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July 23, 2002
Integrated Endosurgery System with Emphasis on Hospital Management Efficiency and Operating Theater Staff's Convenience
New Models of the EndoALPHA
EndoALPHA trolley system EndoALPHA ( Boom-mounted system )
EndoALPHA trolley system EndoALPHA ( Boom-mounted system )
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* Information in this news release applies to the Japanese market.
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Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa) is pleased to announce the launch of new models of the EndoALPHA Integrated Endosurgery System. The system enables integrated control of the various equipment used during endosurgery, including the video system, light source, insufflator, and high-frequency electrosurgical unit. The system can shorten operating time through enhanced operating theater staff's convenience, improve hospital management efficiency and offer the wide range of application in various surgical procedures. Following the Japanese launch on July 28, the EndoALPHA system will be launched successively on North American, European, and other markets.
The EndoALPHA system will be on display at the 57th Congress of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery (Chairman: Dr. Yoshio Yamaoka, Professor, Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Kyoto University), which is being held at the Kyoto International Conference Hall from July 28 through 30.
Main Features
  1. Integrated control of various endosurgery equipment
  2. Centralized display for image and equipment settings
  3. Simple control by voice activation
  4. Easy system expansion
  5. Facilitates efficient surgical procedures
Background to Market Launch
With progressive reforms to the Japanese healthcare system, attention is now being focused on efficient hospital management. Endosurgery is being selected more and more as patient-friendly treatment because it is a less invasive procedure than conventional open surgery. Hospital managements are now demanding more functional and efficient surgical facilities. Moreover, surgeons and nurses require Endosurgery systems that can be used in a wide range of surgical procedures and that are convenient to use in terms of setting up and manipulating the various endosurgery equipment involved. The new EndoALPHA was developed with hospital management efficiency and operating theater staff convenience in mind. More than just a manufacturer of integrated surgical endoscopes, Olympus Optical is a total service provider, covering everything from equipment to system servicing, and plans to continue contributing to the advancement of medicine and surgery in this way.
Details of Main Features
  1. Integrated control of various endosurgery equipment
    The system can be used to control a wide range of endosurgery equipment, from video systems to therapeutic devices such as ultrasonic surgical system and high-frequency electrosurgical unit. Because of the easy customization function of equipment to match the clinical procedure, the system can be used and shared easily by various department. Moreover, the system allows one-touch set-up for all equipment, through the recording of individual settings according to clinical procedure and surgeon.
  2. Centralized display for image and equipment settings
    As well as easy manipulation using a touch-screen operating panel, the system features a centralized display for both image and equipment settings, which allows information to be shared among the operating theater staff. Moreover, as well as displaying the endoscope image, the video monitor and integrated display panel can be programmed for the selective display of images from other medical imaging equipment either during the operation or for pre-surgery images.
  3. Simple control by voice activity
    As well as the touch-screen operating panel, the Surgeons can also control the system using a one-touch surgeons controller or a voice-activated hands-free system.
  4. Easy System expansion
    The system has great potential for expansion, for example through conversion from a trolley system into a boom-mounted system or through connection with an imaging network.


Facilitates efficient surgical procedures
    The system continuously monitors data from the Endosurgery equipment and displays an error message on the integrated display panel if any problem occurs, thereby facilitating a precise response from the theater staff. Simple problems can be resolved by following on-screen instructions. The system also allows rapid maintenance by recording the surgeon's name, equipment settings, and operating history for each procedure.
Main EndoALPHA specifications (for trolley equipment)
Power supply *
50/60 Hz
Approx. 1700 VA
830 x 1865 x 600 mm ( W x H x D )
Approx. 230 kg
Integrated control
Features Nurse's control Panel, Surgeon's controller, Simple control by voice navigation
Features Universal Display and Nurse's control panel showing images, equipment settings, and error messages
Initial setting data
Up to 100 data sets
Image switching
Television system
Video monitor
Selective from 4 inputs
Selective from 4 inputs
Universal Display
Selective from 5 inputs and 1 PC card
Recording and
playing back
Recording media
Olympus SmartMedia, PC card adaptor
Recorded image
Image playback
JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap
System data
Recorded data
Equipment settings, operation history, error information, etc
Recording format
Text file
( Electromagnetic
Compatibility )
This device complies with IEC60601-1-2 when used in combination with devicescomplying with applicable EMC requirements.

Emission: ClassB(CISPR11)
  * Power supply and size calculated for a single trolley system (Control unit for Endosurgery, Nurse's control panel, Universal Display, Surgeon's controller, video monitor, video system, light source, insufflator, high-frequency electrosurgical unit, printer)
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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