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June 24, 2003
E-1 System Reference Material
E-1 Technologies for High Image Quality
and High Reliability
High-Performance Full-Frame CCD
The E-1 uses a high-performance full-frame CCD. The advantage of full-frame transfer type CCDs is that in comparison to the interline CCDs used in most consumer-use digital cameras, the active pixel area of each photodiode in the sensor is much larger, allowing a greater range of image data to be captured. In addition, interline CCDs transfer image data out to 'shift registers,' and the design demands of this type of system effectively limit the amount of data the individual photodiodes can store at one time. Full-frame CCDs, on the other hand, do not require the use of shift registers, thus allowing the photodiodes to store much more information. As a result, full-frame CCDs can effectively capture approximately twice as much image data as interline CCDs, giving them greater dynamic range, with low noise and high grayscale sensitivity that ensure improved shadow and highlight detail.
Cross Section of CCD Structure Comparison
Dust Reduction System
The E-1 also features an exclusive new Olympus-developed Dust Reduction System that significantly reduces problems caused by image sensor dust contamination. Such contamination can occur if dust enters the camera when changing lenses, or is generated by the friction of the shutter or other moving parts inside the camera. The system utilizes a Supersonic Wave Filter positioned in front of the CCD, between the low pass filter and the shutter. The dust that is captured by the filter can then be instantly removed by ultrasonic activation prior to shutter release. In addition, the CCD and low pass filter are hermetically isolated from the rest of the camera to help prevent dust from reaching them. Thanks to this new Dust Reduction System, users can more consistently obtain beautiful photos because the chance that image quality will be degraded by stray dust particles is greatly reduced.
Cross Section of "E-1" Camera Body
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