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October 12, 2000
FMD-20P Face-Mounted Display
Eye-Trek Series
- New Eye-Trek FMD Model for PlayStation(R) 2 -
FMD-20P + PlayStation 2
FMD-20P + PlayStation 2
* This news release is only for Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Masatoshi Kishimoto) is pleased to announce the FMD-20P, the latest model in the Eye-Trek series. The FMD-20P connects directly to PlayStation(r)2 and is the world's first PlayStation 2 dedicated face-mounted display (FMD). The FMD-20P*1 will go on sale on November 18. The combination of PlayStation 2 and the FMD-20P will allow DVDs and home game software to be enjoyed with powerful, theater-like images even at home.
Eye-Trek is a personal display that connects to audio-visual equipment such as DVD player, VCR and game console, and gives a viewer a big-screen impact with the light and easy feel of wearing a pair of sunglasses. The FMD-20P has been developed exclusively for PlayStation 2, and connects to PlayStation 2's AV MULTI OUT connector, enabling to output audio and video signals*2 and power using a USB connector. Without an AC-adapter power supply or batteries, it allows a smart and simple direct connection. The video signal uses a component input (Y, Cb, Cr) with high resolution and strong color reproduction, producing a higher image quality than the S-video input.

The FMD-20P allows a big screen experience equivalent to a 52-inch screen viewed from two meters away. It features the world's lightest*3 display of 85g, and lightweight ultra-compact control unit of 35g focusing on functionality. It also carries the "PlayStation 2" logo and has a sophisticated design that matches the main PlayStation 2 console. It will bring an even greater sense of realism to PlayStation 2, which can play DVDs as well as home game software. It also comes at a more affordable price than ever before.

The Eye-Trek series includes "FMD-200", a standard model that connects to DVD players, all kinds of AV devices and game consoles, "FMD-700", a flagship with high image quality and powerful sound, that can also be connected to a personal computer, "FMD-250W", a wide-screen capable model that enables direct portable DVD player connection and "FMD-20P". With this range, Olympus provides a model in the Eye-Trek series to match every need and is seeking to expand the market.
*1  The FMD-20P cannot be used with game consoles and video devices other than PlayStation 2.
*2  The video signal is component (Y, Cb, Cr).
*3  Excludes clip-on type display.
Main Features
Direct Connectivity with PlayStation 2
The FMD-20P can connect to PlayStation 2's AV MULTI OUT connector, enabling to transmit audio and video signals provided with a power through a USB connector.
Standard Screen Equivalent to a 52-inch TV
The FMD-20P produces the effect of a wide screen equivalent to a 52-inch television viewed from two meters away simply by wearing it like a pair of sunglasses.
High Image Quality
The audio and video signal uses a component input (Y, Cb, Cr) with high resolution and strong color reproduction, producing a higher picture quality than the S-video input.
Improved Portability with Reduced Weight and Size
The display unit section has been made compact and lightweight at 85g. Focusing on functionality and design, the control unit is also ultra-compact and lightweight at 35g that fits in your hand.
Optical Technology - produces sharp bright -images all the way to the corners of the screen
1.  High accuracy free-shaped prism: A special prism developed by Olympus that achieves clear images with few distortions as well as being small and light by using "asymmetric optics" and "free curve optics", two cutting edge optical technologies.
2.  High performance optical filter: A filter produces an even smoother image and makes the pixels invisible.
1.  See manual for safety information before using.
2.  Not for use by children under 16.
3.  Consult a doctor before use if you have a heart disorder, high blood pressure, a visual field impairment, or an eye movement or alignment disorder.
Key functions: Viewing angle 30 degrees horizontal, 22.7 degrees vertical.
Equivalent to a standard 52-inch screen at a distance of 2m
Video display devices 0.55-inch TFT liquid crystal display (LCD) x 2
No. of pixels per LCD delta array of 180,000 pixels
Video signal format AV video signal (NTSC Japanese and U.S. standard formats)
Built-in stereo earphones
Image adjustment functions Brightness, Color Depth
Audio adjustment functions Volume Adjustment, Volume Limitation
Weight: Display unit: Approx. 85g (excluding cable)
Control unit: Approx. 35 g (excluding cable)
Dimensions: Display unit: Approx. 161 (W) x 63.5(H) x 50 (D) mm
(excluding cable, with frames folded)
Control unit: Approx. 39 (W) x 18.5 (H) x 100 (D) mm
(excluding cable and protrusions)
Input terminal:
Video/audio input terminal
PlayStation 2 dedicated AV MULTI OUT connector
Video Y: 1 Vp-p
Cb Cr: +/-350mVp-p
Input impedance: 75 Ohm
Audio signal: 1.1Vrms/47 Ohm
Power input terminal
USB connector : standard DC5V
* EYE-TREK is a registered trademark of Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.
* " PlayStation" , " PlayStation 2" and "PlayStation" are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
* "FMD-20P" technology has been commercialized under license from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
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*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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