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October 10, 2000
( Drive Model Name: MOS3380S )
Flagship Model of the TURBO MO Magneto-Optical Drive Series
Industry's Fastest Disk Rotation Speed-6000 rpm
High-speed read/write performance
* This news release is only for Asian market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Masatoshi Kishimoto) is pleased to announce the TURBO MO MO646S1S, which achieves the industry's fastest disk rotation speed-6000 rpm for 640 MB disks. The device further boosts the speed of the company's TURBO MO series of 3.5-inch magneto-optical disks, which combine high speed with top reliability.
Demand Skyrockets
As the external removable storage device for today's PC, MO drive has become the standard memory device in the era of multi-media and network. With the spread of digital cameras and the Internet as well as the recent increase in the use of music data such as MP3 and movie data from video cameras, personal MO use involving large volume data is demanding ever greater speed and higher performance.
More Advanced Performance
Since Olympus entered the MO drive market, it has established a strong reputation for its industry-leading high performance and reliability. The TURBO MO MO646S1S caters to the needs of high frequency MO users. It incorporates the Super Tracking System that combines and improves on the existing SFP pickup and Turbo Seek Algorithm as well as using a 2 MB Multi-Optimized Cache that optimizes both Windows and Mac OS, achieving the industry's fastest disk rotation* of 6000 rpm.
The body is metallic silver, allowing ready coordination with notebook computers. It is also compact with a 42% reduction in volume over the company's existing 640 MB model, TURBO MO 640S III. It takes up minimal space and weighs only 715g.
* As of October 10, 2000
Main Features
Ultra-high speed performance
Featuring the Super Tracking System and 2 MB Multi-Optimized Cache, the MO MO646S1S realizes high-speed performance by achieving the industry's fastest disk rotation* of 6000 rpm while giving high-speed data transfer of a maximum 6.5 MB/second. It can also handle large-volume data such as video or music files.
* As of October 10, 2000
Compact and lightweight
It is compact with a 42% reduction in volume over the company's existing 640 MB model, the TURBO MO640S III, and weighs in at a light 715g. It takes up minimal space next to a personal computer.
High reliability and maintenance-free design
With its exclusive dustproofing system which enjoys an ever stronger reputation, it maintains a high level of dustproof performance and high reliability. There is no need for an air filter or lens cleaner.
Silver metallic body
The sophisticated silver metallic body color goes with notebook computers.
Silent mechanism
The energy conserving design has eliminated the need for a cooling fan. In addition, the adoption of a unique body design produces silent operation that causes no disturbance even when used late at night.
Stylish design
The compact design takes up minimal space, and the included Vertical Grip Stand holds the drive securely when it is mounted vertically. It also features strong, stylish lines that encourage creativity.
User-friendly setup
Setup requires no troublesome settings. Only one SCSI ID switch is required for a setup, making connection extremely simple as well. There is a built-in active auto-terminator, which eliminates the need for difficult settings. The back of the case also has an LED lamp for checking the termination status at a glance.
Direct overwriting and full disk compatibility
Every model of he TURBO MO series is compatible with direct overwrite (OW) disks. When a direct OW disk is used, the writing speed is approximately 50% faster than writing to a conventional disk. It also features full backward compatibility for both reading and writing, enabling selection of appropriate disk for every need.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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