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August 22, 2000
Update:February 20, 2001
Digital Camera
5 frames-per-second SXGA ( JPEG ) continuous shooting
F2.8 - F3.5 10x optical zoom lens with built-in image stabilization
* This news release is only for Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. ( President : Masatoshi Kishimoto ) is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA E-100RS, the first digital camera in the world to offer 15 frames-per-second SXGA ( JPEG ) still-image shooting capability. The CAMEDIA E-100RS features a 10x optical zoom lens, a high-speed, 1/2-inch CCD with 1.51 million pixels, and a newly developed ASIC ( Application-Specific Integrated Circuit ) that greatly reduces the time required for image capture and storage. Thanks to the camera's ultra high-speed continuous shooting capability, photographers can shoot fast-moving subjects and easily capture the precise image they want.
The digital camera market continues to expand rapidly as manufacturers compete to offer higher resolutions and specialized features and functions that meet specific customer needs. Since the launch of the CAMEDIA series in 1996, Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. has continued to introduce digital cameras that offer ever-higher image quality. While participating in the battle for image superiority being played out between competing 3-megapixel-class models, it has also extended zoom performance with cameras such as the CAMEDIA C-2100 UltraZoom, and increased the size of photo prints with products such as the P-400 dye-sublimation printer. With the introduction of the CAMEDIA E-100RS, it addresses yet another area of photographic performance: the ability to take advantage of photo opportunities.

The CAMEDIA E-100RS incorporates a newly developed high-speed CCD with an extremely fast response time. In addition, it features a proprietary 3-bus system for high bit-rate parallel processing, a high-speed JPEG encoder core, parallel-processing algorithms for a variety of processing tasks, an original high-speed FAT ( File Allocation Table ) system, and a newly developed ASIC incorporating the latest digital technology. Together, these advances work to significantly shorten processing time, making it possible to achieve 15 fps high-speed continuous shooting that would be virtually impossible with a conventional still camera. As a result, amateur photographers can advantage of photo opportunities that even a professional would find challenging, and successfully capture fast-moving subjects at the precise moment that makes a truly great photograph. In this respect, the CAMEDIA E-100RS is revolutionary product that takes full advantage of the creative potential that digital cameras offer.

By shooting in 15 fps continuous mode ( JPEG mode ), photographers can capture a series of images of any fast-moving subject, and then select the best image from the series. This capability is unique to digital photography, and its utilization marks a significant advance in photographic innovation. Naturally, the captured images can also kept and enjoyed as a complete series.

