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January 27, 2000
THE CAMEDIA C-3030ZOOM Compact Digital Camera
3.3 million pixel CCD
Large-aperture F2.8 3x optical zoom lens
New functions including USB connectivity, audio recording and high-speed
Sequence Mode shooting at 3.3 frames/sec. with 32 MB SDRAM
Motion JPEG Image recording
Stylish all-black finish
Top-of-the-line model that sets the new standard for image quality,
performance and handling
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-3030ZOOM compact digital camera. Featuring a 1/1.8 inch CCD with 3.3 million pixels, the new flagship is the series' first model in the 3 megapixel class.
The pacesetting release also has a broad range of functions, including many that have won wide acclaim for the earlier C-2020ZOOM. Currently available, this popular CAMEDIA model delivers the outstanding image quality of an extremely precise CCD and a high-performance Multivariator 3x zoom lens. Building on these advances, the C-3030ZOOM offers added creativity and flexibility. It can record audio input as well as images, and the high-speed Sequence Mode uses new SDRAM - the same kind developed for PCs - to shoot SUXGA*1 images (2,048 x 1,536 pixels) at a maximum of 3.3 frames/sec. There are also the convenience and speed of USB connectivity and many other new features.
During the last few years, increasing numbers of pixels have led to major improvements in digital cameras' image quality. This momentum will accelerate as the new 3 megapixel segment offers even better image quality and greater versatility, fueling demand and emerging as the mainstream of the digital camera market.
Olympus has been leading the trend. When the C-2000ZOOM and C-2020ZOOM were released in 1999, they were hailed as trendsetters for their array of functions, easy handing and compact, stylish design. Setting the pace for the industry, they became immediate bestsellers and defined a new category of high-end compact digital cameras.
As the first 3 megapixel CAMEDIA model, the C-3030ZOOM takes this performance to another level and sets the new standard.
The C-3030ZOOM offers greater creativity and image quality that ranks with the best in its class. The 1/1.8 inch CCD has the precision of 3.3 million pixels, while the bright Multivariator 3x zoom lens makes the most of this potential with its large F2.8 aperture. Performance is also enhanced by a range of features including a new iESP*2 AF system, Digital ESP Metering, iESP Auto White Balance and other exclusive innovations.
This is also the first CAMEDIA model with an audio recording capability. Sound can be captured simultaneously with a moving image, or an audio note can be added to a still image. Using BGA*3 technologies, Olympus has developed compact 32 MB SDRAM for the C-3030ZOOM - the key to recording up to five SUXGA images (2,048 x 1,536 pixels) at high speed. Sequence Mode shooting is as fast as 3.3 frames/sec., and Standard Mode recording has been sped up as well. This response offers extra reassurance that an opportunity will not be missed, even with the increased size of high-quality images.
Handling is friendly and confident. Like the earlier C-2020ZOOM, the new model has a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to take along. It also sports a new all-black finish that exudes the look of quality. To minimize camera shake - a particular problem as the number of pixels increases - the grip fits comfortably in the hands and makes handling stable. Other details have also been painstakingly designed to ensure that operation is simple and sure.
Extending the creative possibilities, a number of sophisticated features have been inherited from Olympus' 35 mm cameras - Aperture-Priority and Shutter-Priority Modes, Manual Exposure, Auto Bracketing, Slow Synchronization and a range of equivalent ISO sensitivity settings. The 3x optical zooming capability has been supplemented with a new seamless zooming function that switches automatically to 2.5x digital zooming for maximum magnification of 7.5x. The optional FL-BK01 flash bracket can be added for synchronized shooting with the dedicated FL-40 external flash for Olympus digital cameras. And the long-life LB-01 (CR-V3) lithium battery packs offer the freedom of lasting 1.5-2x longer than nickel metal hydride batteries.
The optional C-8KU connection kit includes a cable for the built-in USB terminal and CAMEDIA Master 2.0 software. Along with its USB driver, the versatile application software has functions for video playback and editing as well as audio recording and playback.
*1 Super Ultra XGA
*2 Intelligent Electro Selective Pattern
*3 Ball Grid Array
Main Features
1/1.8 inch CCD with 3.3 Million Pixels
With its 3.3 million pixels, the advanced 1/1.8-inch CCD has boosted resolution and image quality. The YCM color filter makes the most of this performance and is another key to ultrahigh image quality and precise output.
Large-Aperture Multivariator F2.8 3x Optical Zoom Lens
One of the brightest in its class, the Multivariator 3x optical zoom lens offers the creative freedom of experimenting with depth of field. It combines an F2.8 aperture with a zooming range equivalent to the 32-96 mm coverage of a 35 mm camera. From wide-angle to telephoto settings, the large diameter makes the most of the exceptional sensitivity of the 3 megapixel CCD and captures digital images of unrivaled precision. Along with minimizing aberration, the optical system almost eliminates luminance variation around the edges of the image to ensure that images are vibrant, sharp and detailed.

