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September 24, 2002
CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM Compact Digital Camera
with F1.8 3x Optical Zoom Lens
5-megapixel CCD for truly stunning image quality
Super-bright, F1.8, 3x optical zoom lens
Numerous professional-grade, high-performance features
Unrivalled handling and shooting ease
* The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. ( President : Tsuyoshi Kikukawa ) is pleased to introduce the CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM, a high-performance compact digital camera with 5-megapixels and a bright, high-resolution F1.8 lens with 3x optical zoom ( zoom range equivalent to 35 - 105mm on a 35mm film camera ). The camera's body is also constructed of exceptionally high-quality materials, and offers superb handling and balance.
The CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM is a high-quality compact camera that incorporates many of the advanced features and imaging technologies found on the top-of-the-line CAMEDIA E-20 digital SLR. It also includes numerous new features for enhanced performance and operating ease, and has an exceptionally bright F1.8 lens with excellent resolving power. It also incorporates 5 million effective pixels and newly developed image-processing technologies that make it the image-quality leader of the CAMEDIA compact camera line-up.

The body is constructed of a tough, magnesium alloy that imparts an exceptionally high-quality feel to the camera, while the overall design assures superb handling and shooting stability. In addition, particular emphasis was placed on ease of operation, with many of the camera's advanced features directly accessible via buttons and the camera's dial. In every detail, the CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM has been designed and built to offer a standard of performance that is appropriate to its position as the new flagship of the CAMEDIA compact digital camera line-up.

New features abound, including a wide range of preset white balance settings, a scene preset function, histogram display during and after shooting, Super Macro shooting from as close as 3cm, and eight user-customizable My Mode settings. In addition, a line of optional accessories that includes conversion lenses and an external flash unit supports professional-level photographic creativity.

With its many high-performance features, the CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM combines the portability and cost-performance of a compact digital camera with the image quality, functionality, operating ease, and overall product quality of an SLR digital camera. As a result, it offers creative control and image quality that will satisfy even the most demanding film camera and intermediate / advanced digital camera users.

Top Features
5-megapixels and bright, F1.8, high-resolution zoom lens with exclusive new Olympus image-processing technology for the best image quality of any camera in the CAMEDIA compact camera line-up
Superior body design and construction assure easy operation and superb handling with a high-quality feel
Numerous new features for outstanding creative control
Full complement of conversion lenses, external flash unit, and other accessories
Main Features
Highest Image Quality in the CAMEDIA Compact Camera Line
Featuring a CCD with 5 million effective pixels, a high-resolution, 10-element, 7-group, Multivariator 3x optical zoom lens with two aspherical lens elements, and two new high-quality image-processing technologies, the CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM offers the highest image quality of any camera in the CAMEDIA compact digital camera line-up. The new image processing technologies include "Proper Color Gamma" technology, which improves tonal rendering and color fidelity by adjusting the gamma for color and luminance signals separately. There is also an advanced new noise filter that offers improved noise discrimination at the edges of picture elements, ensuring both minimal noise and superior edge definition. Experienced users will also appreciate 3 : 2 aspect ratio in image quality setting, which is ideal for portrait shooting, the Print Enlargement function, which assures maximum image quality for large prints, and the Noise Reduction mode, which helps suppress the noise that tends to appear when shooting a night scene. In addition, exclusive Olympus TruePic image processing allows the camera to draw on the full 5-megapixel range of image data even when taking small-format photos or when resizing photos to a smaller size.

Superior Body Design and Construction for Easy Handring and Operation with a High-Quality Feel
The CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM's new magnesium-alloy body has a solid, high-quality feel with superb balance and handling. Flash modes, exposure compensation, and other frequently used features can be directly activated via buttons and a dial that are positioned for easy access when shooting. Attention to detail is also evident in the responsive feel of the shutter button and rubber grip, and the finish of the tripod mount. Overall body design follows the lead of other best-selling CAMEDIA series cameras, and fits smoothly in the hand to provide a sure grip and stable handling that helps prevent blurring caused by camera shake. Designed in every respect with the user in mind, the body design makes the camera's advanced digital functions easy for film camera users to enjoy.

New Features for Advanced Creative Control
Versatile White Balance Settings
In addition to new iESPII * auto white balance for more natural skin tones, one-touch white balance, and four preset white balance settings for outdoor shooting ( Shade, Overcast, Daylight, Sunset ), the CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM offers five preset white balance modes for indoor shooting ( Tungsten and Fluorescent 1, 2, 3 and 4 ). In addition, up to four one-touch white balance settings or white balance compensation settings can be stored in memory, allowing users to quickly recall their favorite settings at any time to achieve the precise white balance they want.
* Intelligent Electro-Selective Pattern

Scene Mode Function
A new Scene Mode function allows four of the camera's Scene Program modes ( Normal, Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene ) to be applied in Program Auto, Aperture-Priority, Shutter-Speed-Priority, Manual, My Mode, and Motion Image shooting modes. As a result, users can, for example, obtain the beautiful skin tones of Portrait mode when shooting in Aperture-Priority mode, allowing them to achieve the precise effect they want.

