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August  2, 2000
THE µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 115
Compact Camera
New optical system improves viewfinder brightness by 70%
38 - 115mm 3X zoom lens
Auto-color balancing flash with six modes
µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 115
µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 115
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Masatoshi Kishimoto) is pleased to introduce the µ[mju:]-II ZOOM115 compact camera. With a new optical system, it features a bright, easy-to-see viewfinder that improves its visual field brightness by about 70% over the previous model. Featuring a 38-115mm, 3x zoom lens, it is also compact and lightweight, measuring only 118 (W) x 61.5 (H) x 47.5 (D) mm and weighing a mere 225g. The camera inherits the sliding lens cover from the rest of the µ series, which gives outstanding portability and ease of operation, but has an even more refined and attractive appearance.
It uses two aspherical lenses and achieves high picture quality with maximum 930-step, high precision automatic focusing that employs a newly developed passive five-point multi auto-focus.

The flash includes the Auto Color Balancing Flash function. It automatically detects the wavelength of artificial light sources, such as fluorescent lighting or fire, allowing beautiful, natural-looking shots with a possibility of color distortion. In addition, the six flash modes allow the user to enjoy a wide range of shots using the flash.

The camera is also weatherproof - a compact zoom camera that you can take with you anywhere you go to enjoy shooting all sorts of scenes.
Main Features
1. Bright, Easy-to-See Viewfinder
  The viewfinder optical system uses the latest prism composition that utilizes total reflection (100% reflection) as many as four times in a slimmer build. This improves its visual field brightness by about 70% compared to the previous model. As it is bright and easy to see, the subject is also easy to find, and it is easier to decide on the composition.
2. High-performance 38-115 mm 3x zoom lens
  The µ- II ZOOM115 offers the versatility of a 38-115 mm 3x zoom lens. The high-performance aspherical lens elements not only deliver superior resolution, but also provide photo in perspective and with clear contrast.
3. Sophisticated design and finish
  Like earlier models in the µ series, the new µ- II ZOOM 115 has the flowing contours and sliding lens barrier that enhance both portability and handling. Building on this heritage, the latest refinements add another degree of elegance to create a compact camera with the style of a personal accessory.
4. Compact and lightweight
  The µ- II ZOOM 115 measures only 118 (W) x 61.5 (H) x 47.5 (D) mm, and it weights 225g without a battery.
5. Maximum 930-Step, High Precision, Five-Point, Multi-Passive Automatic Focus
  The camera features a maximum 930-step, high-precision automatic focus function. It also uses a newly developed passive five-step multi automatic focus. This achieves a consistently high precision, sharp focus from 0.6 m to infinity.
6. Intelligent Variable-Power Flash System
  The intelligent Variable-Power Flash System draws in several types of sensor information. Along with triggering the Auto flash modes in low light, it automatically compensates for backlighting and high-contrast situations. The Auto Color Balancing Flash function automatically senses the wavelength of fluorescent and other artificial light, producing natural and attractive photographs free from an unnatural color cast.
  In low light, backlighting or artificial light, the flash fires automatically, delivering the appropriate illumination for a correct exposure.
Red-Eye Reducing
  This mode reduces red eye, a common problem with flash portraits taken in low light. When the shutter button is pressed, a series of pre-flashes is emitted before the main flash fires.
Flash Off
  The flash does not fire in this mode. It is ideal for capturing a natural ambience or when flash photography is prohibited.
  The flash fires every time in this mode. It is especially helpful in eliminating unnatural shadows on a subject.
Night Scene
  The intensity of the flash is determined by the foreground, while the length of the exposure is set according to the backdrop. Slowing the shutter speed to as long as 4 sec., this mode captures both the subject in the front and the background scenery.
Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene
  This mode reduces the red-eye effect in pictures taken in the Night Scene mode. Except for a series of pre-flashes, it is identical to the Night Scene mode.
7. Worry-Free Weatherproofing
  The weather proofing protects against a sudden shower or splashing, offering extra reassurance in the rain or on a ski slope.
Other Features
Auto Macro
  Macro shots up to post card size (at 115 mm telephoto) can be taken at the telephoto setting.
Spot Mode
  This mode ensures accurate focusing and exposure for the main subject, regardless of the surrounding light.
Focus Lock
  This convenient features keeps the subject in sharp focus no matter how the photographer adjusts the composition.
Dioptric Correction
  Dioptric correction of -2 to +1 per meter (m-1) is built in to compensate for any eyesight problem.
Remote Control (Option)
  Remote control unit allows shutter to be released from up to 5 meters away.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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