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December  1, 1999
Ultrahigh-Resolution Display System
Olympus' new ultrahigh-resolution display system heightens the realism and impact of 4-megapixel still and video images
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce a new ultrahigh-resolution display system for images with more than 4 million pixels. The innovative system marks another advance in the company's drive to develop answers for the emerging information society .
Image capture products - including consumer digital cameras with more than 2 million pixels - have taken long strides in boosting resolution. But progress in this area has highlighted the limitations of current display monitors. Since none of them has yet to reach 2 million pixels, a high-resolution image has to be printed to recreate the full impact of the original.
This drawback extends beyond still imaging to video imaging as well. There has been mounting demand for a video output system delivering photorealistic quality - a level that far exceeds the performance of NTSC and high-definition TV formats.
The new Olympus ultrahigh-resolution display system is designed to meet these needs. Designed for 4-megapixel still and video images, it heightens visual impact with its vibrant realism and dynamism.
The system has multiple projectors to display large and bright photorealistic images that are combined on-screen. Using a digital camera, an automatic calibration system corrects distortion and color differences resulting from the variations among multiple projectors. With this fast and easy calibration, the Olympus system works with screens in various shapes including dome and arch types. To display video images with 4 million pixels, the system also features dedicated high-speed filing technologies.
Olympus' pursuit of next-generation imaging systems will be felt widely as it pioneers applications offering new values.
The latest ultrahigh-resolution display system is a benchmark in R&D that will lead to image output technologies for medicine, education, printing and design - areas where ultrahigh-resolution imaging is essential. Other applications will emerge in the rapidly growing field of e-commerce. And as the systems reproduce and display images of artworks and reference works, the groundwork will be laid for virtual museums and art galleries.
Photorealistic, Superhigh-Resolution 4-Megapixel Images
Multiple projectors and a dedicated high-speed filing system output 4-megapixel still images as well as video images at 30 frames/sec.
A large seamless image is produced by correcting distortion and color differences due to multiple projectors.
Automatic calibration by the multiple projector setting system combines high-speed performance with easy handling.
Multiple primary colors deliver outstanding color reproduction, and 3-D imaging is easy.
Multiple Projector Setting System
Calibration is much faster.
The projected image is positioned automatically by a digital camera.
Parameters are based on the shooting data for a specific pattern.
Versatile Applications
The Olympus system works with screens in various shapes including dome and arch types.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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