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October  6, 1999
2x zoom lens
Large viewfinder
Great value for money
The SUPERZOOM 700XB is an upgraded version of the earlier SUPERZOOM 700 BF which won worldwide popularity.
Even with its high-performance 2x zoom lens and large, easy-to-use viewfinder, the SUPERZOOM 700XB is very reasonably priced. Finished in black, it comes with a wide range of other features including a Landscape Mode.
The 38-70 mm coverage of the 2x zoom lens is suited to the most common photographic situations, from shooting portraits to landscapes. To ensure high-quality results, the new model is equipped with the same lens used in high-end Olympus compact cameras-a design that has earned wide acclaim for its outstanding optical performance.
With its clear, natural image, the large viewfinder simplifies composition. The sliding lens barrier not only protects the lens thoroughly, but also means that the camera can be taken along without having to be kept in a case. The SUPERZOOM 700XB's value for money is also apparent in the Landscape Mode for capturing distant subjects, the Red-Eye Reduction Lamp for flash portraits and a battery check function.
Main Features
Great Value for Money
The SUPERZOOM 700XB is very affordable, even though it has a wide range of features including a 2x zoom lens, Landscape Mode and Red-Eye Reduction Lamp.
High-Performance 38-70 mm 2x Zoom Lens
The 38-70 mm zoom lens has the high resolution that ensures outstanding image quality. The extremely versatile range is suited to the most common subjects from portraits to landscapes.
Large, Easy-to-Use Viewfinder
With its magnification of 0.44-0.73x, the large viewfinder delivers a bright and natural image.
Sliding Lens Barrier
The sliding lens barrier offers excellent lens protection, so the camera can be taken along without having to be kept in a case. Operation is also simplified as the power is turned on automatically when the lens barrier is opened.
Landscape Mode
With automatic focusing on infinity, the Landscape Mode makes it easier to capture distant scenery clearly.
Red-Eye Reduction Lamp
Located on the front of the body, this lamp minimizes the red-eye effect which often ruins flash portraits.
Other features
Focus Lock
This convenient features keeps the subject in sharp focus no matter how the photographer adjusts the composition.
The shutter release delay is especially helpful when the photographer wants to be included in group portraits.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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