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September 13, 2001
Olympus Announces CAMEDIA C-2
Digital Compact Camera
with Slim, Elegant Styling and 2-Megapixel Imaging
2-megapixel imaging in a light, compact body
Significantly extended battery life
Super-easy operation
* This news release is only for Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-2, an entry-level, 2-megapixel compact digital camera that is slim, elegant, and stylish.
The CAMEDIA C-2 was developed as a successor to the 1.3-megapixel CAMEDIA C-1 that was introduced in March 2001. While maintaining the basic design concept that helped make its predecessor a big hit with consumers, the CAMEDIA C-2 features a 2-megapixel CCD that offers significantly higher image quality. In addition, camera startup and image display have been speeded up, and battery life has been extended by a wide margin. Motion-JPEG shooting and creative still-photo editing capabilities such as sepia and monochrome output have also been added, and a USB cable is now included as standard equipment.

With its 2-megapixel image quality and outstanding ease of operation, the slim, stylish CAMEDIA C-2 is a compact digital camera that entry-level users can begin using and enjoying right away.
Top Features
  2-megapixel image quality with no increase in size or weight (compared to CAMEDIA C-1).
  Elegant, compact styling that reflects the evolution of the CAMEDIA C-1 design concept.
  Significantly extended battery life for worry-free shooting.
  Faster response time for stress-free shooting.
  Easy-to-use, in-camera image editing functions.
Development Background
With the growing popularity of digital photography, new entry-level users are coming into the market every day. Although most are first-time buyers with little or no digital camera experience, many of them want to be able to enjoy their best photos as prints. The CAMEDIA C-2 was created in response to this demand for an affordable, entry-level camera that offers image resolution high enough to produce superior quality prints. The camera's 2-megapixel output is sufficient to produce excellent prints, yet the size of each image file is small enough to download and edit easily. Coupled with its pricing and outstanding ease of use, this makes the CAMEDIA C-2 an ideal choice for this new breed of entry-level users.

Although the CAMEDIA C-2 is virtually the same size and weight as its predecessor, it features a 1/2.7-inch, 2.14-megapixel CCD. As a result, it adds the advantage of significantly higher image quality to the user-friendly simplicity and portability of the CAMEDIA C-1. Battery life has also been extended to allow carefree, on-the-go shooting.

With respect to styling, the basic design concept of the CAMEDIA C-1 has been refined in order to increase popularity among women and younger consumers who seek a digital camera meeting their life style.

To make digital photography accessible to a wider range of people, the CAMEDIA C-2 has also been equipped with a number of easy-to-use editing functions that allow images to be manipulated without downloading them to a computer.

Compact and stylish enough to be taken anywhere, the CAMEDIA C-2 is a digital camera that offers high quality, 2-megapixel imaging, outstanding ease of use, and the ability to edit images without a computer. As such, it is expected to appeal to a broad range of consumers.

Main Features
CAMEDIA C-1 Size & Weight with 2-Megapixel Image Quality
With dimensions of only 110mm(W) x 62mm(H) x 35mm(D), and a weight of only 165g, the CAMEDIA C-2 is slim, compact, and lightweight. It features a newly designed lens unit and a 1/2.7-inch 2.14-megapixel CCD for significantly improved image quality. In every detail, it reflects the Olympus commitment to high image quality and ultra-compact engineering.

Refined & Upgraded Styling
While retaining the distinctive, egg-shaped sliding lens barrier introduced on its predecessor, the CAMEDIA C-2 brings a new level of styling sophistication to the body. Metal is now used for the lens barrier, and the body features elegant, crescent-shaped accents that create a dramatic interplay of light and shadow when the camera is moved. With its compact size and attractive design the CAMEDIA C-2 is a camera that men and women alike can take with them anywhere.

Accepts a Wide Range of Battery Types
The CAMEDIA C-2 can be operated using readily available AA alkaline batteries, and features improvements to its internal circuitry that extend battery life by significantly reducing power consumption. In fact, with an optional CR-V3 lithium battery pack installed, approximately 500 photos can be taken under normal conditions; if shooting continuously, approximately 5,000 photos can be taken.* An AC adapter (E-7AC), NiCd batteries, and NiMH batteries are optionally available and can also be used to power the camera.
* Continuous shooting test conditions: SQ mode, LCD monitor off, flash off, no image display or file downloading. Normal shooting test conditions: repeated 2-shot shutter release followed by 10 minutes of rest, HQ mode, LCD monitor on when shooting, flash used on 50% of shots, no image display or file downloading.

