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March 17, 2003
Voice-Trek DM-20 / DM-10 Digital Voice Recorder
- Top-of-the-range Products in the Voice-Trek Series -
WMA sound recording format
Stereo recording and playback capability
Built-in microphone
PC connection kit
Voice-Trek DM-20 Voice-Trek DM-10
Voice-Trek DM-20 Voice-Trek DM-10
* This news release is only for the Japanese Market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. ( President Tsuyoshi Kikukawa ) proudly announces the new Voice-Trek DM-10 and Voice-Trek DM-20 Digital Voice Recorders. Both models support high-quality stereo recording in the Windows Media Audio ( WMA ) format and playback in the WMA and MP3 formats. The Voice-Trek DM-20 has 128 MB of memory for up to 44 hours 45 minutes of recording, and DM-10 has 64 MB of memory for up to 22 hours 20 minutes.
Digital voice recorders have drawn much attention as the one of the products in growth areas. Sales in Japan reached approximately 450,000 units in 2002, and will be 480,000 units in 2003 according to the market research by Olympus Optical. Olympus Optical is about to launch the two new flagship products in Voice-Trek series. The Voice-Trek DM-20 and DM-10 are both high-added-value products with the best sound quality in the series. In addition to their improved stereo sound recording performance, both recorders also offer enhanced features as music playback devices, including remote control capabilities. Other advanced features include support for WMA audio and noise cancellation, and WOW. These features are packaged in stylish, slim-line metal cases, making the DM-20 and DM-10 the perfect personal information device for both business use and private enjoyment.
Main Features
Stereo recording-best sound quality in the Voice-Trek Series
Capacity for up to 5 hours 40 minutes of music files in WMA or MP3 format
PC connection kit with support for both Windows and Macintosh
Bundled remote control with built-in microphone for easy operation
Easy-to-use controls complemented by stylish, slim-line design
WOW technology for variety of sound effects
Noise cancellation in playback mode
Details of Main Functions
1.  Support for stereo recording - best sound quality in the Voice-Trek Series
In addition to the existing high-quality ( HQ ), standard-play ( SP ) and long-play ( LP ) recording modes, the new units also feature a new stereo high-quality ( SHQ ) mode* for highest standards of recording quality. In the SHQ and HQ modes, the sound is recorded in the most versatile WMA format *1. In the SP and LP modes, sound is recorded in the proprietary DSS *2 format, which provides high data compression ratios without compromising the quality of the recorded sound.

Stereo recording is ideal for conference recording and similar situations. The voices of multiple speakers can be recorded with excellent clarity, along with the overall ambience of the venue.

* A stereo microphone ( not included ) is required for stereo high quality ( SHQ ) recording.
*1 WMA is an audio format that combines high sound quality with high compression ratios. Microsoft has made WMA support a standard feature in its operating systems starting with Windows ME. When used to compress music CDs, the WMA format is considered to deliver CD-quality sound at 48kbps.
*2 DSS ( Digital Speech Standard ) is a standard established jointly by Olympus Optical, Philips ( Netherlands ) and Grundig ( Germany ).

Maximum Recording Times in Each Mode ( DM-20 / DM-10 )
( Stereo
Playback )
( High-Quality
Playback )
( Standard
Playback )
( Long
Playback )
( 128MB )
4 hr 20 min 8 hr 45 min 20 hr 55 min 44 hr 45 min
( 64MB )
2 hr 10 min 4 hr 20 min 10 hr 25 min 22 hr 20 min
Note: The above figures represent continuous recording times. With intermittent recording, times may be shorter than stated here.
2.  Capacity for up to 5 hours 40 minutes of music files in WMA or MP3 format
The Voice-Trek DM-20 and DM-10 support the popular WMA and MP3 *3 formats and can be used to play music downloaded from music distribution sites or ripped from CDs. With storage capacity for up to 5 hours 40 minutes in the DM-20 and 2 hours 50 minutes in the DM-10, you can fully enjoy listening to the music not only at home but also while commuting to work or school.

*3 MP3 stands for " MPEG1 Audio Layer 3 ", which is an audio data compression standard. The technology allows audio files to be compressed to one-tenth of their original size with almost no loss of sound quality.

