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January 18, 2000
The CAMEDIA C-860L Compact Digital Camera
1.3 million-pixel CCD
Compact, lightweight and portable
Easy and fun to use
Outstanding cost performance
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the new CAMEDIA C-860L compact digital camera. With a 1.3 megapixel CCD and high-performance lens, the new compact digital camera delivers excellent image quality. The icon-based menu simplifies operation, and creative control is enhanced by the versatile flash modes, Spot Metering and Exposure Compensation. The C-860L also offers superior cost performance.
Even with the recent flurry of 2 megapixel models, digital cameras with over 1 million pixels continue to enjoy strong sales. Not only do they simplify data transfer to a PC, but they offer exceptional value for money.
The earlier C-830L from Olympus is a prime of example this trend. Since its introduction in the autumn of 1998, it has become a bestseller as consumers have welcomed its image quality, simple operation and easy portability.
The C-860L takes the next step. Incorporating a number of advances, this mainstream CAMEDIA model offers even greater cost performance than its predecessor. Along with delivering high-quality results, it features easier handling with standard icons for the operation buttons and improved button assignment. Friendly and convenient, the design is ideal for newcomers to digital photography.
Like the C-830L, the latest addition to the CAMEDIA series has a 1/2.7-inch CCD with 1.3 million pixels. But basic performance, including sensitivity and color reproduction, has been improved, and the high-resolution lens makes the most of this potential. Combining portability and easy operation, the C-860L's compact, lightweight body has a sliding lens barrier. Its stylish good looks are also enhanced by a new silver color.
Along with functions inherited from the C-830L, a range of new manual settings add to creative possibilities and personal expression. The flash modes include Slow-Synchronization and Red-Eye Reduction + Slow-Synchronization, while Preset White Balance has four settings - sunlight, overcast skies, tungsten light and fluorescent light. The photographer also has the extra control of Exposure Compensation, Spot Metering and a range of equivalent ISO settings.
Like its predecessor, the new C-860L also everything needed to make digital photography more fun. In addition to Continuous shooting, there are a Digital Tele Mode and a Macro Mode for full-frame shots of subjects as small as a business card. The playback modes include Nine-Frame Index, Auto (with a selectable interval) and Close-up.
Easy data handling and compatibility with other products is built in with recording in the DCF*1 file format. To simplify printing, there is also DPOF*2 support.
*1 Design Rules for Camera File Systems
*2 Digital Print Order Format
Main Features
The C-860L delivers the high image quality that people expect from the Olympus brand. Its 1/2.7-inch CCD has 1.3 million pixels, and color reproduction has been optimized by refinements in the complementary color filter and image processing system. With five elements - including an aspherical lens - in four groups, the high-performance lens also ensures sharp, high-resolution results.
Standard icons for the operation buttons and improved button assignment make handling even friendlier. There is also the convenience of a sliding lens barrier that doubles as a power switch. The camera is ready only 1 sec. after it is turned on.
Along with protecting the lens and simplifying portability, the sliding lens barrier adds to the C-860L's stylish good looks. Smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the new model measures only 128 (W)x 65 (H)x 47 (D) mm and weighs 235 g - specifications that add up to easy handling and portability.
Spot Metering
Spot Metering lets the photographer check the exposure at any point in the frame for precise control even in backlighting or high-contrast conditions.
Preset White Balance
In addition to Auto White Balance, the C-860L features Preset White Balance with color temperatures - sunlight, overcast skies, tungsten light and fluorescent light - to select the optimal color balance when Auto White Balance may encounter difficulties.
Manual Exposure Compensation
Along with Programmed AE, there is Manual Exposure Compensation of +/-2 EV with fine adjustment in 0.5 EV steps. This capability lets photographers tailor the settings to their subject and creative style.
Versatile Flash Modes
To meet the range of needs in flash photography, the C-860L has six flash modes - Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Off, Fill-in, Slow-Synchronization and Red-Eye Reduction + Slow-Synchronization.
Full Range of Equivalent ISO Sensitivity Settings
In addition to the Auto setting for automatic adjustment of the equivalent ISO sensitivity, there are three fixed settings for equivalent ISO of approximately 125, approximately 250 or approximately 500. This range comes in very handy for nighttime and indoor shots as well as when flash photography is prohibited.
Diverse Shooting Modes
The C-860L has a 2x Digital Tele Mode*, and the Sequence function can take up to 10 shots at about 2 frames/sec. The Macro function lets the photographer move in as close as 10 cm.
* The quality mode switches automatically to the SQ Mode.
Varied Playback Modes
Auto playback has the extra advantage of a selectable interval. The Close-up Mode divides an image into a grid with nine sections for displaying a specific portion.
Video Output
The video output terminal can be used to connect the C-860L to a TV monitor for large-screen display of images. A video cable is included with the camera.
A wide range of image quality modes let the photographer balance quality and storage requirements. The Uncompressed SHQ Mode maintains the highest quality, while a SmartMediaTM card holds more images in the SQ Standard and High-Quality Modes. The five choices also include SHQ and HQ recording.
64 MB SmartMediaTM Card Compatibility
The C-860L is compatible with 3 V (3.3 V) SmartMediaTM cards up to 64 MB - the largest capacity currently available. An 8 MB card with a Panorama Composite function is included, so the fun begins as soon as the box is opened. The 8 MB card can hold 32 or more images in the SQ High-Quality Mode, 122 or more in the SQ Standard Mode, 36 or more in the HQ Mode, 18 or more in the SHQ Mode or 2 in the Uncompressed SHQ Mode.
Easy Data Transfer
The optional MAFP-2N floppy disk adapter makes data transfer to a PC as simple as inserting a SmartMediaTM card, just as if it were a 3.5-inch floppy disk. The optional MA-2 PC card adapter is available for transferring data to a notebook computer without the bother of a cable.
Image Processing Capabilities
To make digital imaging more fun, Olympus SmartMediaTM function cards offer image processing functions as well as storage capabilities. The included 8 MB card comes with utility software* that can be used with a PC to turn a number of Panorama Composite Mode shots into a single Panorama image.
Three optional 4 MB function cards are available.
The Calendar Card makes it easy to create an original calendar.
The Template Card holds illustrations and hand lettering that can be combined with digital images.
The Handwriting Card can be used to create an original greeting card by superimposing handwritten notes or drawings on an image.
* The optional C-7KP connection kit is required.
Images are stored in the DCF*1 format to ensure easy data handling and compatibility with other products. With DPOF*2 support as well, an image in the camera can be selected for output with a DPOF-compatible printer or by a digital service bureau.
*1 Design Rules for Camera File Systems
*2 Digital Print Order Format
The File Number Memory ensures that file and folder names are not duplicated when images are stored - a feature that is especially useful when files are transferred to a PC. The Power Off Mode Memory preserves manual settings.
The optional PT-002 protector is available for using the C-860L underwater at depths.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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