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June 11, 2002
Olympus Announces
SUPERZOOM 105G Compact 35mm Camera
with High-Performance 38 - 105mm 3x Zoom Lens
High-performance 38 - 105mm 3x zoom lens
Full-featured performance at an affordable price
Compact, lightweight and stylish design
* Information in this news release applies to the Asian market only.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the SUPERZOOM 105G compact 35mm camera. Equipped with a powerful, high-performance, 38 - 105mm 3x zoom lens and an intelligent variable-power flash, the SUPERZOOM 105G is affordable, stylish, and exceptionally easy to use, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of camera users.
Top Features
High-performance, 38 - 105mm 3x zoom lens with two aspherical lens elements
Compact, lightweight, and stylish design
Intelligent variable-power flash with multiple flash modes
High-accuracy, 525-step autofocus system
Affordable and easy to use
Development Background
The SUPERZOOM 105G was developed in response to user demand for versatile 3x zoom power in an affordable and easy-to-use 35mm compact camera. Featuring the chic styling and attractive silky-gold finish that helped make the SUPERZOOM 70G/80G* a big success, the SUPERZOOM 105G adds 3x zoom, an intelligent variable-power flash and other features designed to meet the needs of the market.
* Introduced in May 2002
Main features
1.  38 - 105mm High-Performance Zoom Lens
The SUPERZOOM 105G's high-performance 38 - 105mm lens offers 3x zoom versatility, and features two aspherical lens elements for crisp, distortion-free imaging with minimum weight and bulk. The 3x zoom range has proven to be extremely popular with camera users of all levels, and provides outstanding flexibility for framing and shooting in a wide range of situations.
2.  Light, Compact Body with Stylish, Silky-Gold Finish
Light, compact design and a sliding lens barrier enhance portability and handling ease. The standard model* measures 118mm(W) x 64.5mm(H) x 50mm(D) and weighs 225g.
* The Quartz Date model measures 118mm(W) x 64.5mm(H) x 54mm(D) and weighs just 230g.
3.  Intelligent Variable-Power Flash with a Full Range of Flash Functions
The intelligent variable-power flash system automatically regulates flash brightness according subject distance, providing full-power illumination when the subject is far away, and soft-flash illumination when the subject is up close. Six flash modes are provided to ensure beautiful results in a wide range of shooting conditions.

Auto Flash Mode: Fires the flash automatically in low light.

Red-Eye Reduction Flash Mode: Fires a rapid series of pre-flashes before the main flash fires, reducing red-eye by helping the subject's eyes adjust to the bright light of the flash.

Flash Off Mode: Prevents the flash from firing; ideal for available-light photography and situations where flash photography is prohibited.

Fill-In Flash Mode: Fires the flash with every shot. Can be used to erase unwanted shadows when shooting in bright sunlight or other high-contrast lighting conditions.

Night Scene Mode: Fires the flash to illuminate the foreground subject while selecting a slower shutter speed to ensure that background scenery is properly exposed; ideal for sunsets and nighttime cityscapes.

Red-Eye Reduction Night Scene Mode: Allows users to simultaneously enjoy the benefits of Red-Eye Reduction Flash and Night Scene modes.
4.  High-Accuracy 525-Step Autofocus System
A 525-step autofocus system provides outstanding accuracy for sharp, crisp results with every shot.
Other Features
Real-image zoom viewfinder
Electronic self-timer with 12-sec. delay
ISO 50 - 3200 auto film speed setting
Date/time imprinting (Quartzdate model only)
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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