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May 22, 2001
New Compact Digital Camera
High-performance 3x optical zoom lens
Slim and compact design
Easy and full-automatic operation
High-image quality
* This news release is only for the Japanese Market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Masatoshi Kishimoto) is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-1Zoom compact digital camera with a 3x optical zoom lens (equivalent to a 38-114mm lens on a 35mm camera) and a slim (35mm in thickness), lightweight body. Stylish and exceptionally easy to carry, the CAMEDIA C-1Zoom combines superior image quality with carefree, point-and-shoot convenience.
The CAMEDIA C-1Zoom's body is only 35mm deep, 112mm wide and 62mm high, and weighs only 185 grams, yet its newly-developed, high-resolution 3x zoom lens consists of eight lenses in seven groups (including two aspherical lenses made of high refractive index glass). This extra-bright high-performance lens draws the full performance of the 1.31-megapixel CCD, delivering excellent image quality and allowing complete freedom in frame composition using the zoom. The result is a camera that makes it possible to take beautiful digital photographs effortlessly, anywhere and at any time.

The CAMEDIA C-1Zoom automatically switches on when the lens barrier is opened. It boasts full-auto operation that allows users to obtain high-quality images simply by aiming the camera and pressing the shutter button, and the number of control buttons has been kept to a minimum to simplify operation as much as possible. As in the case of its predecessor CAMEDIA C-1, The camera's body is slim, light and compact, and features a sliding, egg-shaped lens barrier that accents the cameras stylish design. The flat, protuberance-free body and sliding lens barrier also make it easy for users to carry the camera in their pocket or handbag, and take beautiful pictures at a moment's notice. This means you won't miss any opportunities for taking great pictures that come up as you move around. Better yet, with CAMEDIA C-1Zoom, you can adjust the composition and coloring of even everyday scenes to suit your preferences.

In addition, users can obtain superior image quality even when shooting smaller-sized images for on-screen/web display or transmission as e-mail attachments, because advanced TruePicTM technology ensures that the full range of pixel data is incorporated into all images, regardless of size.

The CAMEDIA C-1Zoom is equipped with a built-in LCD color monitor that can be used to view the subject when shooting, and to display images after they have been taken. It also comes with everything users need to begin using the camera right away, including a USB cable and bundled software for easy downloading of image files to a PC, and a cable that allows images to be displayed on a TV or video monitor. Also, the bundled CAMEDIA Cellphone Mail software* (for Microsoft(R) Windows) makes it easy to e-mail photos to PC and cellphone users.
* Available only in the Japanese market.
Main Features
High-performance 3x Optical Zoom Lens and 1.31-megapixel CCD for Superior Image Quality
The CAMEDIA C-1Zoom is equipped with a high-performance 3x zoom (Wide: F2.4) lens consisting of eight lenses in seven groups, including two high refractive index glass aspherical lenses. The new zoom lens delivers superb image quality yet is extremely compact. In addition, the lens is specifically designed to optimize the performance characteristics of the 1.31-megapixel primary-color CCD. The 3x zoom lens equivalent to a 38-114mm lens on a 35mm camera fully exploits the superb performance characteristics of the CCD to produce high quality images, enabling you to compose high-quality digital photos effortlessly.

Highly Portable, Slim, Lightweight Design for Easy Carrying
Even with its 3x zoom lens, the CAMEDIA C-1Zoom's body is extremely compact, (35mm(D) x 112mm(W) x 62mm(H)) and weighs only 185 grams. An egg-shaped lens barrier accents the attractive, chic design. In addition to using a barrier-type lens protector, the overall design is flat with minimal protrusions, so you can keep it in a bag or pocket ready at any time to take advantage of those sudden photo opportunities.

Simple Controls and Easy Operation for Casual, Carefree Shooting
Power is automatically switched on when the lens barrier is opened; to take a picture, all users need to do is open the barrier and press the shutter button. The number of control buttons has been kept to a minimum for greater simplicity, and the camera's short shutter-release lag time reduces waiting and allows photos to be taken in rapid succession.

