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September 17, 2002
CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom Digital Camera
with 10x Optical Zoom Lens
10x optical zoom lens and 3-megapixel-class image quality
Supports both SmartMedia and the new "xD-Picture CardTM" media
CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom FRONT CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom BACK
CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom
* The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. ( President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa ) is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom, a high-performance compact digital camera with 3.2-megapixels ( effective ) and a 10x optical zoom lens with a range equivalent to 38 - 380mm zoom on a 35mm film camera.
The CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom follows in the footsteps of the CAMEDIA C-700 Ultra Zoom ( 2-megapixel, 10x optical zoom; released in March 2001 ) and the CAMEDIA C-720 Ultra Zoom ( 3-megapixel, 8x optical zoom; released in May 2002 ), taking the Olympus ULTRAZOOM concept one step further. With its 10x optical zoom lens and 3.2-megapixels ( effective ), the CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom combines powerful zoom capability with the high image quality that intermediate and advanced users demand.

New Super Macro capability lets users shoot dramatic close-ups, with very shallow depth of field, from as close as 4cm. It also has a live histogram function that graphically displays information for more accurate exposure control. In addition, it allows up to 28 minutes* of motion image recording, sound recording, and other features that capitalize on the potential of digital technology. The viewfinder features an improved 180,000-pixel, high-resolution color TFT that provides a sharp, clear view of the subject for framing and focusing.
* Using 128MB media and w/o voice
As recording media, the CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom accepts either SmartMedia or new xD-Picture CardTM media. Not only does xD-Picture Card technology offer a potential maximum capacity of up 8GB in the future, the xD-Picture Card's exceptionally compact size makes it possible to offer dual-media compatibility without increasing the size of the camera.
Top Features
High-performance 10x optical zoom lens and 3.2-megapixels ( effective ) combine
power and image quality
Super Macro, Histogram, and other advanced digital functions
The first CAMEDIA series camera to accept both Smart Media and the new xD-Picture Card
Development Background
The digital camera market has been marked by the emergence of a wide variety of consumer needs. Some of the strongest demand has been for compact, 8x and 10x high zoom power models, which are ideal for taking family pictures of school events and activities, as well as for outdoor sports and nature photography. The CAMEDIA C-700 Ultra Zoom confirmed this when it was introduced in March 2001 and became one of our best-selling products.

By applying our lens design and production expertise to the task, Olympus was able to lead the industry in the development and introduction of compact digital cameras with "ultrazoom" capability. We have continued to add to the ULTRAZOOM line-up, and are currently the only manufacturer to offer a compact digital camera with more than 8x zoom power. Now, with the introduction of the CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom, we will further consolidate our dominance in this high-growth market segment.
Main Features
3.2-Megapixel ( Effective )10x Ultrazoom Evolution
The lens is a refined version of the bright, F2.8 - 3.5 10x zoom lens with two aspherical lens elements ( zoom range equivalent to 38 - 380mm on a 35mm film camera ) that was developed for the CAMEDIA C-700 Ultra Zoom. Offering improved resolving power, it has been fine-tuned to match the performance specifications of the CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom's new 3.2-megapixels ( effective ) for high-quality imaging and high-power zoom performance. Seamless integration with 3x digital zooming allows up to 30x magnification -- the equivalent of 1140mm telephoto on a 35mm film camera.

Noise reduction has also been added to help cancel the digital noise that can appear in night shots and long exposures, and TruePic image processing assures smooth, natural tones and textures even when images are resized. In every detail, the CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom is a digital camera that measures up to the highest standards of 3-megapixel-class image quality.

New Digital Features
Super Macro Mode for Close-Up Shooting at a Distance of Only 4cm
Super Macro mode allows photographers to shoot from a distance of only 4cm, and while taking advantage of the shallow depth of field, to fill the frame with a subject that measures only 33 x 44mm.