The C-3030ZOOM is the first CAMEDIA model that has an all-black finish with the look and feel of quality. The ergonomically designed grip fits comfortably in the hands and reduces camera shake, while the Mode Dial and Operation Button have been redesigned to simplify handling and make settings instantaneous. The priority placed on portability is apparent in the compact, light design with a width of only 109.5 mm and weight of 300 g.

New iESP* AF System
Along with a center-weighted contrast-detection system, the C-3030 has a new iESP autofocus system. With the center grid divided into smaller sections, the innovation perceives minute variations in contrast and uses an intelligent system to determine the optimal focus automatically. Ensuring that the main subject remains sharp, iESP AF prevents background interference and deviations in the center focus.
* Intelligent Electro Selective Pattern
Varied Image Quality Settings
There are five image sizes and three compression modes to choose from. With this broad range, the appropriate image quality can be selected according to needs and priorities.
High-Speed Sequence Mode
With its new SDRAM - a technology originally developed for PCs - the C-3030ZOOM can shoot SUXGA* images (2,048 x 1,536 pixels) at 3.3 frames/sec. in all recording modes except TIFF. There is also a convenient AF Sequence Mode that resets the AE and AF for every shot. This fast response is ideal for capturing a moving subject or an unexpected opportunity that will not come again.
* Super Ultra XGA
2.5x Digital Zooming
In the Digital Zoom Mode, the 2.5x optical zooming capability switches automatically to digital zooming for maximum magnification of 7.5x. Combined with the image quality of the 3 megapixel CCD, this high-performance zooming brings more fun to digital photography.
Flash Synchronization
To open up new creative possibilities, the optional FL-BK01 flash bracket can be added for synchronized shooting with the optional FL-40 external flash for Olympus digital cameras.
Audio Recording
The built-in microphone can record sound as the camera captures an image. The sound is recorded simultaneously in the Motion JPEG Image Mode, while a 4 sec. audio attachment can be added to a still image. Ideal for voice memos, still-image notes can be recorded again.
Dedicated USB Cable Included
The C-3030ZOOM has a USB port as well as a serial interface. This new connection makes data transfers to a PC much faster - a particularly important advantage with the increased size of high-quality image files.
LB-01 (CR-V3) Lithium Battery Packs Included
The C-3030ZOOM comes with two LB-01 (CR-V3) lithium battery packs. Lasting 1.5-2x longer than nickel metal hydride batteries, they alleviate worries about battery life.

The C-3030ZOOM has inherited a number of capabilities from the popular and acclaimed C-2020ZOOM.

Complete Creative Control
Four Exposure Modes
Program Auto
When the shutter button is pressed, the Program Mode automatically sets the optimal aperture and shutter speed. This automation ensures that even beginners will not miss an opportunity.
Aperture-Priority Auto
With precise 1/3 step adjustment, any aperture from F2.8 to F11.0 can be selected at both wide-angle and telephoto lengths. This brightness and range give a photographer the freedom to experiment with depth of field. To ensure the exposure setting is appropriate, the shutter speed is adjusted automatically as the aperture changes.
Shutter-Priority Auto
In this mode, any shutter speed from 1 to 1/800 sec. can be selected with the precision of 1/3 steps. It is especially useful for capturing a once-in-a-life-time moment or a moving subject.
The photographer can choose any combination of shutter speed and aperture settings with the precision of 1/3 step adjustment. The shutter speeds cover 16-1/800 sec., and the F-stop can be set from F2.8 to F11.0.
Two Metering Modes for the Right Exposure
The exclusive Digital ESP Metering System delivers natural-looking results even in difficult backlighting or high-contrast lighting. Spot Metering can also be selected for an accurate exposure based on a particular part of the image.
iESP* Auto White Balance
The exclusive new iESP Auto White Balance determines the appropriate color and lighting source by calculating the average for the entire frame and a center-weighted reading. This capability ensures that colors - including skin tones - are reproduced accurately in varied lighting conditions.
* Intelligent Electro Selective Pattern
Manual Focus
Along with Autofocus, there is a Manual Focus system for setting any focal distance between 0.2 m and infinity in 160 steps. The focus can be checked on the LCD monitor before shooting.
Auto Bracketing
Auto Bracketing automatically shoots an image several times at different exposure settings. With this variation, it offers extra reassurance that at least one shot will come out right when the lighting is difficult.
Full Range of Equivalent ISO Sensitivity Settings
In addition to the Auto setting for automatic adjustment of the equivalent ISO sensitivity, there are three fixed settings for an equivalent ISO of approximately 100, 200 or 400. This range comes in very handy when flash photography is prohibited and helps to minimize camera shake at a telephoto focal length.
Sharpness Adjustment
The Sharpness function has Normal and Soft settings. They make it easy to ensure a shot is suited to a particular use, whether it is for printing or image processing.
Versatile Flash Modes
In addition to its four flash modes - Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Off and Fill-in - the C-3030ZOOM has a flash synchronization connection for an external flash unit and Slow Synchronization (first- and second-curtain synchronization effect). Slow Synchronization is ideal for shooting in low light, photographing a subject against nighttime scenery, capturing the flowing traces of moving lights or recording an after-image.
Preset White Balance Settings
Along with Auto White Balance, four color temperatures - sunlight, overcast skies, tungsten light or fluorescent light - can be selected. This capability ensures optimal color reproduction when Auto White Balance may encounter difficulties.
Color TFT LCD Monitor with a Wide Viewing Angle
Made of low-temperature polysilicon, the 1.8-inch TFT color LCD monitor has a wider viewing angle than conventional digital camera monitors. It makes it easy to check an image accurately when the camera is not directly in front of the photographer. It is particularly useful for composing a shot from an unusually high or low angle.

