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August 22, 2000
Update:February 20, 2001
Digital Color Printer
The smallest and lightest portable digital color printer which can produce L-size(101.6 x 76.2 mm) prints with the dye-sublimation processing
* This news release is only for Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Masatoshi Kishimoto) is pleased to announce the introduction of a new digital color printer, CAMEDIA P-200 - the smallest and lightest among the world's portable dye-sublimation processing printers that deliver L-size (101.6 x 76.2 mm) prints. Equipped with optional exclusive rechargeable battery, the CAMEDIA P-200 can read and directly print out images at high speed without an AC power supply. Simply insert the Compact Flash card or SmartMedia card and the CAMEDIA P-200 will print out the images you have shot with your digital camera. High-quality photographs are directly printed out from the memory media at a high speed of about 90 seconds per one full-color print at 320-dpi resolution.
With the ability to print out digital images at any location, the CAMEDIA P-200 introduced entirely new ways of personal printing. The CAMEDIA P-200 is especially convenient for making presentation materials on business trip and confirming layouts before actual studio shoots. It is also useful to print out and deliver high quality prints at various occasions such as weddings and parties.

CAMEDIA P-200 is a portable printer that delivers full-color, high-quality, 320 dpi images through overcoat printing technology. Efficient in producing a beautiful gloss, longer life, and colors that do not fade, overcoat printing offers high quality close to the level of silver halide photographs. CAMEDIA P-200 is also equipped with two card slots for SmartMedia and Compact Flash cards, allowing direct printing without a PC. Images outputted from a PC can be also printed.*1 Images selected for printing in advance via the controls of a DPOF.*2 -compartible digital camera can also be printed out. A variety of print setting features are available, including multi-prints with 2/4/9/16 splits, index prints with up to 30 recorded images per sheet, continuous printing of up to 25 sheets, date-stamped prints helpful for business uses, and sharpness adjustment to clear image contours.

In August 1996, Olympus announced the launch of the CAMEDIA P-150, the first digital color printer in the industry to deliver photorealistic direct output with its dye-sublimation processing. Since then, we have been enhancing the capabilities for direct printing (printing from memory media without connecting a PC) and personal printing with an emphasis on photorealistic quality. Our current lineup of products can be used for a variety of user applications. The CAMEDIA P-330N digital color printer can print high-volume image files on A6 size paper and display them on a TV monitor. The CAMEDIA P-400 digital color printer produces photo-quality prints at a maximum resolution of 7.68 megapixels with 16.77 million colors per pixel on A4 size paper. We are set to release a new digital color printer, CAMEDIA P-200, to widen the world of personal printing to the mobile level.
*1 To output images from a PC, an optional PC connecting kit is required. The USB connecting kit is compatible with Windows 98.
*2 DPOF, or Digital Print Order Format, is a standard for recording print specifications on various media, including the segment of the image to be printed and the number of prints needed. With digital cameras that support DPOF, you can specify printing information on the camera.
Main Features
1. Portable
  The smallest and lightest among the world's dye-sublimation processing printers which can print on L-size (101.6 x 76.2 mm) paper, the CAMEDIA P-200 can be carried wherever you go and used to print out photos recorded on a digital camera on the spot. It can be operated using either an AC adapter or CAMEDIA-exclusive rechargeable battery (optional).
2. Photo-quality prints with its compact design
  This printer employs the dye-sublimation processing to allow sufficient reproduction of high-quality images recorded on a digital camera. High quality, full-color prints at 320-dpi resolution are realized. By ensuring the efficient production of a beautiful gloss, image preservation, and colors that do not fade, the overcoat printing technique delivers high-quality prints that look just about as good as silver halide photographs.
3. Continuous, high-speed printing
  A single print is completed in about 90 seconds *1, and up to 25 sheets can be printed continuously using a standard paper cassette. With a specially designed IC mounted, it reads cards storing JPEG files much faster than conventional models. (About 7 seconds for a 2 million pixel image, about 11 seconds for a 3 million pixel image *2)
*1 Excluding the time for reading the card and data transfer.
*2 Based on Olympus test.
4. Direct printing from SmartMedia and Compact Flash cards
  The printer is equipped with card slots for SmartMedia and Compact Flash cards used to store images shot by a digital camera. This feature lets you print directly from memory media without connecting to a PC. In addition, images selected for printing in advance via the controls of a digital camera (supporting DPOF) can also be printed out.
5. Variety of features providing more enjoyable personal printing
  Multi-prints with 2/4/9/16 splits, index prints with up to 30 images per sheet, and prints with dates are available. The sharpness of images can be adjusted.
6. Printing images from PC
  Using a PC connecting kit (optional) for Windows 95/98, images can be output from a PC. (A parallel port interface is provided.)
Product Name Print pack set * "P-25N"
Rechargeable batteries "B-200NH"
Parallel port connecting kit
USB connecting kit "C-P20U"
Soft case "CS-P20"
* Includes one ink ribbon cartridge and 25 printing sheets
Printing method Full color printing (with overcoat) by the dye-sublimation processing
Number of pixels 1280 (H) x 960 (V) dots (320 x 320 dpi)
Printing screen size 101.6(H)x76.2(V)mm
Paper type Standard paper (with overcoat)
Number of gradations 7 bits per each color of Y/M/C, 128 gradations, about 2.097 million colors
Printing speed Approx. 90 seconds/sheet (dedicated print paper)
(Excluding the time for reading the card and data transfer)
Cards supported SmartMedia 3V (3.3V), 128 MB or smaller
Compact Flash Type I, 160 MB or smaller
Compact Flash Type II, 340 MB
I/O terminal Centronics-compliant parallel interface (1)
26-pin small connector
OS Windows 95/98 (Connecting kit: Parallel "C-P20P")
Windows 98 (Connecting kit: USB "C-P20U")
Power supply DC 7.6V AC adapter (mcluded)
Rechargeable batteries (optional)
Power consumption 30 W or lower (in printing), 12 W or lower (in standby)
Operating temperature 5 - 35 degrees
Operating humidity 20 - 80%
Dimensions 121 (W) x 52 (H) x 153 (D) mm
(main unit only, excluding protrusions)
Weight 830 g (main unit only)
Paper cassette
Maximum number of sheets 25 (exclusive use for this printer)
Dimensions 90 (W) x 9 (H) x 134 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight 65 g
Rechargeable battery (Optional)
Number of sheets printed per full charge About 25 sheets
Charging period About 2.5 hours
Dimensions 108 (W)x51 (H)x31 (D)mm
Weight 350 g
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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