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October 15, 2001
Olympus Announces CAMEDIA C-3100ZOOM
3-Megapixel-Class, 3x Optical Zoom Digital Camera
Affordable, 3-megapixel-class imaging and 3x zoom power
Customizable controls for easy, personalized operation
Full-featured camera performance
* This news release is only for Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-3100ZOOM, a high-quality, 3-megapixel-class compact digital camera with an F2.8 3x optical zoom lens.
Based on the best-selling CAMEDIA C-3030ZOOM, the new CAMEDIA C-3100ZOOM offers outstanding 3-megapixel-class image quality and versatile 3x zoom performance at an affordable price. It also features a convenient Mode Dial for easy selection of shooting modes, and our widely acclaimed user-friendly menu navigation system and controls. As a result, it makes it easy for intermediate-to-advanced users of conventional film cameras to take advantage of unique digital features like sharpness and contrast control, and is expected to expand the appeal of digital photography among consumers who have been hesitant to "go digital" in the past.
Top Features
User-friendly design with easy-to-use Mode Dial for shooting mode selection.
Menu navigation system and controls simplify operation and overcomes resistance to digital photography among conventional camera users.
Programmed shooting modes ("Scene Program") assure superb results in specific shooting situation.
Contrast, Sharpness and other advanced settings for enhanced image control.
User-configurable My Mode setting for quick access to frequently used custom camera settings.
Noise Reduction function for superior image quality on long exposures.
3-megapixel-class image quality and 3x zoom performance at an affordable price.
Development Background
The development concept for the CAMEDIA C-3100ZOOM was "a camera that makes it easy for long-time users of conventional film cameras to make the transition to digital photography."
Digital photography continues to grow in popularity, and between January and June 2001, domestic shipments of digital cameras exceeded those of film cameras. Amid these developments, product development personnel at Olympus noted that there were still a fairly large number of consumers who, although they were interested in digital photography and had considerable experience with film cameras, felt that digital cameras were "complicated" or "difficult to use". The CAMEDIA C-3100ZOOM was therefore developed so that these consumers could comfortably put their photographic experience to work in a new digital medium. Offering 3-megapixel image quality and 3x zoom versatility, it is a digital camera that combines superior handling with Mode Dial operation and other features that make it as easy to use as a conventional film camera. What is more, its menu navigation system and controls make it easy for film-camera users to enjoy digital-only creative features such as sharpness and contrast control.

Main Features
Easy Handling and Convenient Mode Dial Operation
The body of the camera is designed for easy handling, with a comfortable grip that enhances stability when shooting. Attention to user convenience and easy operation is apparent in every detail. A Mode Dial and 4-key Arrow Pad make selection and adjustment of camera settings fast and easy.

Convenient Menu-Based Setting-Selection System
The settings menu displayed on the camera's built-in color LCD monitor is exceptionally easy to use. The top-level directory offers four gateways: one gives users access to all of the advanced settings; the other three can be customized to provide quick access to frequently used settings. Even when using the advanced settings gateway, a four-tab menu display (Shooting, Image Quality, Card, Settings) makes it easy for users to find the setting they are looking for. In addition, a confirmation dialog helps prevent accidental deletion of stored images.

Programmed Shooting Modes ("Scene Program")
The Mode Dial provides instant access to four programmed shooting modes (Portrait, Sports, Night Scene, and Landscape-Portrait). Users simply choose the mode that matches the scene they wish to shoot; the camera automatically applies the appropriate exposure, contrast, sharpness, and color reproduction settings. As a result, even first-time users can obtain outstanding image quality.

Contrast, Sharpness and Other Advanced Image Controls
Image sharpness and contrast can each be adjusted in 11 steps, and white balance can be adjusted in 15 steps. As a result, users can easily exercise expert-level image control, and obtain outstanding image fidelity with a digital dye-sublimation processing printer such as the CAMEDIA P-400.

'My Mode' Setting for Personalized Image Control
A user-customizable 'My Mode' allows users to select their favorite combination of image and color control settings and register them in the camera's memory. They can then access these settings with easy operation at any time simply by selecting My Mode. It's a fast and easy to way to enjoy truly personalized image control.

Noise Reduction Function
An advanced new noise reduction system suppresses image-data signal noise during long exposures, assuring beautiful results when shooting night scenes or fireworks.

