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September 13, 2000
Olympus & Toshiba Jointly Developed
"Mobile Theater"
Direct Connectivity for Eye-Trek & Portable DVD-ROM and Video
* This news release is only for Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Masatoshi Kishimoto) and Toshiba Corporation (President: Tadashi Okamura) are pleased to announce the joint development for the direct connectivity of Olympus' face-mounted display (FMD) Eye-Trek series and Toshiba' portable DVD-ROM and video player MED200AS. "ET-MC02T" is a direct-connection cable dedicated to the latest model Eye-Trek FMD-250W and "ET-CK20T" is a direct-connection adapter for the rest of Eye-Trek series.
The FMD-250W features 62-inch television wide-screen capability and a lightweight, ultra-compact control unit that provides greater portability . The MED200AS, the smallest and lightest DVD-ROM and video player*, is compatible to PC and can be used as DVD-ROM drive. Also it can be functioned as DVD video player connected with TV. The MED200AS is equipped with a dedicated DC-out connector for Eye-Trek and can output power and transmit video and audio signals to FMD-250W using the ET-MC02T direct-connection cable. Thus, this cable enables FMD-250W to connect directly without an AC-adapter power supply. Eye-Trek can be connected and used in the same way even when running the DVD-ROM and video player on batteries, so it allows easy, large-screen enjoyment, even in transition such as on a train.

Olympus will also launch the ET-CK20T. This is a MED200AS dedicated direct-connection adapter accessory that will enable direct connection of Eye-Trek products other than the FMD-250W to the portable DVD-ROM and video player. Using these adapters, it will be possible to connect all models in the Eye-Trek series to the MED200AS simply and smoothly.

With this jointly developed direct connectivity, Olympus has achieved "Mobile Theater" that allows handy home theater anywhere. Video can now be enjoyed naturally in the mobile environment and also in rooms at home which have no television. Olympus and Toshiba are aiming for further expansion of the mobile theater market.
* The lightest and smallest model as the portable DVD player (without a LCD screen) compatible to PC. Launched in April 2000.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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