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March  7, 2002
Voice-Trek DS-10 Digital Voice Recorder
First in world with high-quality, WMA* -format recording mode
64 MB internal flash memory records up to 22 hours 20 minutes of sound
Sold with cradle for easy data transfers to and from a personal computer
Voice-Trek DS-10
Voice-Trek DS-10
* Voice-Trek is a registered trademark of Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. in Japan.
* This news release is only for the Japanese Market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. ( President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa ) is pleased to announce the new "Voice-Trek DS-10" Digital Voice Recorder. Designed with business users in mind, the "Voice-Trek DS-10" features up to 22 hours 20 minutes recording capacity, a high-quality, WMA* -format recording mode, noise cancellation and a variety of other functions. It comes packaged with software that transfers, playbacks and manages audio data and also provides an interface to third-party speech recognition software.
* WMA: An audio format included as a standard component of Microsoft operating systems since "Windows Me" and featuring both high quality audio and high levels of data compression.
The "Voice-Trek DS-10" is the latest evolution of a series of PC-connectable IC recorders, Olympus' acclaimed "Voice-Trek DS-1" and "Voice-Trek DS-650." Designed with business users in mind, the new "Voice-Trek DS-10" features high-quality audio, a variety of functions, simple operations, and a refined, ergonomic design.
With audio quality at the highest levels in the industry and a wide array of new functions, the "Voice-Trek DS-10" goes beyond a tool for simple voice memos and can be used to record meetings, lectures, negotiations and interviews.
Top Features
Internal memory records up to 22 hours 20 minutes
High Quality Mode uses WMA format
Noise cancellation functions
Designed for portability and ease of use
LCD with kanji display functions
Repeat playback functions and choice of 3 playback speeds
Bundled USB connection kit and cradle for connection to both Windows and Macintosh computers
Main Features
1. Internal memory records up to 22 hours 20 minutes *
The "Voice-Trek DS-10" uses a 64 MB flash memory as its recording medium, and is capable of approximately 4 hours 20 minutes continuous recording in "High Quality Mode," approximately 10 hours 25 minutes in "Standard Play Mode," and approximately 22 hours 20 minutes in "Long Play Mode." The unit uses digital recording technology to provide instant access to any recorded file at the touch of a button.

High Quality Mode Approx.4 hours 20 minutes
Standard Play Mode Approx. 10 hours 25 minutes
Long Play Mode Approx. 22 hours 20 minutes
Recording Time for Voice-Trek DS-10
* Use the "A324" AC adapter ( sold separately ) if continuous recording is likely to exceed battery life. All recording times listed in this document are potential continuous recording times. Actual recording may be shorter if repeated, short recordings are made.

2. High Quality Mode uses WMA format
The "Voice-Trek DS-10" is the first portable recorder to offer Microsoft WMA ( Windows Media Audio ) *1 format in addition to conventional DSS *2 Standard Play
Mode and Long Play Mode recording.

The High Quality Mode uses WMA 32 kbps, 44 kHz sampling rate, monaural recording to achieve extremely close fidelity to the original speech while keeping data volumes low. The "Voice-Trek DS-10" is limited to frequencies below 7 kHz for copyright protection purposes, but its sampling rate of 44 kHz is the same as used in music CDs, and it rigorously suppresses the noise generated by conversion to digital data.
*1 WMA: An audio format included as a standard component of Microsoft operating systems since "Windows Me" and featuring both high quality audio and high levels of data compression. A music CD compressed with the WMA format provides quality on par with the original CD using only 48 kbps data. Olympus was one of the first to understand the potential of WMA technology and has worked in close collaboration with Microsoft and Texas Instruments to develop the world's first WMA-format portable recorder.
*2 DSS: "Digital Speech Standard," a standard developed by Olympus, Phillips ( Netherlands ) and Grundig ( Germany ).

