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October 19, 1999
The CAMEDIA C-920ZOOM Compact Digital Camera
Easy operation and enhanced control come naturally
with this step up in CAMEDIA design
Bright 3x zoom lens
1.3 million-pixel CCD
Enhanced shooting, creative and processing functions
World's first digital camera featuring an LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle
Compact and stylish design
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that sales of the CAMEDIA C-920ZOOM will begin on November 5, 1999. The release features a bright 3x zoom lens and a CCD with 1.3 million pixels as well as easier operation. Continuous and Quick Shooting are available at any quality setting, and the new model is the world's first digital camera that has an LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle.
The Mainstream of the Market
Even with the introduction of digital cameras with more than 2 million pixels, sales of models with over 1 million pixels remain very strong. This trend reflects their easy data handling as well as superior cost performance.
One sign has been the sales record of the Olympus C-900ZOOM since its launch in the autumn of 1998. With a 3x optical zoom lens and 1.3 million pixels, it has offered an outstanding combination of image quality, easy operation and portability. The market response has been so strong that it has been among the sales leaders every month since its debut. This record is so impressive that the C-900ZOOM is on its way to becoming a classic in the digital camera market.
Fine-Tuned Performance
Extending the design of the earlier C-900ZOOM, the ultracompact C-920ZOOM has a host of refinements.
The 1.3-megapixel CCD features higher sensitivity, while the bright Multivariator 3x zoom lens delivers brighter, high-resolution images at both wide-angle and telephoto settings. The slim champagne-gold body holds many other advantages as well.
The 1.8-inch TFT color LCD monitor offers the world's first wide viewing angle in a digital camera. To improve handling, recording is faster, and the release time-lag is shorter. There is also Continuous and Quick Shooting at any quality setting. In the SQ Mode, Continuous Shooting is at approximately 2 frames/sec., and Quick Shooting intervals are shorter than 1 sec.
The array of other convenient features includes a wider range of ISO settings. Suited to almost every situation, Slow Synchro is ideal for capturing a natural ambience and nighttime shots-another example of how the C-920ZOOM carries on the renowned CAMEDIA heritage of outstanding versatility.
Main Features
Superior Image Quality
Advanced CCD with 1.3 Million Pixels
The 1/2.7-inch CCD used in the earlier C-900ZOOM has been improved to optimize performance for a digital camera with a 3x zoom lens. To raise image quality further, both CCD sensitivity and the color filter-which are the keys to color reproduction-have been refined to capture all the nuances and ensure natural tones.

Multivariator 3x Optical Zoom Lens
Compact and lightweight, the C-920ZOOM's Multivariator 3x optical zoom lens delivers exceptional image quality by minimizing aberration and fall-off light in the corners of the frame.
The six-group layout has eight lens elements including two aspherical glass elements. The F2.8-F4.4 lens is bright in the telephoto range as well as at wide-angle settings. And zooming of 5.4-16.2 mm-equivalent to the 35-105 mm coverage of a 35 mm camera-is suited to most occasions.
Compact, Lightweight and Stylish
The compact, lightweight and stylish design of the C-920ZOOM reflects Olympus' long-standing expertise in producing 35 mm cameras. The champagne-gold finish adds an air of elegance to the trim looks, while the sliding lens barrier serves as the power switch as well as protects the lens. Designed for style and convenience, this is a model to be carried with confidence.
Easier Handling and Enhanced Functions
World's First LCD Monitor with a Wide Viewing Angle
Made of low-temperature polysilicon, the new 1.8-inch TFT color LCD monitor has a wider viewing angle, so an image can be checked accurately when the camera is not directly in front of the photographer. It is especially useful for composing a shot from an unusually low or high angle.

Continuous Shooting at Any Setting
The C-920ZOOM is ideal for capturing a moving subject or a sequence. It can take up to approximately 20 continuous shots at approximately 2 shots/sec. in the SQ Mode for VGA recording. With intervals of 1 sec., up to approximately eight shots can be captured in the HQ Mode for SXGA recording. And even in the SHQ Mode for SXGA recording, it can shoot up to approximately four frames with intervals of 2 sec.