Digital Functions
Versatile Effects Modes
Along with conventional color image capture, there are several Effects Modes including Sepia and Black & White. In the Blackboard/Whiteboard Mode, the optimal exposure setting is selected automatically for capturing text, while binary processing ensures that small letters are clear and sharp.
Motion Image Shooting up to 360 sec.
The C-3030ZOOM has the fun and versatility of QuickTime Motion JPEG* Image Mode recording. With a 32 MB SmartMediaTM card, a sequence of JPEG images can be captured at 15 frames/sec. for up to 360 sec. in the SQ Mode (160 x 120 pixels) or up to 88 sec. in the HQ Mode (320 x 240 pixels. With an 8 MB card, a maximum of 95 sec. is possible in the SQ Mode (160 x 120 pixels) or 23 sec. in the HQ Mode (320 x 240 pixels). Playback of Motion JPEG Image recordings includes Frame-by-Frame and Reverse as well as Auto.
QuickTime Motion JPEG images can be edited on a PC with Olympus' optional CAMEDIA Master 2.0 software. The many editing functions include selecting a once-in-a-lifetime shot from a sequence of images.
* QuickTime Motion JPEG is a registered trademark of Apple Computer of the United States.
File Name Setting
With a number automatically assigned to all image files and folders, it is easy to keep track of shots, even when the storage card is changed. This feature also ensures that file and folder names are not duplicated when images are stored. It is especially useful when files are transferred to a PC.
AV Output
The included AV cable can connect the camera to a TV monitor for large-screen display of images and audio output.
Processing Capabilities
SmartMediaTM function cards from Olympus offer image processing functions as well as storage capabilities. With the included 8 MB card, a PC running Olympus' optional CAMEDIA Master 2.0 software can turn a number of Panorama Stitching Mode shots into a single Panorama image.
The optional Calendar Card makes it easy to create an original calendar, while the optional Template Card holds illustrations which can be combined with digital images. With the optional Title Card, handwritten notes or drawings can be superimposed on an image to create original greeting cards.

Images can be recorded in the JPEG format as well as uncompressed TIFF. The JPEG format follows the DCF*1 specifications established by the JEIDA*2. Recording is also possible in DPOF*3 - compatibility that ensures the files will work easily with other DPOF-compatible products.
*1 Design Rules for Camera File Systems
*2 Japan Electronic Industry Development Association
*3 Digital Print Order Format
The C-3030ZOOM comes with a number of convenient accessories including two LB-01 (CR-V3) lithium battery packs, the 8 MB M-8P SmartMediaTM card, the RM-1 remote control, an AV cable and a camera strap.
The RM-1 remote control can be used to release the shutter, zoom, switch to another frame and enlarge a shot. It is especially convenient for a business presentation with the C-3030ZOOM connected to a TV monitor.
Optional Accessories
Conversion Lenses and Lens Adapter
The optional CLA-1 conversion lens adapter can be used with three dedicated conversion lenses. Bringing a new dimension and more fun to digital photography, these options include the TCON-14 telephoto, WCON-08 wide-angle and MCON-40 macro dedicated conversion lenses.

FL-40 External Flash and FL-BK01 Flash Bracket
The optional FL-BK01 flash bracket can be added for synchronized shooting with the optional FL-40 external flash for Olympus digital cameras. With its power and precise intensity control, it opens new paths in flash photography.

PC Adapters
Eliminating the need to connect a cable, a range of optional accessories make data transfer to a PC easy and convenient. They include the USB-compatible MAUSB-2 SmartMediaTM card reader/writer, the MAFP-2 floppy disk adapter and MA-2 PC card adapter.
The optional C-8KU PC connection kit is scheduled for release in March 2000. It includes Olympus' CAMEDIA Master 2.0 software - an upgrade of CAMEDIA Master 1.2 which is noted for its easy data transfer and image editing capabilities. Along with USB-compatibility, there are a number of other new features.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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