3. Noise cancellation functions
The "Voice-Trek DS-10" includes noise cancellation functions to achieve clear recording even in noisy environments. This technology, licensed from Cortologic AG, focuses on the unique modulation frequency range generated by the human voice and digitally removes sounds outside of that frequency range, making it possible to eliminate noise in the same frequency band as the voice, something that is almost impossible with conventional filters. The unit comes with three noise cancellation levels, -- OFF / LOW / HIGH -- that can be selected at playback mode according to the amount of noise in the recording.

4. Designed for portability and ease of use
The "Voice-Trek DS-10" maintains the large buttons and functional layout that won praise for the "Voice-Trek DS-1" and the "Voice-Trek DM-1," but features a rounder body that is easier to hold and naturally guides the fingers to the proper place. The aluminum case gives the unit a touch of elegance and quality, and a new metal clip and a strap hole are included to improve portability.

5. LCD with kanji display functions
The large, full dot LCD displays hiragana and kanji as well as fast alphanumeric, katakana characters and numerals for easy to read Japanese-language displays of the date, time, mode, file information and warnings. A backlight is included for use in dark environments.

6. Repeat playback functions and choice of 3 playback speeds
The new "repeat playback function" allows the user to repeat any section of a file, a capability requested from those using IC recorders for language learning. In addition to the conventional 1.5 speed "Fast Playback" Mode, the "Voice-Trek DS-10" also has a new 0.75 speed "Slow Playback" Mode. State-of-the-art digital signal processing plays the sound back at the original pitch in fast or slow mode.

7. USB connection kit and cradle for connection to both Windows and Macintosh computers
The "Voice-Trek DS-10" comes with a USB connection cable and "DSS Player" audio playback software for high-speed data transfers to and from personal computers. The cradle *1 included with a unit makes PC connection even easier -- just set the "Voice-Trek DS-10" on the cradle and you're ready to go.

Recorded audio files can be transferred to a computer and, for example, attached to e-mail.*2 The "Voice-Trek DS-10" is USB audio class compatible and can be used as a USB microphone and USB speaker for Windows computers. *3

When used as a microphone, the unit can record up to about 100 hours directly to hard disk. *4

"DSS Player" is an application designed for users who wish to create text files directly from speech and also comes with convenient functions to play back audio files while using word processing software. "DSS Player" can convert DSS files to WAVE, the standard Windows audio format, and AIFF, the standard Macintosh audio format, so that recordings can be played back on other computers as well.

Voice-Trek DS-10 Cradle
*1 Used for data transfers. Does not recharge battery.
*2 "Voice-Trek DS-10" does not include electronic mail software. Use a commercial mail software. If the recipient computer does not have "DSS Player" installed, "DSS Player-Lite" can be downloaded from the Olympus web site to play back files.
*3 Cannot be used as a USB microphone or speaker with Macintosh computers.
*4 Actual recording times will depend upon the free space on the hard disk.

8.Converts voice to text ( works with voice recognition software ) *
Speech files recorded in High Quality or Standard Play mode can be used with third-party speech recognition software such as IBM's "ViaVoice" or Just System's "VoiceATOK." Speech files recorded with the "Voice-Trek DS-10" normally achieve high accuracy.
* Voice recognition functions can only be used with the Windows version. The use of voice recognition software requires that the speaker's voice profile be pre-recorded. It is not suitable to meetings and conversations where there are several speakers and speech is not constant, nor to lectures etc. where noise is also recorded.

9. Voice activation ( VCVA recording )
Built-in VCVA ( Variable Control Voice Actuator ) functions automatically start recording when a voice is picked up and stop recording 1 second after the voice stops to conserve memory and battery power, prevent time loss during playback, and make longer recordings possible. Digital technology provides a fast response time with little if any of the initial recording lost. The voice activation level can be set in 15 increments depending on the recording environment. The level indicator makes easier to adjust the start up level according to the input signal.