Affordable 3-Megapixel, 3x Zoom Performance
Despite offering 3-megapixel-class image quality, 3x zoom versatility, and a wide range of advanced camera features, the CAMEDIA C-3100ZOOM boasts an affordable price in its class.
Versatile Imaging Features
Focusing Modes
An advanced iESP* autofocus system prevents focusing errors that can be caused by low background/foreground color contrast or off-center subject positioning. In addition, Spot AF mode gives users the creative freedom to focus on specific points within the frame, and manual focus can be set from 0.2m - infinity in 128-step increments.
* iESP: Intelligent Electro Selective Pattern

Light Metering Modes
Both digital ESP and Spot metering modes are offered. Proprietary digital ESP metering assures outstanding results even when shooting in backlight or high-contrast situations, while Spot mode allows users to take readings from a specific area of the frame.

Exposure Modes
Four exposure modes are offered to meet the needs of a wide range of user's preference. Included are Program AE, Aperture-Priority AE, Shutter-Speed-Priority AE, and Manual exposure modes, as well as an AE Lock function. In Manual exposure mode, shutter speeds of up to 16 seconds can be set.

White Balance Modes
Proprietary iESP auto white balance assures natural colors and skin tones under a wide range of lighting conditions. And for the rare occasions when conditions are too complex for auto white balance shooting, pre-set daylight, overcast, tungsten light, and fluorescent light settings are also provided. There is also a One-Touch White Balance function that allows current white balance settings to be stored for later use, ensuring that color values remain constant even if the lighting changes.

Exposure Compensation & Auto Bracketing
In addition to ±2EV exposure compensation settable in 1/3-step increments, the CAMEDIA C-3100ZOOM features auto bracketing. With auto bracketing activated, the camera automatically 'brackets' a picture taken at standard exposure settings with two others taken at slightly higher and lower exposure settings. (Not available in all shooting modes.)

Flash Modes
In addition to the four basic flash modes (Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Off and Fill-In), a Slow Synchronization mode with Red-Eye Reduction, First-curtain, and Second-curtain settings is offered. Using the three Slow Synchronization modes, users can take natural-looking pictures of people with a darkened room or city lights in the background, and capture 'trails' created by moving lights or other subjects.

1.7-Frame/Sec. Sequential Shooting
Sequential mode offers frame advance speeds of up to 1.7 frames per second in HQ (2,048 x 1,536) mode, eliminating worries about missed shots. For moving subjects, there is also a convenient AF Sequential mode that refocuses the camera before each shot.

ISO Sensitivity Settings
CCD sensitivity can be set to Auto or any of three fixed settings. (Fixed settings approx. equivalent to ISO 100, 200, and 400.) The higher settings can be used to facilitate flash-free shooting, and to suppress blurriness when taking zoom telephoto shots in low light.
Other Features
Easy Motion-JPEG* Movies
15 fps QuickTime Motion-JPEG movie clips can also be created with the CAMEDIA C-3100ZOOM. Using the 16MB SmartMediaTM card included with the camera, users can record up to 168 seconds in SQ mode (160 x 120 pixels), or up to 38 seconds in HQ mode (320 x 240 pixels).
* QuickTime Motion JPEG is a registered trademark of Apple Computer of the United States.

Special Shooting Modes
A number of special shooting modes are also provided. In addition to Sepia and Monochrome modes, there are White Board and Black Board modes that use binary image processing to enhance the legibility of text written on a white board or black board.

Digital Zoom Mode
In Digital Zoom mode, the 3x optical zoom is supplemented by seamless 2.5x digital zooming for a maximum of 7.5x magnification.

Storage-Class* USB Interface
A storage-class USB interface and USB cable are provided for fast, easy downloading of large image files. In addition, image files in the camera can be manipulated using Windows Explorer(R) or other third-party software applications.
* Supported operating systems: Windows(R) 98/Windows 98SE (using included driver software); Windows 2000 Professional; Windows Me(R); Mac OS 9.0-9.1.

123,000 pixel TFT Color LCD Monitor
A bright, 1.8-inch, TFT LCD color monitor allows images to be viewed during or immediately after shooting. In addition, the displayed images can be enlarged up to three times.

Optional Accessories
  Dust & Water Protector
An optional PT-010 dust and water protector (available from Olympus ProMarketing Inc.) allows user to enjoy totally worry-free digital photography - even at the ocean or in the mountains, at construction sites, or in other environmentally demanding locations. The protector body is constructed of rugged polycarbonate resin, and is equipped with waterproof seals that allow underwater shooting to a depth of 30m.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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