Significantly Faster Response
Significantly faster response eliminates annoying waits. Simplicity of operation is retained, but startup, shooting, and image display response times have been greatly reduced.

In-Camera Image Editing
A number of editing operations can now be performed directly in the camera, eliminating the need to download images to a personal computer. And because the edited version is automatically stored in a separate area of memory, there is no need to worry that the original image will be overwritten.

Crop and Merge (2 in 1) Function
When this feature is activated, the camera will automatically combine the next two pictures taken into a single split-screen image. By shooting a variety of different subjects, users can discover new ways to have fun.

  Monochrome & Sepia Modes
Monochrome or sepia-tone versions of photos taken in color can be saved separately at the touch of a button.

  Resizing & Image Rotation
The Resize function saves a smaller-sized duplicate of the original image. It's a great way to create photo e-mail attachments without using complicated image-editing software. The Rotate function also saves a lot of time by allowing users to change the vertical/horizontal orientation of photos without using a computer.

  Motion-JPEG Recording, Playback & Indexing
Motion-JPEG recording, playback, and indexing functions are built-in. The convenient indexing function automatically extracts nine frames from a Motion-JPEG recording and creates a single still "index" image that shows you at a glance what the movie clip contains.
Improved Features
"Clear Setting" Control
When Clear Settings is set to OFF, most user-selectable settings are retained even when the power is switched off.

  Sharpness and Contrast Settings
Both sharpness and contrast settings are offered, providing a level of image control that makes the CAMEDIA C-2 suitable as a "second camera" for intermediate and advanced users.

  Night Scene Shooting
Night scene shooting versatility has been enhanced by the addition of long-exposure capability (up to 2 sec.) and Red-Eye Reducing Flash mode.

  Extended Continuous Shooting
Continuous shooting capability has been extended to approx. 8 shots in HQ mode and approx. 24 shots in SQ2 mode.

  Spot Metering Mode
In addition to digital ESP metering, the CAMEDIA C-2 offers users the precise exposure control of spot metering.
Other Features
Pre-Set White Balance Settings
When lighting conditions make it difficult to obtain correct color balance with the Auto setting, users can choose from four pre-set white balance settings (Daylight, Overcast, Tungsten Light, and Fluorescent Light).

Versatile Flash Modes
The built-in flash offers a choice of six modes: Auto Flash (auto flash in low light and backlight), Red-Eye Reducing Flash, Flash Off, Fill-In Flash, Night Scene and Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene.

Storage-Class USB Support
Storage-class USB support allows image files to be quickly and easily downloaded to a personal computer using the included USB cable.
* Supported operating systems: Windows(R) 98/Windows 98SE (using included driver software); Windows 2000 Professional; Windows Me(R); Mac OS 9.0-9.1.

Manual Exposure Compensation
Manual exposure compensation of +-2EV can be set in 1/2EV increments.

Digital Tele Mode
Digital Tele settings of 1.6x, 2x, and 2.5x are available in all shooting modes; when shooting in SQ2 mode, additional settings of 3.2x, 4x, and 5x are also available.

High-Precision LCD Monitor for Immediate Image Display
The high-precision, 114,000 pixel, 1.5-inch TFT color LCD monitor is exceptionally clear and easy to view even in bright light, allowing it to be used both as a viewfinder and display device.

Bright, Real-Image Optical Viewfinder
The bright, real-image viewfinder provides a clear view of the subject just like on a conventional film camera, and can be used instead of the LCD monitor if the user wants to conserve battery power.

TTL Autofocus System
TTL autofocusing (via contrast analysis) makes it easy for users to focus on their primary subject.
Optional Accessories
Dust & Water Protector
A new optional PT-011 dust and water protector (scheduled to be available from Olympus ProMarketing Inc. in mid-October) allows user to enjoy totally worry-free digital photography - even at the ocean or in the mountains, or at construction sites and in other environmentally demanding business situations. The body is constructed of tough polycarbonate resin and shock-absorbing rubber for maximum durability and impact resistance, and is equipped with waterproof seals that allow underwater shooting at depths of up to 30m.

Camera Case
An attractive and convenient optional case is available from Olympus ProMarketing Inc. Featuring a key-ring type clip that can be attached to a bag or briefcase, it makes it easy to take the CAMEDIA C-2 with you everywhere.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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