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October 19, 1999
The CAMEDIA P-330N Digital Color Printer
Photorealistic print quality and direct output of high-volume image files
Output of High-Volume Image Files
The P-330N can print high-volume image files created by digital cameras. JPEG files up to 10 MB or uncompressed TIFF files up to 20 MB can be printed directly, and specific images can be selected from a large number of files.
Photorealistic Quality
Making the most of the C-2020ZOOM's high resolution, the P-330N delivers photorealistic output. Its dye-sublimation processing, 306 dpi resolution and 16.7 million colors are the key to print quality close to the level of photos made from silver-halide film.
SmartMediaTM Card Slot
Since there is a SmartMediaTM slot, output is as simple as inserting a card directly into the printer. The P-330N works with all CAMEDIA Series models except the C-800L, C-410L and C-400L. Either a card or a cable can be used with the C-1400XL, C-1400L and C-1000L. The P-330N is also suited to printing from a PC.
SmartMediaTM Card Reader Function
Since it has a SmartMediaTM card slot, the P-330N can serve as a card reader for downloading images to a PC running Windows 98 or Windows 95.
Video Input/Output
With the advantages of the printer's video input and output terminals, images can be displayed on a TV monitor, and the P-330N can serve as a video printer-a feature that brings new capabilities to a home imaging lab.
More Fun and Creativity
The P-330N has many other features that increase the fun of digital imaging and make it easy to create a digital lab at home:
Multi-image output on 4-, 9- and 16-cut sheets
Sharpness adjustment from the printer
Preview Mode for checking an image on a TV monitor
More precise Trimming adjustment
Laminated output capability for preserving memorable images
Index and mirror print output
Multiple-print output
Champagne-Gold Finish
The P-330N is finished in a champagne-gold color suited to the distinctive look of quality defined by the C-2020ZOOM, C-2500L and other CAMEDIA models.
Expanded DPOF Functions
Along with the convenience of print queuing, there are additional DPOF functions including number of prints, rotation and trimming. Settings are input from the camera.
Windows NT 4.0 Printer Driver
The P-330N comes with a Windows NT 4.0 printer driver as well as ones for Windows 95 and 98. This added capability makes output from a PC running Windows NT 4.0 possible though printing over a network is not assured.
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