High-Performance Full-Auto Operation for High-Quality Imaging with Ease
High-performance full-auto functions include precision autofocusing, digital ESP metering and TTL white balance. As a result, beautiful images can be obtained simply by opening the lens barrier to switch on the power, and pressing the shutter button.

High-Precision LCD Monitor for Immediate Image Display
The CAMEDIA C-1Zoom is equipped with a high-precision, 118,000-pixel color LCD monitor. The display is exceptionally clear and easy to view even in bright light, allowing the monitor to be used both as a viewfinder when shooting and as a display device for stored images. For instant enjoyment, you can also browse your photos as soon as you take them, using the slide show (automatic replay) function to sequentially display the images recorded in the memory card.

Storage-Class* USB Support for Easy Downloading to a PC
Storage-class USB support allows even large image files to be quickly and easily downloaded to a personal computer. In addition, image files in the camera can be manipulated using Windows Explorer(R) or other third-party software applications.
* Supported operating systems: Windows(R) 98/98SE; Windows 2000 Professional; Windows Me(R); Mac(R) OS 9.0 - 9.1.

Wide Range of Battery Choices
The standard CR-V3 lithium battery pack provides enough power to shoot approximately 300 pictures under normal operating conditions; if the camera is operated continuously, over 4,700 pictures can be taken. *1 NiMH batteries and an AC adapter are also available as options. If necessary, the camera can also be used with commercially available NiCd or alkaline batteries. *2
*1 Test conditions for continuous operation: SQ mode, LCD monitor off, flash off, no image display or file downloading.
Test conditions for normal operation: repeated 2-shot shutter release followed by 10 minutes of rest, HQ mode, LCD monitor on when shooting, flash used on 50 % of shots, no image display or file downloading.
*2 CR-V3 lithium battery pack, NiMH battery or an AC adapter is recommended.

Advanced TruePic Image Processing Technology for Superior Quality at Any Image Size
The CAMEDIA C-1Zoom utilizes the same advanced TruePic image processing technology featured on the top-of-the-line CAMEDIA E-10. Even when shooting at smaller image sizes for monitor/web display or e-mail attachment use, image quality is high because the image is drawn from all of the pixel data captured by the 1.31-megapixel CCD.

CAMEDIA Cellphone Mail for Windows (Available only in Japanese market)
The CAMEDIA C-1Zoom's bundled software includes CAMEDIA Cellphone Mail software (for Microsoft(R) Windows) that makes it easy to e-mail images to PC and cellphone users. The software can also be used to add frames and balloon captions to photos, and create simple, 2-frame animated GIFs.

Other Features
Pre-Set White Balance Settings
When lighting conditions make it difficult to obtain correct color balance with the Auto setting, users can choose from four pre-set white balance settings (Clear Sky, Cloudy Sky, Incandescent Lamp and Fluorescent Lamp).

Versatile Flash Modes
The built-in flash offers a choice of five flash modes: Auto Flash (auto flash in low light), Red-Eye Reducing Flash (auto flash in low light and backlight), Flash Off, Fill-In Flash and Night Scene.

Manual Exposure Compensation
+-2EV exposure compensation can be set in 0.5EV increments.

2x Digital Zoom
A 2x digital zoom function is included.

Continuous Shooting
In Continuous mode, users can take up to 4 shots at a speed of approximately 2 frames per second.

Video Output
The camera comes with a video output jack and cable to allow to be displayed on a TV or video monitor.

Other Optional Accessory (Available only in Japanese market)
Fun stick-on seals
CAMEDIA C-1Zoom options include a set of 10 stick-on seals that can be applied to the front of the camera (scheduled for mid-June launch, sold by Olympus Promarketing Inc.). The seals are easy to apply and remove, and come in a variety of patterns (leopard-skin, dolphins, camouflage, etc.) that allow users to have fun by 'dressing up' their camera.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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