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October 25, 2001
Olympus Announces
IPLEX Industrial Videoscope System
Outstanding portability and ease of use, with an ultra-slim 4.4mm insertion tube
and 3D viewing via Eye-Trek Face-Mounted Display.
IPLEX Industrial Videoscope System
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the introduction of the Olympus IPLEX industrial videoscope system. The IPLEX is designed to handle a wide range of industrial inspection tasks, and combines unparalleled ease of transportation and setup with advanced features such as stereo measurement*1, direct PC connectivity, and remote control operation. It also boasts a 4.4mm insertion tube that is currently rated the world's slimmest. When used with an optional 3D Eye-Trek FMD (Face-Mounted Display), the IPLEX offers 3D viewing that reveals perspective and rich surface detail. With 3D viewing, tube insertion and navigation are easier, allowing more thorough and efficient inspection.

Scope Variation
Outer diameter Insertion tube length
4.4mm (in dia.) 3.5m
6.0mm (in dia.) 3.5m, 5.0m, 7.5m, 9.6m

IPLEX Special Web Site
Product Overview
An all-in-one system that includes everything necessary for complex inspection tasks.
All functions can be controlled from a single handheld remote control unit.
Stereo measurement allowing defect measurement from any angle.
Direct PC connectivity on site.
3D viewing via FMD for more thorough and detailed inspection.
  IPLEX Industrial Videoscope System
Development Background
The Olympus IPLEX was developed to meet market demand for a self-contained, all-in-one industrial videoscope system that combines sophisticated inspection features with outstanding ease of use. It is an ideal system for fast, efficient inspection and maintenance of aircraft engines, power-generating facilities, plant and building piping systems, with superior design that contributes significantly to reduced operator fatigue.
Since the founding of its industrial endoscope business unit in 1968, Olympus has leveraged its expertise and overwhelming market leadership in medical endoscopy to develop high-performance inspection systems for industry. The IPLEX represents the culmination of its experience and leadership, and combines outstanding ease of transportation, setup, operation and storage with advanced viewing, recording and measuring functions.

Main Features
Complete Range of Built-In Inspection Features
In addition to a rugged chassis and impact-resistant case, the IPLEX is an all-in-one system that features a detachable, 5.6-inch, high-resolution color LCD monitor, a high-intensity light source, a master control unit, a handheld remote control, and a built-in winding drum for the flexible insertion tube.

Remote Control of All Inspection Functions
Remote Control The 160g (approx.) handheld remote control allows all inspection functions to be controlled with one hand. A joystick provides precise control over motorized angulation of the insertion tube tip, image brightness, seamless electronic zoom, split-screen display of stored and live images, and removable memory card*2 recording of still and moving images and sound annotation.

Stereo Imaging for Precise Measurement from Any Angle
Two parallax lenses provide stereo measurement capabilities via triangulation*3 for accurate measurement of distances and surface configurations from virtually any angle. Users can choose any of six measurement modes - Distance, Point-to-Line, Depth, Lines, Area, or Profile - to suit the needs of the task at hand.

Connect to PC on Site
Stored images and sound annotations can be quickly downloaded to a PC at the inspection site via USB. In addition, IPLEX Manager software (standard on the IPLEX SA) can be used to control IPLEX functions via PC, perform measurement operations on stored images, create reports, and edit and send images via e-mail.

