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February  6, 2001
THE µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 170
38 - 170mm 4.5x Zoom Lens
Advanced Combination Autofocus System
Elegant and Sophisticated Design
µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 170
µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 170
Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. (President: Masatoshi Kishimoto) is pleased to announce the launch of the µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 170, a new flagship model to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the popular µ[mju:] series of compact cameras. The new model features a 38 - 170 mm 4.5x zoom lens, using one Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) lens and two aspherical lenses for improved picture quality.
The µ series was launched in 1991, with the first model called simply "µ" Its elegant and sophisticated design won worldwide acclaim and marked the start of a best-selling series of 35 mm compact cameras. Sales of the µ series continue to grow to this day.

The new µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 170 will be launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the µ series. It features a compact, lightweight, stylish body and a 38 - 170 mm 4.5x high-performance zoom lens, making it the new flagship model of the µ series.

The µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 170 uses one ED lens and two aspherical lenses for excellent contrast with low chromatic aberration. Its newly developed "Advanced Combination Autofocus System" combines the strengths of passive and active focus for precision auto-focusing even in scenes where conventional systems tend to lose accuracy: solid color clothes, skin tones, a person standing in front of brightly-lit nighttime background.

The µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 170 combines style and functionality. The body design retains the portable, easy-to-operate sliding lens barrier that has become a µ series hallmark, but has upgraded the details to create a refreshing, elegant, sophisticated design. The camera is also weatherproof - a compact zoom camera that you can take with you anywhere you go to enjoy shooting all sorts of scenes.

Main Features
High-Performance 38 - 170mm Zoom Lens
The µ[mju:]-II Zoom 170's all-new 38 - 170mm, F4.8 - F13 zoom lens offers approximately 4.5x zoom power, giving photographers exceptional flexibility in how they compose their shots. For the first time in the µ[mju:] series camera, an Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass lens element is included to reduce chromatic aberration to an absolute minimum at the telephoto. In addition, a glass aspherical lens element and a hybrid aspherical lens element are used to ensure crisp, high-contrast imaging and enhanced sharpness.

New Advanced Combination Autofocus System
An advanced combination autofocus system, which is newly developed to combine the advantages of active and passive dual autofocus systems, assures an unprecedented level of focusing accuracy. Even when shooting extremely low-contrast subjects such as solid color clothes or skin tones, a person standing in front of brightly lit nighttime background, or other subjects that a conventional passive autofocus system has trouble handling, the µ[mju:]-II Zoom 170's advanced combination autofocus system assures precise, accurate focus. Its system integrates the active system which can be used properly among two autofocus auxiliary lights (infrared light emission diode/electronic flash) in compliance with each scene. In addition, the multi autofocus system recognizes the main subjects and brings them into focus even they are slightly off-focus.

Elegant and Sophisticated Design
The body features the elegant lines, compact size, and easy handling of the µ[mju:] series line. It has a sliding lens barrier, and even though it packs an impressively powerful 4.5x zoom, the compact, lightweight body measures only 123 (W) x 66.5 (H) x 50 (D) mm, and weighs only 275 grams. In addition, the lens barrel is finished in champagne-gold, adding an aura of quality and stylish sophistication to the overall design.

Large-Diameter Exit Pupil for Easy Viewing
The viewfinder features an exit pupil diameter of 7-10mm, providing a clear, full-frame view that makes it easy to see the subject and compose each shot. Even when wearing the glasses, it also gives a full-frame view.

Intelligent Flash System
The intelligent flash system uses information from multiple sensors to offer a number of advanced features. In Auto Flash mode it fires automatically in low light and backlight, and when the subject is illuminated by fluorescent or other artificial light sources, it recognizes this fact and provides the auto color-balancing flash to eliminate the unnatural color cast that artificial lighting can cause. Six convenient modes make it easy for virtually anyone to take beautiful flash photos.

  Fires the flash automatically to ensure correct exposure when shooting in low light, backlight or artificial light.

Red-Eye Reduction:
  When the shutter button is pressed, a series of pre-flashes is emitted before the main flash fires. This helps the subject's eyes adjust to the bright light of the flash and reduces the unsightly red-eye effect that can occur when shooting in very dim light.

Flash Off :
  If the photographer prefers the ambience of available-light photography or is in a location where flash photography is prohibited, this mode can be used to prevent the flash from firing.

  In this mode, the flash fires with every shot. It can be used to erase shadows and ensure balanced illumination when shooting in bright sunlight or other high-contrast lighting conditions.

Night Scene:
  Regulates flash brightness and extends the shutter speed up to a maximum of four seconds to ensure that both foreground subject and lights in the background (city skyline, sunset, etc.) are properly exposed.

Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene:
  Combines the advantages of Red-Eye Reducing Flash mode and Night Scene mode, thereby minimizing the red-eye effect in Night scene shots.

All-Weather Construction
The weather proofing protects against a sudden shower or splashing, offering extra reassurance in the rain or on a ski slope.

Other Features
Auto Macro
Photographers can enjoy close-up shooting up to postcard-size (at 170 mm zoom setting).

Focus lock
Its function assures correct focus even when composing shots with main subject of center in the frame.

Remote Control (Optional)
Remote control unit allows shutter to be released from up to 5 meters away.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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