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October 12, 1999
TURBO MO 640 II Magneto-Optical Drive
TURBO MO 640 II for 640 MB disks
23 ms seek time
Compact and quiet, friendly and stylish
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce its record-setting TURBO MO Series drives for 3.5-inch magneto-optical disks. Sales of TURBO MO 640 II will start on early November, 1999. This model sets new marks for MO drive performance.

Designed for large-capacity 640 MB disks, the TURBO MO 640 II offers outstanding cost performance. It features unprecedented seek time of 23 ms as well as disk rotation of 3,869 rpm.
The Friendly Performer
The capabilities of TURBO MO Series reflect a number of exclusive Olympus advances - the ultracompact high-precision Super-Fine Positioning (SFP) optical pickup system*1, Super-Intelligent Cache*2 and Turbo Seek Algorithm*3.
With only two switches to adjust, the user-friendly setup is easy even for beginners. The series also has the style and convenience of a design that is compact, lightweight and easy to handle.
Surging Demand
MO drives are already the mainstream choice in the publishing and graphics segments across the world. In Japan, moreover, they are so widely used in business that they now account for the largest share of the market for external removable storage devices.
Today the same growth is seen in the personal segment. Needs for large-capacity storage have grown rapidly as personal use of digital cameras and the Internet has expanded. The recent advent of MP3 music files can only add to the momentum.
These trends promise to drive further demand for MO drives, and the new Olympus TURBO MO Series is positioned to lead. Offering superior performance and value, it is suited to the range of personal and business applications.
Main Features
Ultra-High-Speed Performance
TURBO MO Series features Olympus' ultracompact, high-precision
Super-Fine Positioning (SFP) optical pickup system*1, Super-Intelligent Cache*2 and Turbo Seek Algorithm*3.
These proprietary advances have set new standards for the industry.

The TURBO MO 640 II handles data at speeds up to 4.2 MB/sec. with disk rotation of 3,869 rpm and record-setting 23 ms seek time.
Reliable and Maintenance-free
An exclusive dustproofing system and the absence of a fan prevent air and dust penetration. With the exceptionally reliability of the design, there is no need for an air filter or lens cleaner.
Super-Silent Design
Along with the unique layout, lower power consumption eliminates the need for a cooling fan. With this Super-Silent design, noise has been cut to such a low level that there are no worries about bothering someone else, even when the drive is used late at night.
Compact and Stylish
The trim dimensions take up minimal space, and the included Vertical Grip Stand holds the drive securely when it is placed upright. TURBO MO Series features strong and stylish lines.
Built-in Active Terminator and Friendly Handling
To simplify setup, there are only SCSI ID and Termination Switches to adjust. Active termination is built-in, and the back of the case has an LED lamp for checking the termination status at a glance.
Direct Overwriting and Full Compatibility
The TURBO MO Series is compatible with direct overwrite (OW) disks, including the specifications for 230 MB OW disks. When a direct OW disk is used, the writing speed is approximately 50% faster than writing to a conventional disk. It also features full backward compatibility, so the appropriate disk can be used for every need.
*1 Super-Fine Positioning Pickup System
The ultracompact, high-precision SFP pickup optical head is the world's first commercialized design with a single-loop servo system - an innovation that eliminates the need for lens-actuated tracking control. The SFP pick up and single-loop servo systems also contribute to streamlined control circuitry and fewer parts. With these advantages, the system has a smaller optical head as well as faster seek time and the lower heat that comes with reduced power consumption.
*2 Super-Intelligent Cache
  The Super-Intelligent Cache is a cache algorithm specifically for MO drives. This refined version is based on the algorithm generally employed in storage units for large-scale computer systems. Access frequency is used for address management of stored data.
*3 TURBO Seek Algorithm
  The key to the world's fastest seek time lies in advances in the algorithm for controlling the servo system that moves through the tracks on a disk.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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