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June 26, 2001
Compact Digital Camera
4.13 million-pixel CCD
Bright, large-aperture F1.8 lens with 3x optical zoom
Quick-response image storage/display
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM, a compact digital camera that features a 4.13-megapixel CCD and a bright, large-aperture F1.8 lens with 3x optical zoom (equivalent to 35-105mm zoom on a conventional 35mm film camera). With its 4.13-megapixel CCD and ideally matched F1.8 lens - the brightest lens offered on any compact digital camera - the CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM offers the highest image quality in its class.
In addition to a 4.13-megapixel CCD and ideally matched high-performance F1.8 lens, the CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM offers the following advanced features:

High-speed image processing and reduced power consumption
Noise reduction system for long exposures
Optimum Image Enlargement mode for printing at 7.68 million-pixel resolution
Wide range of sharpness, contrast, and white balance settings
Easy-to-use menu navigation system and controls

The CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM was developed in response to growing demand for more advanced digital camera features and higher image quality. Although entry-level digital camera offerings continue to proliferate, sophisticated amateur photographers and other users who demand the highest image quality have fueled demand for digital cameras that offer professional-grade imaging capabilities. Olympus has led the industry in offering digital cameras with high-resolution CCDs and superbly matched high-performance lenses, and the CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM continues this trend. The camera's bright, large-aperture F1.8 lens is fully capable of capturing detailed image information that maximizes the performance capabilities of the 4.13-megapixel CCD, and allows the CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM to offer imaging performance equivalent to the CAMEDIA E-10 Digital SLR in a compact camera body.

Main Features
4.13-Megapixel CCD and Bright F1.8 High-Performance Lens
The CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM features a super-bright F1.8-2.6, 7.1-21.3mm 3x zoom lens (equivalent to 35-105mm zoom on a conventional 35mm film camera) that is specifically designed to maximize the performance capabilities of the 4.13-megapixel CCD. The large-aperture lens is the brightest zoom lens available on this class of camera. Offering exceptional brightness at zoom settings from wide-angle to telephoto, it achieves sharp, vivid imaging by reducing lens aberration and variations in peripheral transmissibility to an absolute minimum.

Bright F1.8 High-Performance Lens
Fast Image Processing and Low Power Consumption
A new high-performance image-processing engine is used to process image data captured by the 4.13-megapixel CCD. Despite the higher data load, processing speed is as fast as on the 3.34-megapixel CAMEDIA C-3040ZOOM. In addition, power requirements have been reduced to ensure that the amount of power consumed during image processing is virtually the same as on the CAMEDIA C-3040ZOOM.

Noise Reduction System for Long Exposures
An advanced new noise reduction system is used to suppress the stippled pattern that appears in long-exposure CCD images. When noise reduction is activated and a long-exposure* photo is taken, a second exposure of equal duration is automatically taken with the shutter closed. A proprietary Olympus algorithm then uses data from the second "blank" exposure to cancel noise in the first exposure before storing the image. Noise reduction is particularly effective in improving image quality when taking photos of nighttime cityscapes and fireworks.

* Shutter speeds slower than 1/2-sec.

Optimum Image Enlargement For 7.68 Million-Pixel Printing
In Optimum Image Enlargement mode, a proprietary Olympus algorithm is used to enlarge original 4.13-megapixel image data to the equivalent of 3200 x 2400 for 7.68-megapixel printing output. Quality is so high that the images can even be used for professional printing. In addition, it makes it very easy for users to obtain ultra high-resolution, large-format prints from an Olympus CAMEDIA P-400 dye-sublimation printer.

Versatile Image Setting Controls
Image sharpness and contrast can each be adjusted in 11 steps to suit a wide range of printing and post-processing needs. In addition, 15 white balance settings are provided for precise control of color tones.

Easy-to-Use CAMEDIA C-700 Ultra Zoom -Type Settings Menu
A settings menu similar to the one featured on the CAMEDIA C-700 Ultra Zoom assures outstanding ease of use. The menu is displayed on the camera's built-in LCD monitor. The top-level directory displays one gateway that gives users access to all of the advanced settings, and three gateways that users can customize to provide quick access to the settings they use most frequently. Even when using the full-function advanced settings gateway, a new four-tab menu display (Shooting, Image Quality, Card, Settings) makes it easy for users to find the setting they are looking for.

Proven Body Design for Easy Handling
The all-black body features the proven design that has made the CAMEDIA series famous for its easy handling. The grip and lens barrel are also rubberized to ensure safe, sure handling that helps prevent camera shake. A convenient mode selection dial and four directional arrow keys further enhance operating and handling ease.

Versatile Shooting Functions
iESP* Autofocus with Spot AF Function
The CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM features both center-weighted contrast-detection autofocusing and an advanced iESP* autofocus system. By dividing the center grid into smaller sections, iESP autofocusing perceives minute variations in contrast and determines the optimal focus automatically to ensure that the targeted subject is in sharp focus. In addition, the CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM has a Spot AF function that gives the photographers the creative freedom to focus on specific points within the frame. A new focus optimization algorithm also provides 50% faster focusing when shooting in Sequence mode.

* iESP: Intelligent Electro Selective Pattern

A Choice of Light Metering Modes
In addition to digital ESP metering (for backlit and high-contrast situations), spot metering is also offered. In Spot mode, users can take up to eight readings and fine-tune their exposures to get the precise results they want.

Versatile Exposure Modes
In addition to Program AE, Aperture-Priority AE, Shutter-Speed-Priority AE, and Manual exposure modes, the CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM features full-auto Portrait, Sports and Landscape photo exposure modes. In Manual exposure mode, shutter speeds of up to 16 seconds can be set. An AE lock function is also provided.

iESP Auto White Balance for Accurate Color
Proprietary iESP auto white balance technology compares average values for the entire frame with values for the area immediately around the subject to accurately determine subject color and surrounding lighting conditions. As a result, users are assured of natural colors and skin tones under a wide range of lighting conditions.