Quick Shooting
There is no need to worry about missing a memorable opportunity. The C-920ZOOM features Quick Shooting at less than 1 sec. in the SQ Mode, less than 1.5 sec. in the HQ Mode and less than 2.5 sec. in the SHQ Mode. Coupled with a shorter release time-lag and faster lens setup, this function ends the long wait between shots.
Creative Control and Friendly Automation
Slow-Synchro Setting
This setting adds more possibilities to the Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Off and Fill-in flash modes. It is ideal for shooting in low light indoors, photographing a subject against nighttime scenery, capturing the flowing traces of moving lights or recording an intriguing after-image.

Four ISO Setting Modes
To accommodate a full range of situations, the C-920ZOOM has four ISO setting modes. The Auto setting automatically adjusts the ISO from approximately 160. The Standard setting has a fixed sensitivity of approximately ISO 160, the 2x setting is for the range up to approximately ISO 320, and the 4x setting raises the sensitivity up to approximately ISO 640. This versatility is particularly handy for capturing a natural ambience indoors or when flash photography is prohibited. It can also be used to prevent camera shake in telephoto shots.

Two Metering Modes for the Right Exposure
The exclusive Digital ESP Metering System determines the appropriate exposure by reading the light around the edges of the frame as well as in the center. Even in difficult backlighting or high-contrast situations, the system delivers natural results by preventing murky dark areas or washed-out white portions.
Spot Metering can also be selected for an accurate exposure based on a particular part of the image.

Preset White Balance
Along with Auto White Balance, four color temperatures-sunlight, overcast skies, tungsten light or fluorescent light-can be selected. This capability ensures optimal color reproduction when Auto White Balance may encounter difficulties.

Manual Exposure Compensation
In addition to Programmed AE, there is Manual Exposure Compensation of +-2 EV with fine adjustment in 1/2 EV steps.
Digital Functions for Extra Fun
Digital Tele and Closeup Modes
In the SQ Mode, the 2x Digital Tele Mode can be combined with 3x optical zooming to create a maximum effect of 6x zooming. After recording, images can be enlarged 3x for display or direct printing.

Video Output
Use the video output terminal to connect the C-920ZOOM easily to a TV monitor for large-screen display of images. A video cable is included with the camera.
SmartMediaTM Card Storage and Friendly Data Handling
64 MB SmartMediaTM Card Compatibility
Images are stored on SmartMediaTM 3 V (3.3 V) cards. An 8 MB card with a Panorama Composite function is included, and the C-920ZOOM is compatible with the new 64 MB card-the largest capacity currently available.

Easy Data Transfer
A wide range of accessories make data transfer as easy as inserting a SmartMediaTM card in the appropriate slot. To eliminate the bother of using a cable, add the optional MAUSB-2 SmartMediaTM card reader/writer with a USB interface, optional MAFP-2 floppy disk adapter or optional MA-2 PC card adapter.

Processing Capabilities
The included 8 MB SmartMediaTM has image processing functions as well as storage capabilities. A number of shots taken in the Panorama Composite Mode can be combined in a single Panorama image when the card is used with CAMEDIA Master 1.2, an Olympus application that comes with the optional PC Connection Kit C-7KP (available from November 5, 1999).
Three other cards also add versatile processing functions. The optional Calendar Card makes it easy to create an original calendar, while the optional Template Card holds illustrations that can be combined with digital images. With the optional Title Card, handwritten notes or drawings can be superimposed on an image to create original greeting cards.
All-Around Compatibility
Images are recorded in the JPEG format, which follows the Design rules for Camera File systems (DCF) established by the Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA). For simplified printing, recording is also possible in the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF), which ensures that the C-920ZOOM's files will work easily with a wide range of printers compatible with DPOF.
Optional Accessories
CAMEDIA P-330 Digital Color Printer
Consumers can enjoy photorealistic output at home with the quality of the P-330's dye-sublimation processing. It also offers the convenience of a SmartMediaTM card slot for output of A6-size (105 x 148 mm) prints without a cable or transferring data to a PC. Trimming and sharpness adjustments can be made without a PC, and the P-330 can print on 4-, 9- and 16-cut sheets.
The CAMEDIA P-330N Digital Color Printer will be introduced at the end of November 1999 for handling high-volume files up to 10 MB in the JPEG format.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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