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March 11, 2003
CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom
Dazzling, 4.0-megapixel CCD ( effective )
New, high-performance 10x optical zoom lens
Smaller size for increased portability and shooting ease
CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom FRONT CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom BACK
CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom
* The information contained in this news release applies only to the Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. ( President : Tsuyoshi Kikukawa ) is pleased to announce the introduction of the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom, an extremely compact 4.0-megapixel digital camera with a new high-performance 10x optical zoom lens.
The CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom is the latest addition to the CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM series, a series of cameras that has proved very popular with families and people who enjoy watching or participating in sports. In addition to offering outstanding ease of use and the ultra-telephoto power of a 10x optical zoom lens, the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom is the first 10x zoom model to be equipped with the enhanced imaging capabilities of a 4.0-megapixel CCD ( effective ). This, together with a new lens design and Olympus' exclusive image processing technology, ensures the highest image quality in the CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM series.

High-precision body construction also makes the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom the most compact digital camera in the world to offer 10x optical zoom ( according to in-house market research as of February 2003 ). In fact, the camera body is 30% smaller in volume than previous CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM models, making it even easier to carry than its predecessors.

The CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom also boasts a wealth of features, including Motion JPEG shooting capability of up to 56 minutes*, and a Super Macro function that allows shooting from as close as 3cm. In a single camera, it combines the benefits of ultra-telephoto and ultra-macro still photography with more of a easy operation and usage when shooting motion. In addition, accessories such as conversion lenses and water protectors have been developed to further enhance the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom's performance capabilities.

Designed to allow users to enjoy ultra-telephoto shooting and ULTRAZOOM series photographic creativity to the fullest, the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom is the ideal solution to a wide range of digital camera needs.

* With 256MB xD Picture Card installed.
Top Features
The first 10x optical zoom digital camera in the world to offer 4.0-megapixel CCD ( effective )
The world's most compact 10x optical zoom digital camera
Advanced motion-image features, including a maximum recording time of 56 minutes and a Fast Play function
Numerous accessories for extended shooting capabilities
Distinctive body design and exceptional ease of use
Development Background
With a strong background in lens design technologies, Olympus was the first manufacturer to overcome the problems surrounding the development of compact and affordable ULTRAZOOM digital cameras. Its first ULTRAZOOM model, introduced in 2001, was the CAMEDIA C-700 ULTRAZOOM; this was then followed by the 2002 introduction of the CAMEDIA C-720 ULTRAZOOM and the CAMEDIA C-730 ULTRAZOOM. Universally acclaimed for their high image quality and ultra-telephoto shooting capability, these cameras firmly established Olympus as the ULTRAZOOM market leader.

Since introducing the company's first consumer-use digital camera in 1996, " high image quality " has been a fundamental Olympus product development concept. For the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom, the standard was raised even higher, and a 4.0-megapixels CCD ( effective ) was teamed with a newly developed 10x optical zoom lens to achieve the highest image quality in the CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM series.

Because families with small children account for a large proportion of CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM users, Olympus also wanted to make the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom more compact and easier to carry. By reworking the lens and overall design, it was able to reduce the total volume of the body by approximately 30% in comparison to previous models. As a result, the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom is extremely easy to carry, ensuring that it is always to hand when a photo opportunity arises.

With the addition of the new CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom, the CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM line-up is now more impressive than ever, ensuring Olympus' continued dominance in the ULTRAZOOM digital camera sector.
Main Features
Taking the CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM concept of combining a high-resolution CCD with an ultra-high-power zoom lens one step further, the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom is the first 10x optical zoom digital camera in the world to feature 4.0-megapixel CCD (effective). For leisure activities and spectator sports, this makes it possible to take ultra-telephoto shots with even higher image quality.

The newly designed 7-group, 11-element lens features an ED ( Extra-low Dispersion ) lens element like the ones used in high-quality SLR telephoto lenses, as well as two aspherical lens elements, high index lens elements, and a low-dispersion lens element. In addition, many of the lens elements are multi-coated. As a result of these design improvements, the lens offers superior resolving power and reduced aberration at high zoom magnifications and long focal lengths.

The inclusion of TruPic processing and other advanced image processing technologies also helps ensure class-leading image quality. Outstanding color fidelity and low noise are ensured by the same proper gamma technology and advanced noise filter featured on the Olympus compact digital camera flagship, the CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM. High image quality is also aided by a noise reduction function that suppresses the noise that occurs when shooting at night, and by an advanced anti-vibration program that regulates shutter speed, flash, and ISO sensitivity to reduce the blurring that can be caused by camera shake.

By reducing circuitry requirements, body volume has been reduced by 30% in comparison to previous CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM models. Overall dimensions are 107.5 ( W ) x 66mm ( H ) x 68mm ( D ), making the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom extremely portable and easy to carry, and the thinnest and most compact of all the CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM cameras.

The CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom also features the broad motion streaming technology first introduced on the CAMEDIA C-730 ULTRAZOOM, and can achieve up to 56 minutes of motion-image recording when using 256MB memory media to the fullest. A built-in microphone and speaker are also provided to allow on-the-spot playback with audio. In addition, Fast Play and Reverse Play modes have been added to extend motion-image capabilities even further. The result is a camera that allows users to enjoy both still and moving-image photography without the need to carry a separate video camera.

Two new conversion lenses are available for the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom: a 0.7x wide-angle conversion lens and a 1.7x tele conversion lens. The wide-angle conversion lens offers 27mm wide-angle capability (35mm film camera equivalent), while the tele conversion lens boosts the maximum zoom telephoto setting of 380mm up to 646mm (35mm film camera equivalent). When used in tandem with the digital zoom (which normally boosts telephoto performance up to a maximum of 1520mm), a maximum focal length of 2584mm is possible - providing a truly astounding range of shooting options for such a compact camera.

In addition, a hot shoe is provided to allow an optional FL-20 external flash to be attached. Developed specifically for use with Olympus digital cameras, the FL-20 adds full-featured flash shooting to the camera's performance capabilities.

Finally - and for the first time in the CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM series - underwater capability has been added with the provision of the PT-018 Water Protector, which allows shooting to depths of 40m.

The front and back of the body, as well as the lens trim, are constructed of aluminum, adding a distinctive touch of quality to the overall design. The aluminum back has also been given a hairline finish that further emphasizes the camera's lasting quality.

Compared to previous CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM models, the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom is much slimmer and more compact, yet it offers the same handling ease and comfortable grip. Controls are positioned properly so that they are easy to operate with the right thumb when the camera is held in the shooting position, and the response time of the built-in LCD monitor has been speeded up. In every detail, the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom is designed for enhanced operating ease.

Super Macro Mode
The camera's Super Macro mode allows shooting from a distance of only 3cm. With the CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom, users can enjoy both telephoto and macro shooting, and capture virtually any type of scene or subject, with a single camera.

Histogram Display
Histograms that show the relationship between subject illumination and current exposure settings can be displayed during or after shooting. By visually confirming histogram data on the built-in LCD monitor, users can exercise more precise exposure control, and better achieve their creative intent by taking full advantage of the CCD's dynamic range.

A Choice of Scene Program Modes and " My Mode " Settings
In addition to Full Auto, Aperture-Priority, Shutter-Speed-Priority, and Manual shooting modes, there are six Scene Program Modes - Portrait, Sports, Landscape-Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, and Self-Portrait - that make it easy to set optimum exposure values in virtually any shooting situation. What's more, up to four customizable 'My Mode' settings can be stored in memory, allowing users to instantly access their most frequently used setting configurations.

Versatile White Balance Settings
Advanced iESP II Auto White Balance provides higher color fidelity for more natural skin tones in mixed-source lighting conditions. In addition, there is a One-Touch White Balance setting, as well as preset white balance settings for Daylight, Overcast, Tungsten Light, and three types of Fluorescent Light ( Daylight, White Daylight, and White ).

Autofocus Area Selection
When camera movement is restricted by tripod use, users can reposition the autofocus target area two steps up, down, left, or right from the center of the frame, retaining creative control while ensuring correct focus.

Easy-to-Use Digital Editing Functions
Basic digital editing tasks can easily be performed in the camera without downloading images or using a computer. Because the edited images are stored as a separate file, users never need to worry that the original data will be overwritten.

If users want to create a smaller-sized file to send as an e-mail attachment, for example, they can easily do so right in the camera.

Photos can easily be trimmed in the camera to reduce image/file size and eliminate unnecessary elements from the frame.

All-in-One Packaging
All-in-one packaging includes everything necessary to download, edit, and organize image files, ensuring that even first-time users can begin enjoying the benefits of digital photography right away.
Optional Accessories
Conversion Lenses
By attaching an optional CLA-4 lens adapter to the camera, users can expand their shooting capabilities with the optional WCON-07 wide-angle conversion lens, the MCON-40 macro conversion lens, or the TCON-17 tele conversion lens.

External Flash
Users can also enjoy the creative benefits of TTL flash photography by attaching the optional FL-20 external flash unit to the hot shoe on the top of the camera.

Convenient RM-1 Remote Control
The multifunction RM-1 remote control allows zoom functions, shutter release, and image playback to be operated from a distance.

Water Protector
The PT-018 Water Protector makes it possible for the first time for a CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM camera to be used for diving and underwater photography at depths of up to 40 meters. (Not compatible with previous CAMEDIA ULTRAZOOM models.)

Camera Case & Neck Strap
A variety of cases and neck straps are available.

Camera Cases
CSCH-13 Genuine leather semi-hard case
CSCH-14 Soft case
Sports Neck Straps
Shock-absorbing straps that are ideal for use at sporting events.
CNS-02SV Silver
CNS-02BL Blue
CNS-02BK Black

xD Picture Card Media
In addition to the 16MB xD Picture Card bundled with the camera, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, and 256MB xD Picture Cards are also available.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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