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May 12, 2000
Olympus Launches Microcassette Recorder
Pearlcorder J500
Small and Slim Ergonomic Design
Low-Price Standard Model
Pearlcorder J500
Pearlcorder J500
* This news release is for Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd., (President: Masatoshi Kishimoto) will release the Pearlcorder J500 on June 9, 2000. It is a standard Microcassette recorder with a range of functions and a compact, slim design, all at a reasonable price.
The Pearlcorder J500 includes easy to use functions such as VCVA Recording, Index Mark Recording, Fast Playback and Auto Shut Off in a refined slim design, as well as built-in microphone and earphone jacks. The compact, lightweight and slim ergonomic design gives it outstanding portability for its price range, making it ideally suited for any use including business, study and language learning.
Main Features
1. Compact, Lightweight and Slim Design
  The compact, lightweight and slim design is easy to use and also slips easily into a pocket. Also, the body color of the Pearlcorder J500 is champagne gold, which is popular among young women and gives a sophisticated feel that fits in anywhere. Silver metallic buttons further increase the high-class feel.
2. VCVA Recording Function
  The built-in VCVA (Variable Control Voice Actuator) starts recording automatically in response to voices and stops recording about 3 - 4 seconds after the voices cease. The tape stops running when there is no sound during recording, saving on tape and making playback quicker and more convenient. The voice actuator level can be adjusted with the volume knob.
3. Clear Recording with External Microphone Jack
  Even clearer recording is possible by using an external microphone (ME-11, ME-7, etc.) sold separately. In addition, telephone conversations can also be recorded easily by using the TP-6, also sold separately.
* The TP-6 is not intended for recording from mobile phones.
4. Index Mark (Cue Mark) Recording
  This function allows rapid location of passages during playback by incorporating index marks during recording.
5. Fast Playback Function
  This feature speeds up playback to 25% faster than normal speed, which is especially helpful when there is a need to playback rapidly in order to check the content of recordings quickly.
6. Auto Shut Off Function
  This feature conserves batteries by automatically resetting the control buttons and shutting off the power when the tape ends during recording or playback.
7. External Power Source
  About 10 hours of recording is possible with two AAA batteries. The optional A324 adapter is also available for worry-free, continuous extended recording and playback.
8. Three-Color LED Battery Indicator
  With the J500, a battery level indicator in three-color LED shows the battery level in orange, yellow and green when the Battery Check button is pressed, giving a general indication of when the batteries need to be changed. During recording, the light of the Recording Lamp Display doubles as a battery level indicator.
Battery Level
Tape Microcassette
Tracks 2 tracks, 1 channel monophonic
Drive System Capstan drive
Tape Speed 2.4 cm/sec., 1.2 cm/sec. switchable
Recording System Automatic recording level control system
Voice Activation Continuous adjustment using volume knob
Speaker 28 mm round dynamic speaker
Overall Frequency Response 400 - 4,000 Hz at 2.4 cm/sec. 400 - 3,000 Hz at 1.2 cm/sec
MIC/EAR Jack 2.5 mm diameter, impedance: 2ohm (MIC), 8ohm(EAR)
*The MIC/EAR jack has the function of the automatic switch between recording and playback.
Practical Max. Output 200 mW at 2.4 cm/sec.
Continuous Battery Duration Time Recording time: 10 hours (according to Olympus tests using alkaline dry cell batteries)
Power Source Rated voltage: 3V DC
Battery Two 1.5V AAA batteries (R03 or LR03)
External Power Supply AC adapter (A324)
External Dimension 116 (H) x 54 (W) x 21 (D) mm
Weight 129 g (including batteries)
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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