine the optimal exposure automatically. Even in difficult backlighting or high-contrast lighting, the system delivers natural results by preventing murky dark areas or washed-out white portions.
Spot Metering can also be selected for an accurate exposure based on a particular part of the image.
3-Step Equivalent ISO Sensitivity
To accommodate a full range of situations, the CCD has three equivalent ISO setting modes-Auto, 2x (approx. 200) and 4x (approx. 400).
This versatility is particularly handy for capturing a natural ambience indoors or when flash photography is prohibited. The adjustment also helps to prevent camera shake in the Digital Tele Mode.
4-Step Manual White Balance
Along with Auto White Balance, four color temperatures-sunlight, overcast skies, tungsten light or fluorescent light-can be selected for an optimal color balance in difficult lighting. This capability is a key to natural-looking images taken in twilight or indoors.
1/3-Step Exposure Compensation
The C-21 has Manual Exposure Compensation as well as programmed exposure. With a range of ±2 steps in 1/3-step adjustments, the exposure can be carefully controlled in lighting that could pose a problem for the automatic exposure system.
Preset Focus
Along with the autofocus system, there is a Preset Focus function that automatically sets the focal distance to 0.2 m, 2.5 m or infinity. This feature is especially handy for action photography and other situations where the autofocus system might have difficulties.
Sharpness Adjustment
The Sharpness Adjustment has Normal and Soft settings. They are especially useful for ensuring a shot is suited to a particular use, whether it is printed output or additional image processing.
Easy, Versatile and Reliable
Even with its array of sophisticated features, the C-21 makes creativity easy and convenient.
45-Frame Sequence Mode and High-Speed Recording
In the Sequence Mode, the C-21 can capture more than 45 continuous shots at approximately 1.5 frames/sec. (VGA resolution, SQ Mode, LCD monitor off). And with its high-speed processing, the C-21 is ready for the next shot only 1-2 sec. after the shutter button is pushed in the SQ Mode.
Arrow Key
The Arrow Key simplifies menu selection for a broad range of functions.
Quick View
With the Quick View function, an image can be checked immediately. The camera automatically switches to playback mode, so there is no need for the extra step of closing the lens barrier to change modes.
Energy-Efficient, Long-Life LCD Monitor
The C-21 is the first digital camera to use a white LED for the LCD monitor backlight. Along with minimizing the energy consumption, it extends the life of the monitor.
Compact and Powerful Lithium Battery Pack
The new lithium battery pack is the first of its kind for a digital camera. Combining compact dimensions with increased power, it lasts for approximately 200* shots-far longer than other types. It also offers the reliability of maintaining power at low temperatures.
Rechargeable nickel-hydride batteries are available as an option, with the BU-40S set priced at ¥6,500.
* Results based on Olympus tests.
Other Digital Functions
Digital Tele and Closeup Modes
The 1.6x, 2x or 2.5x Digital Tele Mode can be selected during shooting. And after recording, images can be enlarged 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x or 3x for display or output. This Closeup feature is especially useful for checking details after a shot is recorded.
Video Output
Use the video output terminal to connect the C-21 to a TV monitor for large-screen display of images. A video cable is included with the camera.
Easy Data Transfer and Special Effects
128 MB SmartMedia Card Compatibility
Images are stored on 3.3V SmartMedia cards that can hold up to 128 MB-the largest capacity available. An 8 MB card with a Panorama Composite function is included.
Simplified Data Transfer
A wide range of accessories make data transfer to a PC easy and fast. To eliminate the bother of using a cable, add the optional MAUSB-2 SmartMedia card reader/writer with a USB interface, optional MAFP-2 floppy disk adapter or optional MA-2 PC card adapter.
Image Processing Functions
Olympus SmartMedia cards incorporate image processing functions as well as storage capabilities. The included 8 MB card has a Panorama Composite function, and CAMEDIA Master software, which comes with the optional PC Connection Kit C-6KP, can incorporate up to 10 shots in a single Panorama Composite image.
With the optional 4 MB Calendar Card, an original calendar can be created from an image, while the optional 4 MB Template Card holds illustrations that can be combined with digital images. The optional 4 MB Title Card can be used to create an original greeting card by superimposing handwritten notes or drawings on an image.
Thoroughgoing Compatibility
Images can be recorded in the JPEG format as well as uncompressed TIFF. The JPEG format follows the Design Rules for Camera File Systems established by the Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA). For simplified printing, recording is also possible in the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF). This compatibility ensures that the C-21's files will work easily with other products and processing services.
Optional Accessories
CAMEDIA P-330 Digital Color Printer
Consumers can enjoy photorealistic output at home with the quality of the P-330's dye-sublimation processing. It also offers the convenience of a SmartMedia card slot for output of A6-size (105 x 148 mm) prints without a cable or transferring data to a PC. Trimming and sharpness adjustments can also be handled without a PC, and the P-330 can print on 4-, 9- and 16-cut sheets.
Optional Power Sources.
LB-01 lithium battery pack
BU-40S rechargeable nickel-hydride battery kit
E-7AC AC adapter
Optional Data Transfer Systems*
C-6KP PC connection kit
MAFP-2 floppy disk adapter
MA-2 PC card adapter
MAUSB-2 USB-compatible SmartMedia card reader/writer
* Support for both Windows(R) and Macintosh(R) operating systems.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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