The 10x optical zoom lens offers telephoto power equivalent to a 380mm lens on a conventional 35mm camera. By using the zoom in combination with high-speed continuous shooting, even amateur photographers can easily capture soccer goal shots and other dramatic action photos that were formerly the exclusive domain of press and professional photographers. By holding down the shutter button halfway, photographers can also take advantage of the camera's "pre-capture" function. With this function, which stores the image seen immediately prior to shutter release, photographers can capture the critical moment even if they do not release the shutter until after it occurs. This unique application of the potential that digital photography offers allows virtually anyone to capture images with the precise timing of a professional.
Main Features
1. High Image Quality and Easy Operation for Quick Response to Photo Opportunities
10x Optical Zoom Lens with Image Stabilization Function
Thanks to an Olympus-developed optical image stabilization ( camera-shake reduction ) system, photographers can take advantage of 10x zoom power without hand-shaking and image quality being degraded by camera shake. In addition, Super Tele mode can be switched on to achieve up to 27x zoom, while still retaining full-range optical zoom capability.
15 Frames-per-Second High-Speed Continuous Shooting
The CAMEDIA E-100RS features a high-speed CCD with an extremely fast response time, as well as a proprietary 3-bus system for high bit-rate parallel processing, a high-speed JPEG encoder core, parallel-processing algorithms for a variety of processing tasks, an original high-speed FAT system, and a newly developed ASIC incorporating the latest digital technology, all of which work together to significantly shorten processing time. As a result, it is possible to achieve 15 fps high-speed continuous shooting - a speed that sets this camera apart from all previous digital cameras. It also allows photographers to capture fast-moving subjects in a series of photos, and then select the best shot from the series.
Pre-Capture Function for 'The Right Moment' Image Capture
By holding down the shutter button halfway, photographers can "pre-capture" the image seen immediately prior to shutter release. Even if the shutter is not released until immediately after 'the right moment', the desired image will be retained by the pre-capture function.
Write-to-Memory Cancellation
Write-to-memory image storage can be cancelled at any point. Unstored images will be discarded, allowing photographers to quickly respond to new photo opportunities.
1.51-Megapixel, High-Speed, 1/2-Inch, Progressive CCD
The camera's 1/2-inch CCD features a total of 1.51 million pixels, and was specifically developed for high-speed image capture. Primary-color filtering is used to ensure vivid color reproduction.
1/10,000 Second Maximum Shutter Speed
The ultra high-speed shutter offers shutter speeds up to 1/10,000th of a second, allowing split-second changes in subjects' facial expressions to be captured.
0.55-Inch TFT Color LCD Viewfinder
A 0.55-inch TFT color LCD viewfinder ensures parallax-free viewing over the entire range of the 10x zoom lens. In addition, indicators for essential settings are provided inside the viewfinder window. This allows photographers to keep their eye on the subject at all times, and reduces the likelihood of missed opportunities when taking high-power telephoto shots and fast-moving subjects.
Easy-to-Hold, L-Shaped Body
An L-shaped body design was used to meet the handling demands of 10x zoom shooting. It provides a secure, stable grip, and together with the optical image stabilization function, assures high image quality on ultra high-power telephoto shots.
Easy-to-Use Button Controls and Mode Setting Dial
Independent button controls allow quick access to flash, exposure, macro and other frequently adjusted mode settings. An independent power switch is also provided, and all basic camera functions are easy to identify.
SmartMediaTM and CompactFlashTM Memory Card Slots
Dual memory card slots allow 4-128MB 3V ( 3.3V ) SmartMedia and CompactFlash memory cards to be used simultaneously for worry-free, high-resolution shooting. The slots are linked, and a dedicated button is provided for slot switching, In addition, images can be copied from one card to the other.
Optional Remote Cable Release
In addition to the wireless remote control unit that comes with the camera, the optional RM-CB1 Cable Release can be used to release the shutter.
2. Versatile Photographic Functions
Versatile Exposure Modes
Five exposure modes are offered : Program AE, Aperture-Priority AE, Shutter-Speed-Priority AE, Manual, and Scene Program AE. +-2EV exposure compensation can also be set in 1/3EV-step increments.
Exposure and White Balance Auto-Bracketing
Auto bracketing can be set for exposure and white balance when shooting in difficult lighting conditions. With this feature activated, the camera shoots multiple frames, automatically adjusting the settings up and down from the standard settings to ensure that a perfectly exposed / balanced picture is always captured. Auto bracketing can be set for exposure only, white balance only, or both simultaneously.
3 Metering Modes for Accurate Exposures
The CAMEDIA E-100RS offers center-weighted average metering ( for general-purpose use ), digital ESP metering ( for backlit or high-contrast situations ), and spot metering ( for taking readings from a specific area of the composition ). Multi-metering also allows up to eight readings to be taken in center-weighted average mode or spot mode, so photographers can fine-tune exposures to get the precise results they want.
iESP Auto White Balance
Exclusive iESP Auto White Balance compares readings taken from the entire image area with readings taken from the area immediately around the subject, and accurately determines the subject's color and surrounding lighting conditions to assure natural skin tones under a wide range of lighting conditions.
4 Pre-Set White Balance Settings
In addition to Auto White Balance, pre-set white balance settings are provided for daylight, overcast, tungsten light and fluorescent light. As a result, photographers can obtain correct color balance even if lighting conditions are too complex to be handled by the Auto White Balance function.
One-Touch White Balance
One-Touch White Balance stores white color-value settings in memory, allowing correct color balance to be achieved regardless of changes in lighting conditions.
Three Image Sharpness Settings
Hard, Normal and Soft image sharpness settings allow photographers to choose the level of image sharpness that best suits their purpose ( i.e., printing, image manipulation, etc. ).
Versatile Flash Mode Settings
In addition to Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Off and Fill-In flash modes, a Slow-Synchro mode ( with front- or rear-curtain synchronization ) is offered. As a result, photographers can capture natural-looking images of people with a darkened room or city lights in the background, as well as 'trails' created by moving lights or other subjects.
Monochrome Mode
In addition to conventional color images, monochrome images can also be captured.
Other Features
Audio Recording Capability
A built-in microphone is provided for audio recording. Sound can be recorded during motion-JPEG shooting, and a 4-second ( approx. ) sound byte can be recorded immediately after a still picture is taken. Audio recording can also be switched off during motion-JPEG shooting, and still-image sound memos can be recorded or re-recorded at a later date. A microphone jack allows an optional ME 13D * external microphone to be attached.
* Expected launch date : August 24, 2000
30 fps Motion-JPEG Recording Capability
Smooth, movie-like QuickTime * motion-JPEG recordings can be made at either 15 or 30 fps. User-selectable VGA and QVGA settings are also provided.
* QuickTime is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
Rotated Image Display
Captured images can be rotated by 90 degrees or 270 degrees for viewing. Pictures taken with the camera rotated for vertical framing will therefore be displayed with the correct orientation when viewed on the camera's LCD monitor, or as a slideshow displayed on a TV.
Selectable Shutter-Release Sounds
A choice of two electronic shutter release sounds are offered to provide audible confirmation when a picture is taken.
Convenient File Name Setting
Consecutive numbering can be applied even when memory cards are removed and replaced, and file folder management capability eliminates duplicate file and folder name problems. As a result, downloaded image files are easier to organize and manage.
External Flash Connection Terminal
An optional Olympus FL-40 dedicated external flash unit can be attached to the CAMEDIA E-100RS via the optional FL-BK01 flash bracket and FL-CB01 bracket cable. With the FL-40 linked to the camera, photographers can take advantage of an expanded range of creative flash functions.
USB Interface
A dedicated USB interface is provided for fast, easy downloading of high-volume image data.
USB Storage Class Support
USB Storage Class support allows image files to be accessed using standard personal computer directory protocols.
AV Output Terminal
An included AV output terminal and cable are provided for sound and image playback on a standard TV set.
Optional Conversion Lenses
By attaching an optional SUR-4955 Step-Up Ring to the CAMEDIA E-100RS, photographers can extend the camera's shooting capabilities with the optional WCON-08 wide-angle conversion lens and MCON-40 macro conversion lens.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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