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October 14, 1999
The 8x 25 RCII-R and 10x 25 RCII-R Series Binoculars
Compact, lightweight and weatherproof
UV protection
Affordable pricing
8x25 RCII-R 10x25 RCII-R
8x25 RCII-R 10x25 RCII-R
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the introduction of the 8x 25 RCII R and 10x 25 RCII R roof-prism binoculars. Compact, lightweight and weatherproof, they are suited to a full range of outdoor pursuits. They also feature an anti-UV lens element that protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays.
For The Active Life
Both the new RCII R roof-prism models combine affordable pricing with a small, lightweight design and weatherproofing.

The eyepiece's optical system offers the protection of an anti-UV lens element that cuts harmful ultraviolet rays. It also helps to minimize eyestrain during extended use. The long eye relief and eyepiece ring adjustment maintain a wide field of view even when a person is wearing glasses or sunglasses.

To make the binoculars easy to take along, the body can be folded to make them even more compact. Handling is also improved by the special rubber coating on the sophisticated black body.

With their convenience and durability, the 8x 25 RCII R and 10x 25 RCII R models are ideal for every venue from beaches to ski slopes. Suited to today's active lifestyles, their design and performance promise to make travel, bird-watching and spectator sports more rewarding and enjoyable.
Main Features
Equivalent to IEC grade 4 standards for "splashproof," the weatherproofing of the 8x 25 RCII R and 10x 25 RCII R offers extra reassurance in case of a sudden rain shower. With this thorough treatment, they are suited to ski slopes, beaches and campsites as well as urban venues.
UV Protection
The eyepiece has a specially formulated lens element with anti-UV protection that cuts harmful ultraviolet rays. Designed to minimize eyestrain during extended outdoor use, the RCII R Series is ideal for travel and other outdoor pursuits.
Long Eye Relief
Even when a person is wearing glasses, the long eye relief maintains a wide field of view.
Adjustable Eyepiece Ring
The eyepiece ring can be adjusted by twisting it in either direction. This easy step ensures that the binoculars will be comfortable to use, whether or not a person is wearing glasses.
Easy Handling And Sophisticated Design
The sophisticated black finish has the look of quality, while the special non-slip rubber coating combines durability and a firm grip.
  8x 25 RCII R 10x 25 RCII R
Type Roof prism type binoculars
Magnification 8x 10x
Effective Diameter of
Objective Lens
25 mm (in dia.)
Diameter of Exit Pupil 3.1 mm (in dia.) 2.5 mm (in dia.)
Actual Field of View 5.5° 5.0°
Field at 1000 m 96 m 87 m
Brightness 9.8 6.3
Eye Relief 18 mm 16 mm
Diopter Adjustment Range More than ±3 m-1
Eye Interval Adjustment Range 40-71 mm
Near Focus Distance 3 m
Weight 310 g 315 g
Width 66 mm
Height 109 mm
Depth 45 mm
Lens Composition 7 elements in 5 groups 8 elements in 6 groups
Coating Multicoated
Features UV protection
Equivalent to IEC Grade 4 Standards
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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