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October 10, 2001
FMD-220 Face-Mounted Display
Eye-Trek Series
Latest Model in the Eye-Trek Face-Mounted Display Series
World's lightest display*1 and an ultra compact control unit
Direct connectivity for portable DVD players*2 and PlayStation(R) 2
Eye-Trek FMD-220
Eye-Trek FMD-220
This news release is only for the Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the release of its latest addition to the Eye-Trek Face-Mounted Display (FMD) series, the FMD-220. The FMD-220 features the world's lightest display at 85g, an ultra-compact 37g control unit, and direct connectivity for portable DVD players and PlayStation 2.
The Olympus Eye-Trek series of personal displays are worn like sunglasses and connect to audio-visual equipment such as DVD player, VCR and game console to provide users with a large screen experience that is remarkably realistic. FMD-220 allows the viewer to experience a picture equivalent to watching a 52-inch television from two meters away, and the surround-sound function and adjustment controls for high or low frequency boost enable users to experience the full impact of surround-sound for movies, music and games. This new model maintains the direct connectivity function*3 and easy-to-use, ultra-compact control unit that has been so popular with the FMD-250W released at the end of last year.
It now comes in a new sharp and good looking aqua-metallic blue.

Olympus looks to encourage even more people to try the new "Freestyle Theater"*4 concept for easily enjoying an impressive large screen wherever and whenever you want, through our powerful FMD-220.
Main Features
1. The world's lightest display at 85g helps minimize fatigue during extended use
2. The 37g ultra-compact control unit allows easy operation with just your thumb
3. The direct connectivity function enables power to be drawn directly from a connected portable DVD player or PlayStation 2 device
4. Surround-sound and high or low frequency boost
5. Stylish aqua-metallic blue body color
*1 Excludes clip-on type display (as of October 2001).
*2 Compatible with three models: DVD-PV40 by Matsushita, PDV-20 by Pioneer, and MED200AS by Toshiba
*3 Direct connection cable sold separately
*4 A new way of watching video from Olympus that allows you to enjoy realistic images and sound the way you like, wherever you are, by using the highly compact Eye-Trek and portable DVD player.
Detail of Main Features
1. Compact Design: The World's Lightest at 85g
With a 0.55-inch LCD panel and our own free-shaped prism optical technology, the compact design makes it the world's lightest display at 85g. This reduces the fatigue of extended use, letting you enjoy movies, music, or games in comfort.

2. Easy to operate compact control unit
The 37g ultra-compact control unit fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and can be operated easily with just your thumb.

3. Direct Connectivity
Direct connectivity with portable DVD players
With an optional direct connection cable*, a compatible portable DVD player equipped with a dedicated DC-out connector for Eye-Trek can output power and transmit video and audio signals to the display. The cable thereby enables the new FMD-220 and the existing FMD-250W to be directly connected without a separate AC-adapter power supply. Since it can be connected in the same way even when the DVD player is running on batteries, Eye-Trek can be used anywhere, even on the move.

Direct connectivity with PlayStation 2
Using the optional direct connection cable*, Eye-Trek can be connected to PlayStation 2's AV MULTI OUT connector, enabling the output of audio-video signals, while power is also supplied to Eye-Trek through a USB connector. This results in just one simple connection.

Compatible models
   Portable DVD players: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. DVD-PV40
Pioneer Corporation PDV-20
Toshiba Corporation MED200AS
Home game device: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PlayStation 2
  * For details on the types of direct connection cables, please see the "Optional Accessories" section below.

4. Surround-sound and high or low frequency boost function
Thanks to the surround sound and high or low frequency boost function, you can enjoy movies, music or games with a powerful realistic sound that surrounds you, along with the large-screen image.

5. Aqua-metallic blue body color
Aqua-metallic blue has been used for the sleek styling of the Eye-Trek.
Optional Accessories (sold separately)
Perfect Visor ET-PV01 (new product)
The Perfect Visor goes around the Eye-Trek frame to completely block out all external light, for more enhanced viewing realism. Can be installed on all Eye-Trek models.

  Perfect Visor installed
  Perfect Visor installed

AV cable adapter ET-PA01 (new product)
This is an AV adapter with female/female plugs at both ends. It allows you to connect a (3-pin plug) AV cable connected to Eye-Trek with a (3-pin plug) AV cable attached to a video game machine or portable DVD player.

Direct connection cable for portable DVD players or home game device (Can be used with both the FMD-220 and FMD-250W)
ET-MC02M: For Matsushita's DVD-PV40
ET-MC02P: For Pioneer's PDV-20
ET-MC02T: For Toshiba's MED200AS
ET-MC25G: For SCE's PlayStation 2

AV cable ET-MC30H
Can be connected to audio-visual equipment with an S video signal connector, for a more vivid picture.
(1) See manual for safety information before using.

(2) Not for use by children under 16.

(3) Consult a doctor before use if you have a heart disorder, high blood pressure, visual field impairment, or an eye movement or alignment disorder.
Specifications of
Viewing angle 30 degrees horizontal, 22.7 degrees vertical
Equivalent to a standard 52-inch screen at a distance of 2m
No. of pixels 0.55-inch TFT liquid crystal delta array of 180,000 pixels x 2
Video signal
AV video signal (NTSC Japanese and U.S. standard formats)
Built-in stereo earphones
Image adjustment
Contrast, brightness, color balance, color depth
Audio adjustment
Surround-sound, low/high frequency adjustment
Weight: Display unit: Approx. 85g (excluding cable)
Control unit: Approx. 37 g (excluding cable)
Dimensions: Display unit: Approx. 161 (W) x 63.5 (H) x 50 (D) mm
(excluding cable, with frames folded)
Control unit: Approx. 39 (W) x 18.5 (H) x 100 (D) mm
(excluding cable and protrusions)
Input terminals: Video/audio/power input terminal: Dedicated multi-connector
Composite video signal: 1Vp-p/75ohm(unbalanced)
Stereo audio signal: 200mVrms
Model with the Eye-Trek FMD-220
Model with the Eye-Trek FMD-220

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