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October  5, 2001
Intuitive Surgical (US) and Olympus Announce
the Joint Development of World's First Ultrasonic Surgical System
in Robotic Endoscopic Surgery
da Vinci Surgical System with SonoSurg built-in
da VinciTM Surgical System with "SonoSurg" built-in
* This news release is only for the Japanese Market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Olympus") (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) and Intuitive Surgical Inc. (hereinafter "Intuitive"), Mountain View, CA, (President & CEO: Lonnie M. Smith) have agreed to use the advanced ultrasonic surgery technologies of Olympus in the state-of-art da VinciTM Surgical System developed by Intuitive. The result from the collaboration between Intuitive and Olympus is named da VinciTM Ultrasonic Shears. It is the medical industry's first robotic, fully integrated ultrasonic device, which allows surgeons to perform both cutting and coagulation applications.
The da VinciTM Ultrasonic Shears, which is powered by the Olympus "SonoSurg" generator, features a cost-effective design that enables multi-use. It also provides a speedy cutting and delivers a high-performance coagulation simultaneously. The da VinciTM Ultrasonic Shears and the da VinciTM Surgical System of Intuitive, and the "SonoSurg" generator of Olympus used with da VinciTM Surgical System will be marketed in Europe and the United States.
The da VinciTM Ultrasonic Shears will be featured at the 87th Annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons on October 7-12, 2001 in New Orleans, LA.
da Vinci Ultrasonic Shears
da VinciTM Ultrasonic Shears
About the da VinciTM Surgical System:
The da VinciTM Surgical System consists of a surgeon's viewing and control console, having an integrated, high-performance InSite(tm) 3-D vision system, a patient-side cart consisting of three robotic arms that position and precisely maneuver endoscopic instruments and an endoscope, and a variety of articulating EndoWristTM instruments. By integrating computer-enhanced technology with surgeons' technical skills, Intuitive believes that its system enables surgeons to perform better surgery in a manner never before experienced. The da VinciTM Surgical System seamlessly and directly translates the surgeon's natural hand, wrist and finger movements on instrument controls at the surgeon's consol outside the patient's body into corresponding micro-movements of the instrument tips positioned inside the patient through small puncture incisions, or ports.
About the "SonoSurg" Ultrasonic Surgical System:
The "SonoSurg" Ultrasonic Surgical System uses the energy of ultrasonic vibrations. The device cuts through tissue and blood vessels with scissors that transmit ultrasonic vibrations, and it makes incisions after coagulation to prevent bleeding through heating to a level that does not cause carbonization.
About Intuitive Surgical Inc.
Established: December 1995
Address: 1340 W. Middlefield Road, Mountain View, California 94043 USA
Business: Manufacturer of Robotic Surgical Systems and Instruments
Capitalization: 35 million shares outstanding, traded on the NASDAQ as ISRG
Sales: Revenue of $27 million in 2000. Projected revenue for 2001 in range of $50 million
Employees: Over 200
About Intuitive Surgical Inc.
Established: October 1919
Address: Shinjuku Monolith, 3-1 Nishi-shinjuku, 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0914, Japan
Business: Manufacturing and sale of equipment and devices relating to the medical and health-care, imaging and information, and industrial application areas.
Capitalization: ¥40, 832 million (as of March 2001)
Sales*: ¥466, 704 million (as of March 2001)
Employees: 4,282 (as of March 2001)
* Consolidated Olympus Group
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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