Exposure Compensation and Auto-Bracketing
Exposure compensation of up to +/-2EVcan be set in 1/3-step increments. In addition, a convenient auto-bracketing function is provided to automatically adjust the exposure settings up and down from the standard setting to ensure that a perfectly exposed picture is always captured.

Versatile Flash Mode Settings
In addition to Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Off and Fill-In flash modes, a Slow Shutter Synchronization mode (with first- or second-curtain effect) is offered. As a result, photographers can capture natural-looking images of people with a darkened room or city lights in the background, as well as 'trails' created by moving lights or other subjects.

High-speed Sequence Mode (2frames/sec.)
The C-4040ZOOM can shoot at 2 frames/sec. in SHQ and HQ (2272 x 1704) modes. There is also a convenient AF Sequence Mode that resets the AE and AF for every shot. This fast response is ideal for capturing a moving subject or an unexpected and precious photo opportunity.

Manual Focus
A Manual Focus mode allows manual focusing between 0.2 m and infinity in 190 steps. The focus can be confirmed on the LCD monitor before shooting.

ISO Sensitivity Settings
ISO sensitivity can be adjusted to facilitate flash-free indoor photography, eliminate blurriness caused by camera shake at high telephoto settings, or otherwise achieve the user's creative goals. The settings are approximately equivalent to ISO 100, 200 and 400.

Other Features
Storage-Class* USB Interface
A storage-class USB interface and USB cable are provided for fast easy downloading of large image files. In addition, image files in the camera can be manipulated using Windows Explorer(R) or other third-party software applications.

* Supported operating systems: Windows(R) 98; Windows 2000 Professional; Windows Me(R); Mac OS 9.0-9.1.

Easy-to-Operate Control Buttons
Separate buttons are provided for flash, light metering and macro mode controls to allow these frequently used features to be activated at a moment's notice. A separate ON/OFF switch is also provided.

Color TFT LCD Monitor with a Wide Viewing Angle
The TFT color LCD monitor has a wider viewing angle than conventional digital camera monitors. It makes it easy to check an image accurately during high- or low-angle shooting. Viewed images can also be rotated by 90 or 270 degrees, and can be enlarged up to four times.

External Flash Connection Terminal
An optional Olympus FL-40 dedicated external flash unit can be attached to the CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM via the optional FL-BK01 flash bracket and FL-CB01 bracket cable. With the FL-40 linked to the camera, photographers can take advantage of an expanded range of creative flash functions.

2.5x Seamless Digital Zoom Setting
The 3x optical zoom is supplemented by a seamless zooming function that switches automatically to 2.5x digital zooming for maximum magnification of 7.5x.

Easy Motion-JPEG Movies
QuickTime Motion-JPEG movie clips can also be created. Using the 16MB SmartMediaTM card included with the camera, users can record up to 130 seconds of 15fps full-motion video with sound in SQ mode (160 x 120 pixels), or up to 32 seconds in HQ mode (320 x 240 pixels). Forward, reverse, and frame-by-frame playback are also offered. In addition, optional CAMEDIA AMaster 2.5 software can be used to extract individual frames and edit movie clips.

Special Shooting Modes
In addition to regular color images, the CAMEDIA C-4040ZOOM can be used to take sepia and monochrome photos. There are also special White and Black board modes that automatically ensure maximum legibility when photographing text written on a white board or black board.

Versatile Image-Quality and Compression Modes
A choice of 8 frame sizes and 3 compression modes are offered, and can be mixed and matched to suit the user's requirements (6 frame sizes [2272 x 1704 or less] only for uncompressed images).

Convenient File Name Setting
Consecutive numbering can be applied even when memory cards are removed and replaced, greatly simplifying image file management. Duplicate file and folder name problems are eliminated, and downloaded image files are much easier to organize and manage.

On/Off Setting for Sound Recording
A built-in microphone is provided for audio recording. Live sound can be recorded during motion-JPEG shooting, and a 4-second sound clip can be captured when shooting still images. In addition, 4-second voice memos can be added to still images after they have been taken, and re-recorded as necessary. To conserve memory, sound recording can be switched off whenever it is not needed.

AV Output Terminal
An AV output terminal and cable are provided for sound and image playback on a standard TV set.

Optional Accessories
Conversion Lenses and Lens Adapter
An optional CLA-1 conversion lens adapter and three optional conversion lenses are available to further extend the camera's performance capabilities. The three conversion lenses are the TCON-14 Telephoto, the WCON-08 Wide-Angle, and the MCON-40 Macro.

FL-40 External Flash and FL-BK01 Flash Bracket
The optional FL-BK01 flash bracket can be added for synchronized shooting with the optional FL-40 Olympus external flash. Offering high power, precise intensity control, and bounce flash capability, the FL-40 opens the door to truly creative flash photography.

RM-1 Remote Control
The optional RM-1 remote control not only allows the shutter to be triggered from a distance, it can also be used to adjust image framing and size when displaying images on a TV or video monitor - a capability that is especially handy during business presentations.

Water Protector
The new optional water protector PT-010 (scheduled to be available from Olympus ProMarketing Inc. in late July) allows user to enjoy totally worry-free digital photography - even at the ocean or in the mountains, or at construction sites and in other environmentally demanding business situations. The body is constructed of tough polycarbonate resin and shock-absorbing rubber for maximum durability and impact resistance, while waterproof seals allow underwater shooting to a depth of 30m.

*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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