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May 20, 2003
Assistance to China for SARS
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. ( President: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa ) will make a donation of equipment to the Chinese Ministry of Health in an effort to assist the People´s Republic of China in combating SARS ( severe acute respiratory syndrome ). The donation consists of 5 tracheal intubation fiberscopes ( LF-TP ), 10 fluorescence microscopes ( CX41-32L02 ), and 20 biological microscopes ( CX21BIM ), with a total value of approximately sixteen million yen. This donation will be made jointly with TKO Opto-medical Corporation ( President Kanji Kameoka ), Olympus´ general distributor in China for optical equipment such as microscopes and the endoscopes. At the end of May, all tracheal fiberscopes are scheduled to be donated to a SARS hospital designated by the municipal health bureau of Beiging, and half the number of fluorescent microscopes and the biological microscopes ( five and ten each ) to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Disease Control Center in Beijing.
The tracheal intubation fiberscopes will be used for the insertion of tracheal tubes to secure the airways of SARS patients with respiratory failure. It can be inserted quickly while conducting observation with an endoscope and is useful in preventing infection of healthcare workers because it allows appropriate distance from the patient when suctioning sputum and inserting tracheal tubes. The fluorescence microscopes will be used in diagnostic tests for the SARS virus*1 , and the biological microscopes in the SARS virus pathogen test*2 will be used in cell cultures. In these ways, the donated equipment will assist in the prompt and accurate diagnosis of SARS infection in China.

A cash donation of 200,000 yuan has also been made by Olympus ( China ) Investment Co., Ltd ( President Setsuo Ichinose ), an affiliate of Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. in China, through the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment. These actions are taken in hopes of contributing to the rapid recovery of SARS patients in China and the expeditious eradication of SARS.
*1  SARS virus diagnostic test
The Immunological Fluorescence Antibody test ( IFA ) is conducted to detect the presence of the SARS virus. IFA detects the antibody in blood serum of the patient and typically yields a positive result from day 10 after the onset of symptoms. It is considered to be a highly reliable and rapid test to detect the virus.

*2  SARS virus pathogen test
When SARS infection is suspected, screening for all pathogens is conducted using a biological microscope to test for all suspected causes and possibilities related to SARS.

*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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