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January 30, 2003
THE NEW µ[mju:]-III 120
35mm Zoom Compact Camera
Powerful Functionality Packed into a Slim and Elegant Body
35mm Compact Camera Featuring High Quality Images and Easy Operation
µ[mju:]-III 120
35mm Zoom Compact Camera µ[mju:]-III 120
* The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. ( President : Tsuyoshi Kikukawa ) will launch the new 35mm compact camera µ[mju:]-III 120, featuring a high-performance 38-120mm 3.2X zoom lens housed in a thin and elegantly designed body.
The µ[mju:]-III 120 maintains the beautifully streamlined form of the µ series while adding a soft warmth to its design, successfully incorporating a 3.2X zoom lens while achieving a slim, elegant body that is 42mm thin. Its lens block has two double-sided aspherical lenses and one ED ( Extra-low Dispersion ) glass lens to enable sharp, high quality photography. It also offers features like 11-point, multi-wide passive auto-focus ( AF ) to improve focus of off-center subjects to minimize wasted shots and weatherproofing to allow worry-free use even on rainy days, enabling users to enjoy photography with a sense of security.

Ever since the µ series was first launched with the original µ[mju:], its refined design and high quality has made it a worldwide best seller, boasting cumulative global sales exceeding 20 million units as of the year 2001. Now, by adding the new μ[mju:]-III 120 to the lineup, Olympus intends to lead the compact camera market with a brand that meets the needs of consumers even more precisely.
Main Features
Equipped with 38-120 mm 3.2X zoom lens featuring high performance without bulk
11-Point Multi-Wide Passive AF system to improve focus of off-center subjects to minimize wasted shots
"Camera Shake Indicator" to minimize blurry shots due to camera shake
Beautiful body design with warmth and thin shape
Wide variety of flash modes to enable natural shooting exactly as envisioned
Worry-free weatherproofing (meeting IEC grade 4 "splash-proof" standards)
Feature Details
1. Equipped with 38-120 mm 3.2X zoom lens featuring high performance without bulk
By use of a 7-group, 8-element lens configuration featuring two double-sided aspherical lenses and an ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass lens, this camera succeeds in achieving sharp and high-quality photography while maintaining a slim body design.

2. 11-point multi-wide passive AF to improve focus of off-center subjects to minimize wasted shots
The camera is equipped with the 11-point multi-wide passive AF system that was newly developed for the µ[mju:]-III series. It uses a wide-area passive AF sensor that provides precise distance measurements across approximately double the area compared to the company's previous products (µ[mju:]-II series). The AF area is measured separately at up to 11 points (in wide-angle mode), and the results are rapidly processed using algorithms exclusively developed by Olympus. This system recognizes the main subject even if it is off-axis or there are two standing side by side, to minimize AF dropout in the center of the frame that can cause out-of-focus shots, and provide more accurate focusing.

3. "Camera-Shake Indicator" to minimize blurry shots due to camera shake
When camera-shake surpassing a certain level is detected by the AF sensor, this function alternately flashes two LEDs beside the viewfinder to alert the user. Even novices who are more likely to take blurry pictures due to camera-shake will be able to take photos with confidence.

4. Beautiful body design with warmth and thin shape
While maintaining the uniquely streamlined, flowing image of the µ series, this new model was reborn with a warmth and softness added to its design. Its beauty of form, brought about by the way one curved surface meets another, makes this model a "pleasure to hold", and offers an ageless appeal that the user won't grow tired of. And its 42mm thin compact body makes it easy to carry.

5. Wide variety of flash modes to enable shooting exactly as envisioned
The Auto Color-Balancing Flash system uses a number of different sensors to detect the wavelengths of artificial illumination such as fluorescent lighting to ensure photographic results without unnaturally tinged colors. And even if the subject is not in the center of the frame, Wide Backlight Detection senses backlight situations over a wide area and automatically fires the flash to enable more natural looking photos to be taken.
The camera also features a broad selection of 6 flash modes, allowing anybody to shoot flash-lit photos with superior results.

1) Auto Flash: Automatically fires the flash in dark or backlight environments, and under fluorescent lamps and other artificial lighting, for natural looking shots with proper exposure.
2) Red-Eye Reduction: Reduces the red-eye phenomenon that tends to occur when shooting with the flash in dark environments, by pre-flashing once before flashing for the actual shot when the shutter is released.
3) Cancel Flash: Overrides the auto flash so that it doesn't fire, making it possible to take photos in places there flash photography is prohibited, or photos that fully convey the mood of existing ambient light.
4) Fill-in Flash: Forced firing of the flash, which helps to brighten a main subject that is in shadows, or remove unnatural looking shadows from the frame.
5) Night Mode: Captures both the subject in the foreground and the nightscape in the background in a well-balanced manner by adjusting the flash intensity and background exposure, and slowing the shutter speed down to 4 sec. (max.) according to the brightness of the nightscape.
6) Red-Eye Reduction
Night Mode:
Reduces the red-eye phenomenon when shooting a subject in front of a nightscape background. Aside from pre-flashing, it is the same as the Night Mode.

6. Worry-free weatherproofing (meeting IEC grade 4 "splash-proof" standards)
With weatherproofing equivalent to IEC grade 4 standards for "splash-proof," the camera can be used even in situations where a non-weatherproofed camera could suffer damage due to water seeping into the camera interior. Since the camera can be used without worry even during a sudden rain shower or snow, at poolside, or handled with wet hands during camping or other outdoor leisure activities, the user can count on it in a variety of shooting situations.
Other Features
Landscape Mode for sharp and clear shots of distant scenery.
Spot Mode to ensure accurate focusing and exposure on the subject regardless of the surrounding brightness or darkness.
Dioptric Correction of -2 to +1 m -1 (per meter) to compensate for eyesight.
Remote Control enables the shutter to be released from a distance (up to 5 m in front of camera).
Focus Lock to keep the subject in focus while the photographer adjusts the composition.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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