Histogram Display During and After Shooting
Histograms that graphically represent the relationship between light reflected from the subject and current exposure settings can be displayed during or after shooting. By visually confirming histogram data on the built-in LCD monitor, users can exercise more precise exposure control, and better achieve their creative intent. For added convenience, the histogram function can now be activated via the exposure compensation button as well via the settings menu. In addition, the location of the histogram target can be adjusted while the histogram is being displayed, allowing users to check histogram data for specific areas.

Super Macro Mode for Close-Up Shooting at a Distance of Only 3cm
Super Macro mode allows photographers to shoot from a distance of only 3cm, and while taking advantage of the shallow depth of field, to fill the frame with a subject that measures only 27.2 x 36.6 mm. In addition, the mode is assigned to its own button for instant activation at any time.

8 'My Mode' Settings
Up to eight user-customizable 'My Mode' settings can be stored in memory, providing users with instant access their most frequently used combinations of settings.

Autofocus Target Selection
To allow even greater creative freedom, the autofocus target area can be adjusted two steps up, down, left or right from the center of the frame.

A Choice of Continuous Shooting Modes
High-Speed Continuous mode allows users to shoot up to four frames at a speed of 3 frames per second in all image quality modes except TIFF mode. In addition, normal continuous mode allows users to shoot at a speed of 1.7 frames per second and up to 11 frames in HQ mode.

Multi-Angle, 1.8-Inch Color TFT LCD Monitor
The angle of the built-in color LCD monitor can be adjusted 20 degrees downward or 20 degrees, 60 degrees or 90 degrees upward to facilitate waist-level and high-angle shooting.

Super Control Panel Function
For increased operating ease, the image quality mode, shooting mode, aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and other settings that are displayed on the small LCD panel on the top of the camera can also be displayed in color, in a larger format, on the 1.8-inch LCD monitor on the rear of the camera. *
* The LCD monitor cannot be used as a viewfinder when the Super Control Panel is being displayed.

Slave Mode
Slave mode is a flash mode that disables all pre-flash functions, allowing photographers to use the CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM with flash-triggered slave flash units in a studio setting. 10-step flash brightness control is also provided.

Dual Memory Card Slots
Two memory card slots are provided. The first is a 2-in-1 slot that accepts either SmartMedia or xD-Picture Card media; the second accepts either CompactFlash or MicroDrive media. * As a result, users have a choice of four different media and can keep two different types loaded to provide ample capacity for high-volume shooting. In addition, a data copying function allows image data to copied from one type of media to another.
* SmartMedia and xD-Picture Card media cannot be used simultaneously. Likewise, CompactFlash and MicroDrive media cannot be used simultaneously.

RAW Data Storage
For professional printing and commercial photography that require high-level post-processing, image data can be saved in RAW data format. The data can then be trimmed or adjusted in the camera and reserved in JPEG or TIFF format while leaving the original RAW data intact. RAW data images can also be viewed on a PC using the included CAMEDIA Master 4.0 software.

High Motion Image Recording Capacity
Broad motion streaming technology allows users to enjoy digital motion recording to the fullest by utilizing the full extent of available memory for motion image and audio data storage. A built-in speaker is also provided for on-the-spot audio playback.

AF Illuminator
A built-in AF illuminator enables the autofocus system to provide accurate focusing even when shooting in extremely low-light situations.

Full Range of Accessories for Versatile Shooting Support

Conversion Lenses
By attaching an optional CLA-1 lens adapter to the camera, users can further expand their photographic horizons with the optional WCON-08 wide-angle conversion lens, MCON-40 macro conversion lens, and TCON-14 telephoto conversion lens.

External Flash Bracket and Flash
A hot shoe on the top of the camera allows the use of an FL-40 external flash unit that provides full TTL auto flash performance for creative flash photography. In addition, an FL-BKP02 Flash Bracket Pro and FL-CB05 Flash Cable are available for side mounting.

LCD Monitor Hood
An FDL-01 LCD Monitor Hood is available to shield the LCD monitor from overhead and side light.

Convenient RM-1 Remote Control
The RM-1 Remote Control unit allows zoom functions, shutter release, and image playback to be operated by remote control.

Water Protector
The PT-105 Water Protector allows outdoor photography in adverse weather conditions and provides waterproof protection for underwater photography to a depth of 40 meters.

Semi-Hard Camera Case
A black, high-quality, genuine leather CSCH-07 Semi-Hard Camera Case with strap is available to protect the camera when it is being carried.

xD-Picture Card Media and Devices
    • CF Card Adapter

      The MACF-10 CF Card Adapter allows xD-Picture Cards to be used in the CompactFlash memory card slot and in printers that use CompactFlash memory media.

    • USB Reader / Writer & PC Card Adapter

      The MAUSB-10 USB Reader / Writer and the MAPC-10 PC Card Adapter make it easy to download xD-Picture Card data to a PC.
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