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March 14, 2003
The New DPS I Series Porro-Prism Binoculars from Olympus
Introducing New 7x35 / 8x40 / 10x50 / 8-16x40 Zoom Models
for a Lineup that Spans the Spectrum of Demand
7 x 35 DPS I : Click here for the larger image. 8 x 40 DPS I : Click here for the larger image.
7 x 35 DPS I 8 x 40 DPS I
10 x 50 DPS I : Click here for the larger image. 8 - 16 x 40 DPS I : Click here for the larger image.
10 x 50 DPS I 8 - 16 x 40 DPS I
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. ( President : Tsuyoshi Kikukawa ) is pleased to introduce the new DPS I Series of porro-prism binoculars. This new line follows in the footsteps of the successful DPS / DPS R series that recorded worldwide sales of over 320,000 units, offering the same high performance and affordable price, while updating the fundamentally classic styling. The apparent field of view offered is a versatile 65 degrees ( 7x35 / 8x 40 / 10x50 ), and bright image viewing is assured by way of their generous exit pupils. UV protection lenses make it ideal for outdoors use as a companion for bird watching, sporting events, and other activities. For anyone who wants high quality viewing and easy handling at a reasonable price, the DPS I Series from Olympus deserves a good look.

High Basic Performance
Porro-prism binoculars provide sharp, clear images and ensure detailed viewing. These new DPS I Series models are literally packed with high quality optics, specifically 5 elements in 3 groups ( 7x35 / 8x40 / 10x50 ) or 6 elements in 4 groups ( 8-16x40 ), including aspherical lenses that minimize distortion, made of environmentally friendly lead-free glass.

The units are finished in matte black, thereby reducing reflection off the surface so as not to startle the subject being observed. With its special elasticized polymer coating, the grip fits firmly in the hands for comfortable and confident handling. Operation is also simplified by the large focusing dial. And by using tripod adapter ( sold separately ), these binoculars can be mounted on a tripod to steady viewing over long periods of time.

Main Features
Wide-Angle Field of View ( 7x35 / 8x40 / 10x50 )
The wide 65 degrees apparent field of view contributes to a sharp, clear image, as well as the versatile applications for which these models can be used.

Zoom Viewing ( 8-16x40 )
The zoom model offers versatile high-power 8-16x zooming. This is invaluable when viewing from a fixed location, and there's a need to close-in on a subject, or back away to put the scene into perspective.

Generous Exit Pupils for Brightness
The fixed magnification models offer an exit pupil of φ 5 mm for a relative brightness of 25, while the zoom model has an exit pupil range of φ 5-2.5 mm for a relative brightness of 25-6.3. This is more than sufficient for clear, bright viewing in most situations.

Fully Coated Lenses and Prisms
Lenses and prisms used in these binoculars are coated to ensure optimal transmission of light and a bright, clear field of view. Lenses are also eco-friendly as they use lead-free glass. With Olympus, the environment is always in focus.

Easy Handling
The large center-focus dial enables quick focusing, while the body's elasticized polymer coating offers a secure and stable grip. These characteristics combine for a rock-solid viewing experience.

UV Protection
The eyepiece has a specially formulated lens element with UV protection that cuts harmful ultraviolet rays. Designed to minimize eyestrain during extended use, the DPS I Series is ideal for spectator sports, camping and other outdoor pursuits.

Adjustable Diopter
The viewer can make precise dioptric adjustments to +- 2 m -1 ( for fixed magnification models; +- 1 m -1 for zoom model ) to match his or her eyesight.

Case and Strap Included
Supplied with everything the user needs to store or carry the binoculars.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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