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August 24, 1999
TruePic Processing
Developing a Core Technology
Olympus engineers have gone beyond the race to add more pixels to digital cameras. To raise image quality to a new level, they have developed sophisticated logic circuitry that is not affected by changes in the size of an image. This is the key to incorporating TruePic processing-which involves immense amounts of data-in a portable digital camera for the first time.
The innovative method delivers high image quality at every resolution and with a CCD of any size. It is such an important breakthrough that it promises to become a core Olympus technology in the years ahead.
Making Every Pixel Count
In a conventional digital camera, only specific pixels are used when an image is reduced or enlarged. Since the processing capacity is curtailed, more distortion often results. Until now, this deterioration was accepted as an inevitable trade-off of altering the size of an image.
The TruePic processing algorithm alleviates this problem by using all the C-2500L's 2.5 million pixels, even when the size of the image is changed. With this full range of pixel data, it can handle high-speed calculations to determine the pattern of brightness around specific pixels. Then the image can be reproduced without distorting the pattern of the original. With this exceptional integrity, TruePic processing delivers higher image quality and more lifelike results than other techniques.
Versatility and Quality
In a digital world, the implications of TruePic processing are far-reaching. Someone may want a high-resolution image for a website or a small image attachment for an email message, for example. Without increasing file size, TruePic processing can maintain all the details and high resolution of an image captured with a 2.5-megapixel CCD.
TruePic Processing Technique
Conventional Processing TruePic Processing
Conventional Processing TruePic Processing
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