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June 11, 2002
Olympus Announces
TRIP 500/505 and TRIP AF 50/AF 51
Compact 35mm Cameras
Compact and lightweight with sleek, stylish body design
High-quality optical glass lens
Fully automatic operation
TRIP 500 TRIP 505
TRIP 500 TRIP 505
* Information in this news release applies to the Asian market only. Not all models are available in all countries.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the TRIP 500/505 and TRIP AF 50/AF 51 compact 35mm cameras. The TRIP 500/505 offer focus-free convenience, and the TRIP AF 50/AF 51 feature a high-performance autofocus system.
Ever since the TRIP 35 was introduced in 1968, the Olympus TRIP series has been a favorite of entry-level camera users worldwide. Now, with the introduction of these ultra-stylish new models, the TRIP lineup is more exciting than ever. Sleek, contoured body lines reflect a proud Olympus heritage, while features such as motorized film transport and a built-in flash with Red-Eye Reduction offer enhanced shooting ease for hassle-free photo fun. Affordable and easy to use, the new TRIP cameras are a great way to capture precious memories on film.
Top Features
Compact, lightweight body with metallic finish and sleek, stylish design
Full-auto operation with automatic film winding/rewinding and automatic flash
Precision Olympus optics (glass lens on TRIP 505 and TRIP AF 50/AF 51)
Versatile flash modes and LCD panel (TRIP 505)
Electronic self-timer (TRIP 505/AF51)
Development Background
The new TRIP 500/505 and TRIP AF 50/AF 51 were developed to bring Olympus quality and style to the global market for entry-level 35mm compact cameras, with particular emphasis on rapidly growing markets in India, Asia, Russia, and Eastern Europe. Consumer preferences in these key markets were carefully studied and researched to develop the cameras' sleek, stylish body design, and high-quality Olympus features were incorporated to add to the cameras' appeal. Available in a wide range of configurations, the TRIP 500/505 and TRIP AF 50/AF 51 offer outstanding quality and value at an exceptionally affordable price.
Main features
1.  Compact and Lightweight with Sleek, Stylish Body Design
Light, compact design ensures outstanding portability and easy handling, with smooth, flowing body lines and attractive styling that reflect the cameras' high quality and Olympus heritage. A lustrous metallic finish further enhances consumer appeal.
2.  Fully Automatic Operation
All models feature full-auto operation with automatic film winding/rewinding and automatic flash. The TRIP 500/505 offer focus-free convenience, and the TRIP AF 50/AF 51 offer point-and-shoot autofocusing.
3.  Precision Olympus Optics
Precision-crafted, 28mm wide-angle Olympus lenses ensure sharp, clear imaging for superior photo quality, with a wide field of view that is ideal for group photos. High-quality optical glass lens construction is featured on the TRIP 505 and TRIP AF 50/AF 51.
4.  Auto Flash in Low Light
All models feature automatic flash activation to ensure proper exposure when shooting in low light, and the TRIP 500 and TRIP AF 50/AF 51 are equipped with a red-eye reduction lamp on the front of the camera.
5.  Versatile Flash Modes and LCD Panel (TRIP 505)
The TRIP 505 is equipped with an advanced flash system with user-selectable Auto Flash, Red-Eye Reduction Flash, Fill-In Flash and Flash Off modes. In addition, ease of use is enhanced by a large LCD panel on the top of the camera that displays the frame number, battery check, flash mode and self-timer status.
6.  Electronic self-timer (TRIP 505 & TRIP AF 51)
An electronic self-timer with a 12-second delay makes it easy for the photographer to join in the fun when taking group photos.
Other Features
Quartz Date function for automatic date/time imprinting on each frame; features Year/Month/Day, Month/Day/Year, Day/Month/Year, Day/Hour/Minute and Off settings (Quartzdate Model Only)
ISO 100-400 auto film speed setting
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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