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February  7, 2001
The i ZOOM 3000
Advanced Photo System format
3x zoom lens
Ultra-compact, lightweight and easy to use
Outstanding value
i ZOOM 3000
i ZOOM 3000
Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. (President: Masatoshi Kishimoto) is pleased to announce the launch of the i ZOOM 3000, the latest offering in the popular "i" series of Advanced Photo System compact cameras. The i ZOOM 3000 features a 21 - 58 mm zoom lens (equivalent to a 26 - 73 mm zoom lens in 35 mm format *1 that delivers 3x-class zoom power at an attractive price. Like all members of the "i" series, it combines a wide assortment of advanced features with a stylish, easy-to-use body.
Olympus "i" series represents a new concept of Advance Photo System compact cameras, offering consumers ultra-compact, lightweight bodies in ergonomic forms and design. The new i ZOOM 3000 joins the 3x zoom i ZOOM 75VF-E and 2x zoom i ZOOM 2000 to round out the series with an excellent cost performance model.
The i ZOOM 3000 features a 21 mm - 58 mm zoom lens (equivalent to a 26 - 73 mm zoom on a conventional 35 mm camera *1 for 3x-class zoom power. It uses two aspherical lenses and a 199-step auto focus system to achieve excellent imaging performance. Even though it packs a 3x zoom, the camera only measures 92 mm (W) x 61 mm (H) x 34 mm (D) and weighs just 145 g, making it one of the most compact cameras in its class. The front of the body has a curved design that gives it a stylish look while making it easier to hold at the same time. This is a camera that achieves excellent portability and ease-of-use.
The front part of the body is finished with high-strength, 0.4 mm stainless steel that enhances the overall look and feel of the camera, while making it more robust.
In spite of its compact size, the i ZOOM 3000 comes with six varieties of flash function, excellent telephoto mode, auto macro functions able to shoot as close as 60 cm *2, and a choice of three types of printing.
*1 Using H-type printing.
*2 80 cm in telephoto.
Main Features
21 - 58mm High-Performance Zoom Lens
The i ZOOM 3000 features a 21 - 58mm zoom lens (equivalent to 26 - 73mm zoom on a conventional 35mm camera) that delivers 3x-class zoom power. Working in concert with the camera's precise, 199-step autofocus system and two aspherical lens elements, it offers outstanding imaging characteristics.

Light, Compact Body and Exceptional Handling Ease
Despite the 3x zoom power, the i ZOOM 3000 is exceptionally light and compact. It weighs a mere 145 g, and measures only 92 (W) x 61 (H) x 34 (D) mm. As a result, it is extremely portable and easy to operate, with a stylish, contoured body that is both attractive and easy to handle.

High-Quality Metallic Finish
The front part of the body is finished with high-strength, 0.4mm stainless steel that enhances the overall high-quality look and feel of the camera.

Versatile Flash Functions
The built-in flash features six versatile modes that make it easy for virtually anyone to take beautiful flash photos.

Fires the flash automatically in dim light to ensure proper exposure.

Red-Eye Reducing:
When the shutter button is pressed, a rapid series of pre-flashes is emitted before the main flash fires. This helps the subject's eyes adjust to the bright light of the flash, reducing the red-eye effect that can occur when shooting in dim light.

Flash Off:
If the photographer prefers the ambience of available-light photography or is in a location where flash photography is prohibited, this mode can be used to prevent the flash from firing.

Fill-in Flash:
In this mode, the flash fires with every shot. It can be used to erase shadows and ensure balanced illumination when shooting in bright sunlight or other high-contrast lighting conditions.

Night Scene:
Regulates flash brightness and extends the shutter speed up to a maximum of three seconds to ensure that both foreground subject and lights in the background (city skyline, sunset, etc.) are properly exposed.

Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene:
Combines the advantages of Red-Eye Reducing Flash mode and Night Scene mode.

60 cm Macro Shooting
Photographers can move in as close as 60 cm at Wide angle and 80cm at Telephoto without switching to shoot images up to approximately B5-size (53 mm zoom setting and C frame format).

Choice of Three Frame Formats
Photographic fun is enhanced by the ability to switch the C, H or P frame formats at any time. Users can choose the format appropriate for the subject they are shooting. Since the image in the viewfinder changes to match the format selected, they can see what the finished print will look like.

Information Exchange (IX) Data Recording
A magnetic head inside the camera records shooting data such as date, print type and subject brightness on the film, allowing the information to improve print quality when processing the film.

Other Features
Focus lock function assures correct focus when composing shots with main subject off-center in the frame.
Landscape mode ensures that shots taken of distant scenery are always sharp and clear. The flash does not fire in this mode

*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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