10. Convenient folder and file management functions
Recorded audio files are placed in one of 5 folders, named A through E. Each folder can hold up to 199 files, for a total of 995 files on the memory chip. Files can be categorized according to use, priority level or other user-selected criteria. Each of the 5 folders can be assigned a name of up to 8 characters, and each file can be given a comment of up to 100 characters. Commonly used words like "MEETING," "MEMO," or "SCHEDULE," are pre-set in a template for user-friendliness. Kanji input is possible with a USB connection to a personal computer. If the unit's clock is set, the date and time of the recording are automatically stored in the file to further improve file management.

11. Index marking
Index marks can be set during either recording or playback to immediately jump to the desired location at playback. Index marks can also be erased later.

12. Alarm playback
The "Voice-Trek DS-10" will sound alarms at preset times and play back a pre-recorded voice file if a button is pushed. Some common uses of the alarm function are for scheduling, reminders, or as an alarm clock.

13. External power
The "Voice-Trek DS-10" is capable of approximately 12 hours recording or 8 hours playback with 2 AAA alkaline batteries (according to Olympus tests). The A324 AC adapter (sold separately in Japan) enables longer recording and playback without worrying about battery life.
Specifications of
Voice-Trek DS-10
Recording Format Digital recording in accordance with Digital Speech Standard ( DSS ) and Windows Media Audio ( WMA )
Recording Medium Built-in 64 MB flash memory
Folders 5 folders ( A, B, C, D, E )
Number of Messages Max. 199 per folder. Total for 5 folders: max. 995
Recommended Input Level -70 dBv
Overall Frequency Response
HQ mode:  300 - 7,000Hz
SP Mode:  300 - 5,000Hz
LP Mode:  300 - 3,000Hz
Recording Time
HQ mode:  Approx. 4 hours 20 mins
SP Mode:  Approx. 10 hours 25 mins
LP Mode:   Approx. 22 hours 20 mins
Speaker Built-in 28 mm-diameter round dynamic speaker
Microphone Jack 3.5 mm-diameter mini-jack ( 2 k ohm impedance )
Earphone Jack 3.5 mm-diameter mini-jack, ( 8 ohm or more impedance )
Practical Max. Output 250 mW or more ( 8 ohm speaker )
Battery Life
Recording:  Approx. 12 hours
Playback:  Approx. 8 hours
( with alkaline batteries, based on Olympus tests )
Power Source
Rated voltage:  3V DC
Batteries:  Two AAA batteries ( LR03 or R03 )
External power supply:  AC adapter
External Dimensions 108 (H) x 41.5 (W) x 21 (D) mm ( without protrusions )
Weight 75 g ( including batteries )
Accessories Monaural Earphone, Two AAA Alkaline Batteries, cradle, USB connecting cable, PC connecting cable, CD-ROM, Instructions ( including warranty card ), quick guide
USB connection kit ( DSS Player ) Operating Environment <Windows>
OS Supported Microsoft Windows 98 / 98 SE / ME / 2000 Professional / XP Professional / XP Home Edition
PCs Supported DOS/V machines ( IBM PC/AT compatible machines )
CPU Pentium II 333MHz or faster ( Recommended Pentium III or faster )
RAM Min. 64MB ( Recommended min. 128MB )
Hard Disk Space Min. 10MB
Sound Board Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or 100% compatible card
Display Min. 800 x 600 dots., min. 256 colors
CD-ROM Drive Min. 2x CD-ROM or CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM
USB Port At least 1 free USB port
Audio Output Speaker or earphone output
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher
USB connection kit ( DSS Player ) Operating Environment <Macintosh>
OS Supported Mac OS 8.6 / 9.0 / 9.1 / 9.2 / 10.1
PCs Supported iMac, iBook, Power Mac G3*/ G4, PowerBook G3*
( * Only with USB port as standard )
RAM Min. 16MB
Hard Disk Space Min. 5MB
Display Min. 800 x 600 dots., min. 256 colors
CD-ROM Drive Min. 2x CD-ROM
USB Port At least 1 free USB port
Audio Output Speaker or earphone output
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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