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June  3, 2002
CAMEDIA Master Pro 4.0
Easy-to-use Software with Fully Graphical User Interface Harnesses the Power of Real Digital Images
Startup Screen of CAMEDIA Master Pro 4.0
Startup Screen of CAMEDIA Master Pro 4.0
* This news release is only for the Asian market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) will begin sale CAMEDIA Master Pro 4.0 which is a digital camera image editing and management software designed to take full advantage of real digital images and yet be very accessible to newcomers to personal computing.

CAMEDIA Master Pro 4.0 employs a visually intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) that provides an even wider spectrum of digital camera users with the versatility to enjoy their digital images more than ever before. CAMEDIA Master Pro 4.0 provides users with many easy-to-use and versatile functions, such as the ability to browse images in album or slideshow format, edit images and movie-clips in a variety of ways, and print images in calendar, postcard, album and other formats. In addition, CAMEDIA Master Pro 4.0 offers features sure to please advanced users, such as a thumbnail view feature that allows users to view many images at once and a printing feature that prints both the images and their property information to create an image contact sheet.

Main Features
Designed with a visually intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) that even newcomers to home computing will find easy-to-use
Capable of easily transferring images directly from the user's digital camera to the computer via a cable connection
Capable of a variety of printing options including calendar, album, postcard, index, contact sheet (which prints the property information and/or notes that go along with the images)
Provides a variety of image browsing methods (album, slideshow format, etc.)
Equipped with various methods of editing such as instant fix, various color filtering (including basic filtering for sepia and black-and-white), panoramic stitching, and more
Supports editing of movie-clips taken with digital cameras as well

Development Background
Although many users who are familiar with home computing and digital images are currently making the best of their digital experience by taking full advantage of the features associated with digital photography, Olympus observed that users who are new to home computing are simply storing the pictures they have taken with their digital cameras to their computers and then occasionally browsing through them. In light of this observation, Olympus developed CAMEDIA Master Pro 4.0 with an iconized GUI (graphical user interface) so that even the most beginning home computer user would be able, at a mere glance, to immediately understand how to use this software program.

Also, Olympus incorporated a popular feature from the CAMEDIA Master 2.5, the thumbnail view feature that allows users to view many images at once. The new contact sheet printing feature that allows advanced camera users to print information such as property information and/or notes along with images and other advanced features are worthy of the Pro name.

CAMEDIA Master Pro 4.0 combines easy-to-use features for beginners along with advanced features that will also please professional users. In doing so, we at Olympus believe that many more users will use our image editing and management software for digital cameras, since it provides all CAMEDIA users with a simple way to get even more enjoyment out of their digital cameras.

Feature Details
1. Visually Intuitive GUI that Beginners will Immediately Understand How to Use
All operations can be performed using the easy-to-understand iconized GUI, which makes the software very accessible to users who are new to home computing.

2. Major Improvements in Image Transferring
Thanks to improvements in the software, Olympus digital camera users will find it easier than ever before to transfer images from their cameras to their computers via a serial or USB cable.

3. Various Ways to Browse Images
Images can be viewed in album, thumbnail (displays many images at once), single, full-screen slideshow and other formats.

4. Major Improvement in Printing
In addition to single style printing, users can also perform index, calendar, postcard, album and contact sheet (which includes property information and/or notes with the images) style printing.

5. Additional Functions for Even More Ways to Enjoy Your Images
Image attachment to e-mail, HTML album creation, wallpaper creation, slideshow creation, screensaver creation and other functions have been added to further enhance your digital camera lifestyle.

6. Improved Editing Power
Numerous editing features are now available, including instant fix that allows you to automatically adjust the color and contrast of your images, color filtering (including sepia and black-and-white), image compositing with a variety of templates, distortion-correction, and manual overlapping to perform panoramic stitching of multiple images.

7. Movie-clip Editing
Users can edit movie-clips (motion JPEG formatted images) taken with their digital cameras. In addition, users can rotate pictures they took at a vertical angle back to the right viewing position, extract still images from movie-clips and delete unnecessary segments from movie-clips. In addition, color filtering (including sepia and black-and-white) and instant fix features are also available for movie-clips.

Functions Supported
Get image From camera
From media
Album Image organization Album list
Folder tree
Image and movie display Browse mode
View mode
Sound playback
Linked sound recording
Rename all
Format conversion
Print Photo
Index print
Contact sheet
HTML albumWallpaper
Slide show Playback on whole screen
Screen saver
Movie creation
Auto panorama Two-dimensional stitching
Panorama 360 degrees
Free stitch panorama
Image edit Save
Save as a named file
Copy image
Rotate Clockwise 90 degrees
Counterclockwise 90 degrees
180 degrees
Flip Top-to-bottom
Insert text
Template superimpose
Distortion correction
Filter functions Brightness
Color balance
Hue, saturation, and lightness
Red-eye reduction
Instant fix
Area selection mode Rectangle
Scroll mode
Movie edit Editing Rotate
Save a frame
Filter Sepia
Instant fix

System Requirements
  This software is designed to run in the following systems.
    Windows version
OS Windows 98 / 98SE / Me / 2000 Professional / XP (USB interface)
Windows 95 / 98 / 98SE / Me / 2000 Professional / NT4.0 SP3 or later/XP (serial interface)
CPU Pentium or higher
RAM 64 MB or more (128 MB or more recommended)
Hard disk capacity 120 MB or more (for standard installation)
Connector USB port (USB interface)
RS-232C interface (serial interface)
Monitor Minimum 800 x 600 pixel resolution
Minimum 65,536 colors
    Macintosh version
OS Mac OS 9.0 or later / OS X 10.1 (USB interface)
Mac OS 8.6 to 9.2 (serial interface)
CPU Power Macintosh
RAM 40 MB or more for applications
Hard disk capacity 120 MB or more (for standard installation)
Connector USB port (USB interface)
Serial port Mini-DIN 8-pin connector (serial interface)
Monitor Minimum 800 x 600 pixel resolution
Minimum 32,000 colors
  For information on support for the latest versions of operating systems, visit the Olympus web site (

  To transfer images directly from a digital camera you will need to purchase an interface cable to connect the camera to the computer.

  The functions for connecting a camera to the computer and directly transferring images are only available with an Olympus digital camera.

  Operation of the USB connection between computer and camera has been confirmed for Mac OS 8.6 with USB Mass Storage Support 1.3.5.

File Formats
Type Format Supported operations
Images Exif-JPEG (*.jpg) Display and saving
Exif-TIFF (*.tif) Display and saving
JFIF-JPEG (*.jpg) Display and saving
TIFF (*.tif) Display and saving
Bitmap (*.bmp) Display and saving (Windows version only)
PICT Display and saving (Macintosh version only)
RAW Data (*.orf) Display
PNG Display
PSD Display
Movie QuickTime movie (*.mov) Playback and creation
AVI (*.avi) Playback
Sound Wave (*.wav) Playback and recording
MP3 (*.mp3) Playback
MIDI (*.mid) Playback
DSS (*.dss) Playback
RAW  Format recorded by Olympus E-10 and E-20 digital cameras
DSS  Audio format recorded by an Olympus voice recorder.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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