Bit Rates and Sound Recording Capacity
Bit Rate 160kbps 96kbps 64kbps 48kbps
DM-20 ( 128 MB ) 1 hr 40 min 2 hr 4 hr 5 hr 40 min
DM-10 ( 64MB ) 50 min 1 hr 2 hr 2 hr 50 min
Note: Recording times will vary according to the bit rate used to record the music data. Within the same format, sound quality will improve in proportion to the bit rate, while available recording time will decrease.
3.  Computer connection kit with support for both Windows and Macintosh
Both products come with a USB cable and utility software, DSS Player. These support two-way data transfers between the DM-20 / DM-10 and a computer. Recorded sound can be transferred to a computer for storage as audio files or e-mailed * as voice mail attachments. The playback order of files in the DM20 / DM-10 can be also changed with the DSS Player.

Furthermore, these products are in the USB mass storage class, so they can also be used as external computer storage devices. Transferring data is as easy as placing the DM-20 / DM-10 in the USB cradle, which is bundled with the products.

* E-mail software is not bundled with these products. A commercially available e-mail software may be used to e-mail sound files.
4.  Bundled remote control with built-in microphone for enhanced ease of operation
A first for Olympus, this accessory consists of a remote control unit with a built-in microphone. In addition to its remote control functions, it can also be used an external monaural microphone, so you can make recordings or control playback without taking the digital recorder out of your pocket or briefcase. With the earphone attached, it can be used as an earphone with remote controller.
5.  Easy-to-use controls complemented by stylish, slim-line design
Coming in a stylish, slim-line metal body, the DM-20 / DM-10 is also designed for ease of use. Its large control buttons are arranged in a highly functional layout, and there is also a large LCD screen capable of displaying Japanese script. The exterior of the DM-20 has an elegant silver metallic finish, while the titanium metallic gray finish of the DM-10 creates an image of substance and depth.
6.  WOW technology for variety of sound effects
The DM-20 and DM-10 are equipped with WOW, an audio technology that enhances the ambience of music. Developed by SRS Labs, Inc. of the United States, the technology allows the surround effect ( SRS 3D ) *4 and bass ( TruBass ) *5 to be adjusted in four levels to suit each music genre and the listener's preference. The result is a natural three-dimensional sound field with rich bass and excellent clarity.

To enhance music file playback, the DM-20 and DM-10 have four equalizer settings *6 for rock, pop, jazz and flat ( no equalizing ). The User EQ function allows listeners to register their preferred equalizer characteristics.

*4 SRS 3D is a combination of technologies that enhance ambience by processing stereo signals into natural three-dimensional sound fields while clarifying sound contours.
*5 The TruBass system electrically reproduces the bass effect of a pipe organ. With this technology, speakers and headphones can easily generate low bass sounds below their minimum frequency ( f 0 ).
*6 An equalizer is a system used to create a sound that matches the listener's preferences by adjusting the emphasis in each frequency range. Bass, midrange and treble sounds can be adjusted as desired.
7.  Powerful noise cancellation in playback mode
Noise cancellation has been a popular feature of the Voice-Trek DS-10 since its launch in April 2002. The DM-20 and DM-10 also offer noise cancellation, which can be set to off, low or high according to the level of background noise during playback. Even sound recorded in noisy environments can be played back clearly.
8.  Convenient playback functions for language learning and transcription
The DM-20 and DM-10 have several convenient features for language learning and transcriptions. In " continuous play " mode, when playback of one file is completed, the next file is played automatically. The " short repeat playback " function rewinds the file for a specified number of seconds and replays that segment, while the " repeat playback " function repeatedly replays a selected segment. There is also a " fast/slow playback " function, which allows the user to adjust the playback speed without distorting the pitch.
9.  Selectable power sources
Two UM-4 ( AAA ) alkaline batteries will power the DM-20 / DM-10 for about 16 hours of voice recording, about nine hours of voice playback, and about eight hours of music playback ( based on tests using Olympus Optical's method ). For greater economy, these products can be also powered by optional BR401 UM-4 ( AAA ) nickel hydride batteries, which are scheduled to be on sale in June. An optional AC adapter allows the DM-20 / DM-10 to be used for prolonged recording and playback without concern about battery life.
Other Features
The index marking function allows locations in files to be marked for easy retrieval and playback.
Written comments ( up to 50 two-byte characters or 100 single-byte characters ) can be added to recorded files.
The variable control voice actuator ( VCVA ) function automatically starts and ends recording in response to the sound level.
The convenient alarm function allows the DM-20 / DM-10 to be used as a schedule reminder or alarm clock.
*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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