Histogram Display During and After Shooting
Histograms that graphically represent the relationship between light reflected from the subject and current exposure settings can be displayed during or after shooting. By visually confirming histogram data in the viewfinder or on the built-in LCD monitor, users can exercise more precise exposure control, and better achieve their creative intent. And when bright sunlight makes it difficult to see the LCD monitor image outdoors, histograms provide a quick way to confirm exposure balance.

Versatile Scene Program Modes, Plus 4 'My Mode' Settings
Six Scene Program Modes allow easy setting of optimum values for Portrait, Self-Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Night Scene and Landscape-Portrait. Up to four user-customizable 'My Mode' settings can be stored in memory, providing instant access to frequently used combinations of settings. The mode dial on the top of the camera now rotates 360 degrees in either direction, so switching modes is fast and easy.

Up to 28-Minute Motion Image Recording
Newly developed broad motion streaming technology greatly speeds up motion image processing and eliminates buffer memory problems. As a result, storage media capacity can be fully dedicated to sound and motion image recording. With 128MB media installed, it is even possible to record up to 28 minutes ( 1701 sec. ) of motion video.* A built-in speaker is provided for on-the-spot audio output.
* Without voice.

180,000-Pixel Electronic Viewfinder ( EVF )
A new 0.44-inch, 180,000-pixel electronic viewfinder provides 100% coverage, with high-resolution imaging that provides a crisp, clear view of the subject.

xD-Picture Card Compatibility -- A Camedia First !
A unique new 2-in-1 memory card slot allows either SmartMedia or new xD-Picture Card media to be used,* providing the advantage of memory media flexibility without increasing the size of the camera. The new xD-Picture Card media, which have a potential capacity of up to 8GB and hold great promise for the future, are currently available in 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, and 128MB capacities, all of which can be used with the CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom.
* Only one physical slot; SmartMedia and xD-Picture Card media cannot be installed simultaneously.
Other New Features
New Features for Improved Image Quality
iESPII Auto White Balance
An improved version of iESP* technology that provides higher color fidelity and more natural skin tones in mixed-source lighting conditions.
* iESP:Intelligent Electro Selective Pattern

Preset White Balance
In addition to preset white balance settings for Daylight, Overcast and Tungsten Light, there are three settings for Fluorescent Light ( Daylight, White Daylight, and White ) that ensure accurate color balance by more closely matching the color temperature of the type of fluorescent light in use.

Exif 2.2 Support
The CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom supports the new Exif 2.2 standard for color printers, which helps ensure that final prints accurately reflect the photographer's intent.

New Features for Ease of Use
Autofocus Area Selection
For greater convenience and focusing accuracy when the camera is mounted on a tripod, users can switch to Spot mode and use the arrow keys on the back of the camera to move the autofocus target area two steps up, down, left or right from the center of the frame.

Stable, Secure Handling
Despite having a powerful 10x lens, the amazingly compact CAMEDIA C-730 Ultra Zoom measures only 107.5 x 76 x 77.5mm ( without protuberances ). The overall body design offers proven stability and a secure grip for blur-free high-power zoom shooting.

Optional Equipment
Conversion Lenses
By attaching an optional CLA-4 lens adapter ( MSRP: 2,000 yen ) to the camera, photographers can further expand their photographic horizons with the optional WCON-08 wide-angle conversion lens ( MSRP: 17,000 yen ) and MCON-40 macro conversion lens ( MSRP: 11,000 yen ).

Convenient RM-1 Remote Control
A multifunction unit ( MSRP: 3,000 yen ) that allows zoom functions, shutter release, and image playback to be operated by remote control.

xD-Picture Card Media and Devices
CF Card Adapter
  The MACF-10 CF Card Adapter ( MSRP: 7,500 yen; scheduled avail: late October 2002 ) allows xD-Picture Cards to be used in Olympus cameras, printers, and other peripherals that use CompactFlash memory media.

USB Reader/Writer & PC Card Adapter
  The MAUSB-10 USB Reader/Writer ( MSRP: 7,500 yen ) and the MAPC-10 PC Card Adapter ( MSRP: 7,500 yen ) make it easy to download image data created with any xD-Picture Card-enabled digital camera.
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