Detailed 3D Image Viewing via FMD
A compact, lightweight 3D Eye-Trek face-mounted display (optional) provides switchable 2D/3D imaging for detailed inspection of surface anomalies that are normally difficult to view.
*1 Stereo measurement via triangulation of parallax lens views.
*2 Lexar Media 32MB CompactFlash memory card.
*3 Triangulation measurement calculation based on viewing angle to, and distance between, two given points.
Industrial Videoscope
Detailed Specifications
Basic Functions
Optical Adapter
X X X Various types available (field of view, direction of view, depth of field, aperture)
4-Way Motorized
(with fine-tuning mode)
X X X Angulation range (up-down/right-left): φ6mm (outer diameter) type: 150degrees/φ4.4mm type: 120degrees
Tough Tapered Flex
Inspection Tube
X X X Tube becomes more pliable towards distal end; crush resistance over three times higher than conventional tubes
Scope Length Index Line X X X Marked in 500mm increments
LCD Monitor X X X 5.6 inch TFT full-color; detachable from main unit
LCD Fixing Device
X X X Two-step expandable; maximum height 964mm
Remote Controller X X X Can be equipped with LCD monitor/ 3D Eye-Trek
50-W Metal-halide
Light Source
X X X Lamp life: 300 hour
Integrated Shock-resistant
X X X Dimensions: 508(W) x 290(D) x 528(H) mm, Weight approx. 22kg
Rod Hands & Casters X X X  
Insertion Tube Winding
X X X  
Power Supply X X X Voltage: 100-120V/220-240V(AC) , 12-30V(DC), Max Power Consumption:250VA(AC), 288W(DC), Frequency: 50/60/400 Hz(AC)
CCU Functions
Freeze X X X Selectable between freeze and field, 4-frame memory possible(Basic model only)
Seamless Digital Zoom X X X Max 3x
Panning X X X  
Exposure X X X 17-500 msec (NTSC), 20-500 msec (PAL)
Brightness Adjustment X X X 7 steps
Enhancement X X X 3 steps
Comparison X X X Live and retrieved images are displayed on split screen
Menu Language Selection X X X NTSC: Japanese or English, PAL: English, German or French
Recording Management Functions
Still Image Recording/
X X   File Format: When stereo adapter is selected - Uncompressed TIFF, when other adapter is selected - JPEG (standard quality or high quality). File Size: Uncompressed TIFF - 640KB, Standard quality JPEG - 100KB, High quality JPEG - 200KB. Resolution: NTSC - 640 x 480 pixels, PAL - 768 x 576 pixels.
Audio Recording/Playback X X   Recording Time: Max 60 sec, File Format: WAVE
Movie Image
X X   Recording Time: Variable depending on recording medium capacity
File Format: QuickTime M-JPEG, Resolution: NTSC- 320 x 240 pixels, PAL- 384 x 288 pixels.
Removable Media X X   32 MB recording medium provided as standard
Thumbnail Display X X   9-frame display
Search Function X X   Date search
Image Title Entry X X   Up to 15 alphanumeric characters and symbols can be entered
USB Terminal X X   USB version1.0
PDirect Recording to PC X X   Still image and still image with audio. Movies cannot be transferred.
Remote Operation by PC X X    
Measurement Functions
Scaler Measurement X X   Measures the distance between points. Calculation is based on known length within the same inspection image.
Stereo Measurement X     Distance: Measures the distance between two plotted points. Point-to-Line: Measures the distance from the required point to a hypothetical line defined by two designated points.
Depth: Measures the depth/height from the required point to a hypothetical plane defined by three designated points.
Area: Calculates the area surrounded by at most 20 designated points. Lines: Multiple positions for measurement of curved surfaces. Profile: The cross section of two designated points is represented with computer graphics.
Other Functions
3D Observation Optional Optional Optional Stereo Optical Adapter and 3D Eye-Trek are required
Rigid Sleeve Optional Optional Optional Length: 340mm/450mm
Extension Cable for
Remote Controller
Optional Optional Optional Length: 4m
Accessory Bag Optional Optional Optional  
Warnings when using 3D Eye-Trek FMD
  (1) Read manual for important safety information before use.
  (2) Not for use by children under 16.
  (3) Consult a physician before use if you have a heart disorder, high blood pressure, visual field impairment, or an eye movement or alignment disorder.
  (4) Do not walk or move about when wearing the display.
  (5) Always confirm the safety of your surroundings before putting on the display.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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